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spanish jokes

te amo, he said.
alive again, yay! :)
stressed and no longer smiling. somebody give me reason to smile.

signature hot chocolate

venti. (because i usually never get venti. :)

on pauline kael

- or i might have been too hasty in my exclamation. it was just one paragraph, after all. but i'm keeping my eyes peeled for her name and articles.

pauline kael

read a paragraph of hers and i swear, my jaw dropped. it was a power-packed punch. i have no words.

5 things i love about this starbucks store

(because i got the long receipt again!)

1. the wonderful and beautiful smiles of the baristas
2. they call me by my name!
3. my name on my cup!
4. the ambiance is just lovely
5. i do my best relaxing there...whee!!!

thank you! i really truly feel that starbucks is an indispensable component of the local community! hahaha! =)
colder than usual today.

those days when you're just ---

q: are you hungry?

a: secret

q: did you eat dinner?

a: secret

haay. apparently, wala akong kwentang kausap ngayon. tsk, tsk.

jesse robredo

i grieve at his passing as well. :(

my 2nd disaster in cooking


don't ask. i just threw it.

this is nice

someone told me that it was the best time of the day when they talked to me...nice lang...for someone to randomly say that of you every now and then...thank you, i appreciate it. :)

revenge daw

Meantime I'll scout the area where your building's at and check how fireproof it is...don't do anything particularly vengeful without me! - Lala

Lala, it's okay na. i gave them a med cert and slapped it on their desks metaphorically and scrawled things randomly on the sick leave form they gave me just to make it clear just exactly what i thought of their stupid office policies. i hope it was hard to read.


#kawawa #yunlangangrevenge

sama ng loob

gisapot ko nimu. samok kaayo ka. makasapot oi.

because i'm really irritated...

i will raze you to the ground...grrr!


last saturday, chaida and i were talking about what we were up to.

cory: my friends are inviting me to watch bourne.

chaida: porn?!

cory: no, bourne!

chaida: aw, akala ko porn. inisip ko, why are your friends inviting you to watch porn?!

i can just imagine my friends doing that: "cor, let's watch porn!" i don't know who would have died more from laughing. hihihihihi.

neuroses and heartaches...

i think i'm getting physically sick from my heartaches...i have to take a step back... :(


"princess or not, learning to fight is essential."

emelyn story

what a nice name! :)

my favorite sport

is running (like a girl) work...

i gotta get on a treadmill to practice my running so that i can run better and faster. one day, i'm going to outrun that clock.

the outside

i didn't know what i would find
when i went looking for a reason, i know
i didn't read between the lines
and baby, i've got nowhere to go

i tried to take the road less traveled but...
nothing seems to work the first few times
am i right?

so how can i ever try to be better?
nobody ever lets me in and
i can still see you
this ain't the best view -
on the outside, looking in.

i...'ve been a lot of lonely places
i...'ve never been on the outside...

the rains, august 7, 2012

i woke up that day with a text from my company asking if i was coming in. i went down to find my housemates gathered in the sala where they were watching the news.They told me not to go to work.

" 'di po ako makakapasok, sir. baha na po kami dito sa 6th floor ng building namin," they urged me to text. "paki-padala nalang po ng amphibian dito at paki-secure na rin po ng safety ko kung gusto niyong pumasok ako..."

so with an impromptu day off in my hands, i went back to my room to do nothing and in the late afternoon, i received a text from lalushka:

load at last! kamusta dyan cor? pinasok na kami ng baha kaninang umaga, buti naman walang brownout. stay safe, dearling!

i was very glad to hear from her and to be assured of her safety. but mostly, i was just glad to be thought of. (hahahaha, selfish, hihihi. jk.)

i was hibernating just fine but then at about 6 p.m., i realized that i was getting hungry and would need to eat soon so i took a bath and decided to go d…

food guilt

i always feel guilty whenever i eat food with questionable nutritional value and drink softdrinks. why do i never learn? :(

5 p.m.

because we should notice the little things in life, right?

my favorite time of the day is probably 2 a.m. next to that, i love 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. these times are perfect for solitary thinking and conversations with yourself in bed and for reviewing your day, your life and your heart in silent words and mental pictures. 5 a.m. is especially beautiful, though. i love watching 5 a.m.'s. i'd stand by the window and watch the world as the day begins. i wouldn't be thinking of anything poetic, actually (because this is the first thing that people would often suppose). i'm nothing if not literal.

but i'm writing this because today i looked out the window and realized that it was a lovely 5 p.m. not my usual favorite time of day but the weather was dewy and unobtrusive. it was gray but it wasn't a damper. or maybe it's just so to me because i like the rain.

and it occurred to me that my 4 a.m.'s were wonderful because they were shared with others. the 4 a.m.&#…

how to keep thin

so they ask me how i keep thin. that's when i share my regimen.

1. sleep late. like how late? like, when it's already morning.

2. wake up late. but this is a matter of course.

3. eat fast. jam the food into your mouth and hurry up because you're running late.

4. run. run fast! run as if your life depended on it. because it does. it's your job, you see. your job depends on it. you can't be late.

5. and then, of course, never never exercise. what for? the running to work is enough. you should encourage yourself to always leave the house at the very last minute because if not, your heart would miss this routinary cardiovascular exercise.

but don't you ever feel sleepy? well, that's what the coffee is for. don't you notice i'm never without it?

and see? look at me: i'm very slender.

are there others like me who follow this same regimen that i do? yes, of course. bats. those flying things at night. they're the same as me. owls. owls, as well, y…