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i eat at least 2 apples a day. but today, i found my two JED China Fuji apples just a wee bit too waxy. and i heard about people putting wax on apples. i had gasped then. don't they know it's a crime?! people eat those stuff!! (hehe)

anyway, so i hurried to my lappytoppy and checked the net to see if wax on apples were dangerous to your health and apparently, there has been no conclusive evidence. or no agreed-upon conclusion, period. according to a random internet site (wow, i'm so randomly scientific about this, hehe), people just fear that the wax could contain chemicals that could be dangerous, or for others, it's a mere matter of taste...wax makes apples taste a little different. still, for several religions, they're concerned about whether the wax used is beef tallow, which would make consuming waxed apples taboo...the wax would have to be removed before eating.

me, i'm torn. i could follow several suggestions on how to remove the wax or i could jus…