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chariots of fire

i've heard of this movie before, but hadn't yet bothered to watch it. it's being dredged up once again because of the London Olympics, where homage was reportedly paid to it during the opening ceremonies.

there's just a line in that movie that i wanted to note for future reference:

"I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure."


tense present

david foster wallace.

david foster wallace

is the new name to watch out for. i'm sorry you died so young. i'm going to look for your books. the pale king. wanna read. you are amazing. :)


i have discovered that i am defensively emotional about my english. i always feel like crying if i commit a syntax or usage error.


the dictionary.

(smirk) hihihihi.


did they really have to hyphen spider-man?
hmmm...i am cranky today. god help whoever talks to me today.
rough day.


i was touched by your concern over my well-being. that was very nice of you.

thank you to every one who asked and expressed concern over my sore throat. na-touch ako. it was sweet and nice. salamat din sa strepsils.

the god particle:

if the universe is the answer, what is the question?


this is my attempt at taking part in the world's celebration of the discovery of the higgs boson.

The God Particle was a book published in 1993 that discoursed on the subject of particle physics. in the book, the authors referred to the higgs boson as "the god particle" because of its central role in the understanding of modern physics. it was contemplated that it be called "the goddamn particle" instead, according to the authors of the book, because the particle was so expensive to uncover and so elusive, but the publisher had objected.

Thus, the alternative title should have been: The Goddamn Particle: If the universe is the answer, what is the question?

j. r. r. tolkien

not all those who wander are lost.

i read this somewhere

but unfortunately wasn't able to find it again:

did you ever have a memory sneak out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks?

how cooking changed my life

i had a wonderful meal tonight. the dish was as simple as it could have possibly gotten - just an average, ordinary can of corned beef. i'd cooked this before, the time when i was a professional frier, when everything i cooked was based exclusively on this method.

this time though, i was going to change things up a little bit - there was going to be garlic and onion. i had only been vaguely aware of garlic and onion in corned beef before, but i had never implemented it so this was a first.

i also talked myself into having string beans on the side. there was a part of me that argued against it because i was sleepy already but i told myself i needed to practice and it would be good to see something colorful on my plate and anyway, i was afraid about what others might say - that i was the eternal frier.

and so i decided to include green string beans on the late-night menu - saute-style - just to show others a side of me they had never seen before.

"kumusta ang food mo, cor?"…


when the sun wouldn't shine. *tears*


gray skies. a sore-throaty monday. waiting for my best friends to come back to manila...

my first disaster in cooking:

it was edible, but it didn't look good.

nora ephron

not really a fan but her passing was news. i remember watching, at my suggestion, "when harry met sally" with lala and allison. nora ephron was the scriptwriter and director of the movie. i checked the quotes page of the movie to refresh my memory and this was the first quote that appeared:

sally albright: harry, you're going to have to try and find a way of not expressing every feeling that you have, every moment of the day.

in memory of the movie.

rain fell down

that moment when i just randomly glanced out the window and saw the rain falling down. so beautiful.


verb. an act of dish preparation accomplished by the application of heat. it is a word that can also act as a noun or an adjective depending on the position and usage in the sentence.

i have never had cause to be so acquainted with such a word until today! i sauteed today! 07.03.2012. yes! first, i cut the garlic crudely into bits, because i don't know any pretty way of cutting; then i did the same thing with the onion and the squash and the string beans. i cut the tomato last because they lose form faster.

i made a mistake - i was not able to anticipate that meat stored in the fridge needed time to thaw. (i've never waited for meat before!) so i almost ran out of time but thankfully, i was saved by angels/housemates who help my cooking.

in my head, i heard the guiding voice of my housemate instructing me on the how-to. a little oil in the pan, then the garlic goes first, followed by the onion, and the tomato, which goes last. then put in the meat, then the squash, then the s…


ooh, you're like the sun - chasing all of the rain away. when you come around, you bring brighter days.

full screen mode

(might as well blog about this since it's only temporary anyway.)

i had a bad weekend. i still feel terrible and grumpy about it. it started sunday afternoon. i told chaida to go on ahead for mass. i said i'll just catch mass later but that i'll meet her for our weekend grocery shopping.

i met lotis on my way out the door. i told her that chaida was in church hearing mass and that i was meeting her for groceries. "i had told her to go on ahead without me," i explained, "because i was still planning my life."

lotis laughed. then she told me that it was raining. "it's raining?" i didn't hear any rain. "well, it's so dark outside, it's going to. bring an umbrella." i showed her the umbrella i held in my hands.

true enough, sheets of rain started to pour as i made my way across the street to stand on a curb, waiting for a jeep. i waited for a while, which seemed unusual. perhaps it was the rain? i finally caught one and …


i hate it when i have to deal with ill-mannered and bad-tempered people who just have a talent for ruining someone else's day! i need a pillow to punch my anger out.