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for allison

Allison! i thought you might like to see this!

when i think of hot chocolate...

when i think of hot chocolate, i remember mae. i was talking to her on the phone one late night and i said to her, "you know what, mae, i feel like this is one of those conversations that take place in the kitchen, you know?"

she laughed. "really?"

i laughed too. "yeah, you know...where the mom talks to her daughter late at night because daughter runs to her because of life...and they have hot chocolate...we should be having hot chocolate right now..."

i grin. it's happy having mae around. =)

when i think of hot chocolate, i remember my bestfriend in the world, lala. we had hot chocolate late last night. i had brought cocoa powder with me and evaporated milk to go with a night of solemn conversation.

we tried to make it in the kitchen of her house. she took a pan, filled it with water, and informed me that the way to make it was to dump all the cocoa powder into a bowl, put some water and sugar into it, make a paste of those three ingredients and then…

status messaging

i haven't informed you yet, but my latest craze these days has been the hoedown throwdown of miley cyrus...hahaha...i love it! i've been really really wanting to learn it and my boardmates have had to suffer listening to the song repeated ten times a day...ahehe...hyperbole!

anyway...what with that craze and my petty craze for writing status messages on ym, the following ensued:

cory's status message: boom boom clap boom dee clap dee clap! wheee!!!

(chaida settled into the chair in front of her computer. she looked at her ym and noticed my status message...)

chaida's status message: eeeeewww cor...

(she hates miley cyrus)

cory's status message: chaida says my status message is corny.

cory's status message: whatever chaids.

after a few minutes...

cory's status message: do you believe in magic?

after a longer few minutes...

cory's status message: a little magic in the moonlight...=)

after a very very long few more minutes...

hindi ata mapakali, di na makatiis, hehe…

yahoo messenger

oh my heck, one of my petty pleasures these days is to type and change my status message in ym...i like it! it's pretty twitter, only shorter...

i do not know why i did not enjoy this before...=)

Do you always trust your first initial feeling?

for now, this is how it has come down to...for there are too many things that should not and cannot be written down, especially on a public page like this...

finally into vienna teng

for my children in the future - lullabye for a stormy night...

for me right here, right now...

"and how i am sure, like never before, of my reasons for defying reason..."


"and so we hold fast
acknowledge the past
as lessons exquisitely crafted
painstakingly drafted
to carve us as instruments
that play the music of life...
for we don't realize
our faith in the prize
unless it's been somehow elusive...

how swiftly we choose it
the sacred simplicity
of you at my side..."

- eric's song

acknowledgements to vienna thanks for sharing your music with us...=)

to my dear friend lala

lala dearest, this is for you. =)

hope you like it!


is on twitter...even neil gaiman!

Run, little rabbit, run...

it's way past 3am and i find that this is one of my more somber blogposts. my thanks to david archuleta today. thank you, kid. you must be one of the nicest people in the world coz Lord must know how difficult it is to keep nice when you are in one of the un-niciest industries in the world. thank you for being genuine anyway. i wish you could inspire me more emotionally, but unfortunately, it's another person who does that for me.

thank you for telling us of the song rabbit by matt duke. made me feel better tonight.

trick or tweet!!!!


i am soooo enjoying twitter...and my enjoyment increased a few notches up as i noticed just now that i am drawing followers!!!! weeeeeheeee!!! why anyone in the world would want to follow my day-to-day life, i don't know, but it's flattering to have people read you on the internet...hehe...or so i think...


by the way, my greatest wish on twitter is that maybe one day, david archuleta would start following me...oh, it would mean so much! so kilig to the bones!

he's really so irresistibly likable. it's very easy to see that. take this post of his (from twitter):

Oh my heck, there are cats outside fighting and they're really loud! Hush cats! People are trying to sleep! You shouldn't fight anyway.

hehe. he couldn't sleep because of the cats.


YES! Night

YES!!!! i had fun with lala and allison last night as i spent the evening again at lala's place after a spell of a long, long time! too long - about one month and two weeks.

we watched YES Man! and it was a funny movie...sarap din ng food: chocolate ice cream, rice, ruffles, viands - fish and pork...=) (sorry, i'm bad with dish names, tomorrow or sometime soon, i'll ask lala the dish names. gotta call a spade a spade, right?! uh, i think that expression didn't smack well right there...hehe..)

movie reminded me of third eye blind's jumper...i am definitely mentioning this movie to chaida, a big (well, actually, i don't know the size or extent of her adoration) jim carey fan...

nice night! YES!!!!

* * *

cory's lyrics: i wish you would step off from that ledge my friend
You could cut ties from all the lies that you've been living in and
if you do not want to see me again, i will understand!!!!

find out the correct lyrics! hehe!

i like this part:


m. NIGHT shyamalan

actually, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with that famous Indian filmmaker. this is a mere referral to the 'night' part cause it has something to do with night...hehe..

one night in bellecroft, i shut down my laptop and pulled down its monitor. chaida noticed what i was doing and asked,"sleeping early tonight, cor?"

"naw," i said, "will read." but i smiled as i considered her ironic question and the interpretation we gave to the word early. it was two in the morning, for goodness' sake!

but that's me and chaida..NIGHT persons! we day the night away and we night the day away!!!!

whoopee! here's to the fun times with chaida on the Late Show at Bellecroft!!!! hehehe...

nobody else but us (and other night persons) will ever be able to comprehend the luscious and succulent fun of the night!

i wanna know you!

two of my fave artists! catchy song! i LAV it!


david: is everything ok?

miley: i'm sorry david, i can't do this.

david: it was the onion bagel, wasn't it?

miley: No, no. you're fine. just maybe, maybe next to it, you might want to try a nice little, uh,lemon bar.

david: then what is it? oh no, when i called you that i was david cook!

miley: no, no, it's just, um, i broke a promise that i really need to keep tonight.


Love David! great songs in hannah montana! i'm also loving Dream!

cold...sleepy...and satisfied!

that was me, lala and allison earlier today at flaming wings in katipunan. i love being with those two especially with lala...makes me feel so loved, actually. it's very i'm my worst self and still loved for all that.

so what else? what are you doing today? the twitter question...

nothing, really.

dreaming of pink lemonade...

oh and i just wanted to record this - a touching gesture: lala gave me a welcome back world, what did i tell you, ain't i lucky? =)

thankies lala and allison!!!

my bestfriend loves me

in my mind and heart, i always knew with certainty that i am indubitably lucky to have her for a friend.

sometimes, you just don't take the moment to appreciate it to the fullest extent that you should.

me: tell me about it when next we speak...(some lines excluded)..don't worry. never worry about me, okay, dearie? i'll be fine..=)

lala: i worry regardless, of course. i just have funny ways of showing it, haha.


(lala, ikaw kc. don't worry about me...)

leona lewis

dear blog,

i just found myself a new superstar to look up to. behold leona lewis! she sings diva songs so effortlessly and so beautifully and she's also beautifully modest and un-diva-ish. she's brilliant. as sharon osbourne did say of her, "you're an amazing girl, leona." after seeing her performances and her naturalness, i'd say the same of her. there are the other videos where she's talking that would be more telling of why i am praising her so much right now but i'm lazy of finding them and posting them here so let this suffice in the meantime.

Go leona! you're my woman!

note! see how mesmerized simon cowell got! hahaha!

a smell in the that me? (hehe)

chaida walked past me and asked, "naligo na ka, cor?"

"yes," i confidently said...then i realized i was only feeling naligo na...i haven't taken a bath since yesterday! hahaha!

pa-unhanay mi ni chaida!


a love song for my family

What About Love?
by Lemar

What if I took my time to love you?
What if I put no one above you?
What if I did the things that really mattered?
What if I ran through hoops of disaster?

No one would care if we never made it.
We're in this alone so why don't we face it?
There is no room to blame one another.
We just need time to forgive each other.

What about love?
What about feeling?
What about all the things that make life worth living?
What about faith?
What about trust?
And tell me, baby, what about us?

How can I give this love a new beginning?
How can I stop the rain, it's never ending?
How do I keep my soul believing?
Memories of how we should be keep calling...


I'll take the rivers rise
I'll take the happy times
I'll take the moments of disaster...