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Dried Up

I invite comments.

Taken from the site of 'Dried Up' on vimeo:

It is a thesis project for Jeremy Casper and Isaiah Powers BFA in animation.

“Dried Up” is the story of a quiet old man who, surrounded by desolation and apathy, perseveres to remain true to the nature of his own beliefs and character. He toils daily to forge a last ditch effort to bring hope and life to a faithless, drought ridden old town.


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Something I learned

It’s alright to say good things to someone thinking that you might never see them again or pass that way again but it’s NOT alright saying the wrong things to someone thinking that you’ll never see them again anyway and what does it matter?! Hehe. I never want to do the latter again. For some reason, it just seems to backfire on me. :p

fixing me

Nanghihinayang lang kc ako sa ‘yo, Cor.

Lala told me. She wasn’t alone. When another of my bestfriends, Ghia, went home to Ozamiz, I felt that people were going to ask her about me, and I told her not to say anything.

Sure enough, they did ask. Marliz asked what I was now doing. Ghia answered that I didn’t have a job yet. “What? It doesn’t sound like Cory to be like that. Sayang naman,” she lamented. “Hindi napapakinabangan ang utak.”

It was one dewy Thursday morning when I was at work, and my contract was ending that very week, that I was talking to Jay, the 36-year-old Korean featured in my ‘a favorite day at work’ article.

I asked him how his day was and he told me about how his pregnant wife was at the hospital because of a certain pregnancy complication wherein the lower part of her abdomen was hardening when it wasn’t supposed to as yet in the stage she was in. (This was her first pregnancy, and she was Jay’s age.)

No one was cooking for him, and he had eaten just a banana …

Pay It Forward

He doesn’t know it, but he’s already made me cry thrice this year. I was astonished that a complete stranger would extend such a disinterested hand of kindness towards someone he didn’t know.

It started one summer night (Philippine season). Most nights I was lonely, and I was battling out an inner turmoil. And I liked to scour the internet, looking for some free reading, for reading was a comfort. Not only did reading bring about an understanding of others and one’s self, but as Harold Bloom put it, reading was otherness, and this brings tremendous comfort to a person in solitude.

The first ray of sunshine that he gratuitously gave me was this post of his titled Age 24. I really meant it when I somehow managed to convey (or I hope I did) that he brightened up my night.

The second surprise came when I dumped my grumpy loneliness into my blog sometime June or July of this year. I was not actually expecting anyone to be reading what I wrote but when I opened my blog days later, …


This meant a lot to me:

Martin Lazatin said…


October 17, 2010 5:04 PM

ngiti said…

cor, i have a yellow balloon to cheer you up! it has this smiley face on it and the words happy birthday l---- errr. (sheepish) haha, wala pala, lumipad na ang lobo!:D
seriously cor, ikaw ba yung nag-tagalog?
seriously pa rin, tara, sa sunday ha! time to expel those deeper emotions!

October 22, 2010 2:00 AM

Guys, this was really unexpected. Yes, really. I don’t write thinking that it will be read. I write better thinking it won’t be read. But thank you. However, when I wrote this blogpost, I wrote it meaning to delete it later on. I just needed the personal space my blog offered.

I was in bellecroft at this time, and it was a Sunday afternoon. I was reading something in Clyde’s laptop and the situation I wrote about had been bothering me for several days already. In lieu of opening the MS Word on Clyde’s laptop, I decided to open the internet and write quickly on my own blog.

The subject is a …