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our time

the whole week of christmas week, i'd been trying to schedule meeting time with lala. on the 22nd, we talked about meeting that day, then changed our minds and talked about cramming something on the 23rd. in the same conversation, we changed our minds again, and settled for meeting on the 24th, during the early parts of the day.

on the night of the 23rd, sometime 11 pm, i became unsure about the wisdom of getting together during christmas eve. i guessed we'd probably be busy, what with last-minute shopping, cooking, getting together with family, relatives, and other friends, and doing other miscellaneous things.

at about the same time, lala texted me to confirm details of our plan: dearling, what time you free for a meetup/visit tom?

i replied: 12 noon nalang, lalie. let's have lunch and then starb after?

wavering about the plan, i decided to consult allison, the third party in our meetup. i texted him: allison, halu. gising ka pa? i knew there was something ironic about a…

dreams have a price

so i was surfing the net (or maybe stalking) when i happened upon this quote. i decided i kind of like it, maybe enough to post it here:

"Going after a dream has a price. It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn't live."

- from Paulo Coelho

one less problem w/o you

i realize that it has just simply been a long time since i've written anything inspired here. at the moment, i got nothing inspiring at hand but i do remember that a week ago, i wrote down in a notebook a line that i got from a kurt schneider mash-up song.

apparently, kurt schneider & co. are still awesome and Summer Pop Medley 2014 is one of their works for this year.

i noticed a particular line in the song that i liked when i heard it:

"i got one less problem without you, but you're all i need."

makes me smile.

so here's their video. i hope you like it!

politico-cultural insight

this is true. whenever we wonder about apathy in some members of society especially the low-income class with regards to cultural and political phenomena, this is possibly one of the factors that explain it:

"There’s a point at which somebody is so far removed from the formal system that he has no interest in changing it."

- Peter Hessler, Tales of the Trash, The New Yorker


the first trailer for lee min ho's new movie, gangnam blues, is finally out! aaah!!! :D


naiiyak pa rin ako kay kenshin. i never want to forget rurouni kenshin.

to ms. navarra, thank you for writing this article. i understood even more about rurouni kenshin from it.

Article: 'Rurouni Kenshin' Ends Explosively - And Romantically

rurouni kenshin

when people listen to me speaking in english, they often surmise that i must be a reader. the simple assumption would exasperate me sometimes, particularly because i actually read a lot less books and writings than the self-professed bookworm and also because a lot of what i read i read because i have to, not because i want to.

but today, sitting on my bed thinking of the movie rurouni kenshin: the legend ends, i realize that people were right - i am a reader, but not, i think, in the sense in which they think. i am a true reader in that i have a reader's mindset - especially that mental receptiveness for allowing an author or creator to establish a world or a storyline and having it fully come alive in one's imagination. to that kind of thing, i could give myself whole-heartedly.

the night before, i had watched rurouni kenshin 3 again with mai. i was impulsive about watching it - i had just wanted to get lost in a story. and maybe in kindness the stars decided to align for…


Artist: One Ok Rock

So they say that time
Takes away the pain
But I’m still the same

And they say that I will find another you
That can’t be true

Why didn’t I realize? Why did I tell lies?
Yeah, I wish that I could do it again
Turning back the time
Back when you were mine, all mine

So this is heartache? So this is heartache?
Hiroi atsumeta koukai wa namida he to kawari oh baby
So this is heartache? So this is heartache?
Ano hi no kimi no egao wa omoide ni kawaru
I miss you

Boku no kokoro wo yuuitsu mitashite satteyuku kimi ga
Boku no kokoro ni yuuitsu furerareru koto ga dekita kimi wa, oh, baby
Mou inai yo mou nanimo naiyo

Yeah, I wish that I could do it again
Turning back the time
Back when you were mine, all mine

So this is heartache? So this is heartache?
Hiroi atsumeta koukai wa namida he to kawari oh baby
So this is heartache? So this is heartache?
Ano hi no kimi no egao wa omoide ni kawaru
I miss you

It’s so hard to forget
Kataku musunda sono musubi me wa
It’s so hard to forget

the heirs behind the scenes

i finally understand why i keep playing vids of lee min ho: his good looks can render a girl speechless. he's a killer.

i couldn't have GUESSed

the dramafever website warned viewers that their need for re-watching the video might get so strong but i thought i was proof against this. said it wasn't even my favorite lee min ho vid. so why i am replaying the vid over and over again i don't actually half-understand, heehee.

i nearly fell in love with lee min ho, ano ba yan. :p

lee min ho for Guess

i miss lee min ho. there's nothing much written about him that can be understood in english. all i know is that he recently visited thailand performing his duties as asian ambassador for kyochon chicken (he looked wonderful there) and that he is launching another international tour wherein he will be meeting fans in several countries. he could probably be working on that right now.

i know it seems like i am obsessed with lee min ho's looks because that's all i ever seem to talk about. that's not actually the case but i've found that i'm not usually in the mood to write about what really gets me hooked to this actor whenever i find myself in front of a pc in an internet shop.

but anyway, here's an interesting video of lee min ho endorsing Guess Jeans in South Korea.

a "space" post

earlier, i tried to post new pictures of lee min ho but something went awry. so here instead, i will post the funniest thing i've read today so far. hihi!

cartoon courtesy of the new yorker, of course. : D

most gorgeous man alive

(for me, heehee!)

remembering The Heirs

i miss The Heirs. it felt like magic kc. i watched this vid and reminisced a bit and realized again that there was something genuinely beautiful and sweet and magical about the work that the actors, the screenwriter, the director and the production team did with this series. isn't it wonderful when things come together well and the result is something wonderful?

i didn't need the subtitles to appreciate this vid. i remember the scenes by heart. :)

can't wait! :D


oh, just fik-shun... :D

i just think you're sick, man!!!! love you!!! :D

sytycd season 10

this dance made me cry. this is how i want to fall in love. thank you travis wall for the choreography. thank you to these dancers - jasmine and alan - for the dance.

now this here is the gold standard of dance. no words.

sand dance

CHRISTOPHER SCOTT, YOU are THE BOMB!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! :D

cuter than lee min ho?

i will concede that these ones are possibly cuter than lee min ho. :)


curious about this song. just heard some lines:

"stars fade away - they just crash into space,
disappear like you and i.

tell me where love goes when it's gone".

lee min ho's innisfree morning in jeju video - enjoy!

i'd like to post one of my favorite videos of lee min ho. surprisingly, (since lee min ho is one very handsome guy) there are only a few videos of him that i really like. this is one of them. it seriously puts him in the running for the title of most adorable guy on the planet. here it is:

here's another video. it's not one of my favorites but i laughed when i saw it. this was back in 2009, maybe?, just sometime after lee min ho had gained fame and recognition from boys over flowers. he was attending an awards show here. :)


i watch pure love sometimes on abs since there's nothing much for me to do anyway since i got sick. today, the show said something nice. the girl was suggesting to the guy na baka siya na ay minu-multo, to which the guy scoffed. i laughed at the reaction of the guy.

then the girl asks, naniniwala ka ba sa multo? and the guy answers, oo naman. but not daw the "white lady" kind. it's the things that he did not do before, he says, that haunts him. ayaw siyang tantanan.

and i just like what he said. kasi, oo nga, ako din, minu-multo nga din ng ganyan ako.

nice noh? nice thought.

my life's a dream

new song that i want to dance to, though i can't right now. :)

just quotes

hmmm...quotes by specter on twitter surprisingly has some thoughtful things to say. here are a few that i like:

1. You can't lose what you've never had, you can't keep what's not yours and you can't hold on to someone who refuses to stay.

2. Each day try a little harder to be a little better.

3. Remember, if you are not playing your heart out, someone else is. And when you meet him, he will win.

and i think i need this right now. quotes by spencer retweeting will smith:

Stay strong. Even when it feels like everything is falling apart.

sentence of the day

Galileo was born in Pisa on the day that Michelangelo died.

- Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

ps. this is not factual, btw. :)

lee min ho - man loved by the camera

Ok, I admit it. I’m guilty of looking at Lee Min Ho too much. But am I the only one who gets a little short of speechless looking at him in this vid?

Favorite parts:

1. O.16 - On the left side of the video, there is a girl there who must be one of those who work for Lee Min Ho as part of his entourage or something. I’ve seen her in other behind-the-scenes pics of Lee Min Ho. I like what she’s wearing here. Plain white T-shirt blouse with a simple, flowy skirt – surprisingly, it works. I want to try it for a casual day out or something. :)

2. 0.33 Obviously, Lee Min Ho has beautiful eyes. I read this bio of Lee Min Ho where his mom said that as a baby, Lee Min Ho had big eyes and he would blink them rapidly and it was very cute. Those eyes of his look like they could talk anyone into…something. Like buying Innisfree, perhaps! Hihi! :)

3. 0.48 I guess the production people involved here are going to lighten Lee Min Ho’s skin tone for the final version of the advert. I’m more fascinat…

bring him to life

if it were me, i would have died.

lee min-ho

this is one of my favorite pics of lee min-ho:

nakakaganda ng araw, noh? :)

because i talk about him all the time, my friends have taken to filipinizing his name by calling him "lee minhoy".

the great gabriel garcia marquez

gabriel garcia marquez has reportedly died last week. i feel sad. :(

rest in peace.


i feel tired, drained, exhausted, disgusted, empty, expired, uninspired, short of temper, irritated, despairing, close to tears, violent, lobotomized. and it's all thanks to my work.

lee min handsome

the hottest guy in my heart right now. :D

fantastic selfie



this is the reason why i love new yorker cartoons.

so darn apt. :P

1st time to buy a foam mattress

today, i snuck off some time to go to SM and buy a foam mattress. the mattress that i was using got infested with bed bugs and they bit me in my arms, feet, and fingers. i became unwilling to sleep on my bed.

for a few days, i slept in the sala, where i got two sofa chairs and connected them together to form a makeshift bed. i was a little like a refugee. kawawa ako. :(

but today, i have a bed again, and it's an even better situation. i'm very happy with the bed foam i bought. it's uratex, only 4 inches, and within budget. i am stoked about sleeping on it tonight. this marks the first time EVER that i have bought myself a foam mattress.

it's also the first time that i'm going to buy bedsheets. the ones that i have are from home. they're not my own taste so i'm excited to be the one picking out a bedsheet style and design for myself. :D

i've already gone through the selections and i've decided what to buy. there's this monochromatic yellow bedsh…

queens on ice

not yet over it. hope to write about it soon. :)


so tired. so tired. so tired.

my sugar mommy

mai: Te kur, may beef nilaga sa bahay. kainin mo ha.

okie. :)

media coverage of the winter sochi olympics


just small pieces of amusement

last night, i was watching TV5 and there was this advert for aga muhlach's show. in it, aga was reading a video message from a fan. the fan was holding up a placard that read: "aga, punta ka sa condo ko!" it immediately prompted a laugh from aga. i laughed too, while watching.

today, this tickled me. andy borowitz can be so funny as a satirist. here he is satirizing russia, its politics, and most especially, its president:

p. s.

in case i read this again in the future, and the first paragraph does not immediately make sense, i'd just like to remind myself that the context for the joke there is the vhong-deniece thing. hihi.

a bill clinton tweet

when i'm at work i cannot write so i'll post some nonsense nalang. so, this amused me today - bill clinton was calling out george w. bush about not being on twitter. here is a screenshot of the tweet on bill's twitter page:

epic question - how are you not on twitter? lol.

bear fight!

this is one excellent bear fight:

now that's what i call action. yes, bear! go bear! go fight bear! :D

another dreary day

what i'm thinking of right now:

1. i'm thinking of how my everyday life feels sad and empty. the work i'm doing feels lobotomizing. i'm trying to get out of it but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful.

i try not to let it get to me but this is one of those days when my trying isn't enough. i feel a lump in my throat. but i will not cry because the next day will come and i need to continue.

2. so i think of all the other mundane things i have to do: tonight i'm going to go home and have an apple and banana shake because it's a drink that makes me feel better. then i will try to sleep as soon as possible because the next day, i still need to try.

3. and oh my god, i need to write a letter to smartbro nga pala. i haven't done it yet and i was hoping to get it finished this week.

4. i'm meeting my brother this weekend and i'm hoping he's not going to spring on me a surprise - like bringing one of our parents with him. i don't want to see…


i now understand what they're paying me for in this job. they're basically really paying me to have the patience of Job.

the part

this is the part where i feel like i wanna kill someone. or maybe i just wanna kill myself.


tired. thinking of watching robocop. i think i want to watch george clooney's new film too - the monuments men.

30 more minutes

wanna go home na...


last december 14, 2010, i went over to bellecroft (i was living in my uncle's home in tandang sora that time) so that i could leave with clyde and go to the UP Observatory to witness the Geminids meteor shower. we were joining members of the UP Astronomical Society, of which clyde was an alumna. i was a happy "saling-pusa".

on the observatory deck, we laid our backs down on a mat and looked up at the dark night sky, waiting for the shooting stars to appear. at some time past ten, they began to shoot across the sky to the delight of all the observers. i remembered someone.

i texted him
: ______, heads up! (to the sky) there's a meteor shower tonight! oh my god! i just saw a shooting star!!! :) :) :) one falling star wish will be for you, the rest is mine! mwahahahaha! :)

he texted back: It's too bright at our place. :(. Make that wish for me. Sana happy and warm ang christmas. :). Yun lang ang gusto ko. You can take the rest. Hehe. Ikaw, ano ultimate wish mo?

cory: …

it's easy to forget this:

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

but it's important not to forget it.

* fact-checking

i just wanted to file this somewhere:

Time and The New Yorker began what would become a trend in American magazines. There are now fact-checking departments all over the country. While fear of lawsuits certainly motivates publishers to maintain these departments, most realize that they need checkers to keep their readers' good faith. Big errors may occasionally end up in court; small errors, such as wrong dates or incorrect name spellings, will be remarked on by thousands of people. If each reader begins to trust the publication a little less with every error, the eventual cost will be its reputation.

- from The Fact Checker's Bible, written by Sarah Harrison Smith

this makes me happy:

remind me to marry this guy someday. :D

a midsummer night's dream :)

i rarely understand poems, but i found this really beautiful. i want to memorize it:

oberon addressing puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream:

Once I sat upon a promontory
And heard a mermaid on a dolphin’s back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
That the rude sea grew civil at her song
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres
To hear the seamaid’s music

so beautiful.

i wanna eat. yumyum. :)

i was hungry so i made a list of things i wanted to eat:

pizza, wonderful pasta, chicken, peach mango pie, tocino, longganisa, chocolates, chocolate cake, ice cream cake (if there's still room in the stomach), macaroni soup, lomi soup, other kinds of soup, bulalo, hardinera, chop suey, salads with dressing.

and then i will diet afterward. eat fitnesse. and other cereals rich in whole grain and fiber.

if i eat with my stomach always full afterward, do you think i will stay slim? hihihihi.

ok, here is a picture


my question for the day:

why do i even try?

lone survivor

i officially heart lone survivor. more about it next time (if my writing works out).


but don't you see? this is really hard for me.

"natal day" activities

only lala could have come up with that term. she texted me:

what are the good lady cory's plans for her looming natal day festivities?

i replied: i don't know eh. let's have dinner 25 or 26 and then watch zero dark 30? cha think?

lala: i can do 26! sure! san tayo nood? hehe. saka zero dark 30 pa rin talaga? don't you wanna do a really great rom-com fest instead? hehe, inspired by my recent watching of you've got mail kc, heehee. we'll treat you to dinner, your pick. between jollibee and mcdo. : p

cory: jollibee nalang. please rent the entire restaurant for the day for our exclusive use and please make sure that everybody goes home with their own bag of giveaway goodies. tnx.

i'll think about the movie logistics later. rom-coms are social constructs that lead people to believe in illusory notions of love and as such are not worth our time.

: D

sentence of the day

Any act of writing creates conditions for the author’s possible mortification. - Mark O'Connell, The New Yorker

This is the reason why I keep this blog mostly strictly unknown. :)

to beginnings?

Happy new year, dearling! I have a feeling 2014's a good year for dream chasing! ;)

- Lala's New Year's text to me.

I found a breath of hope in this poem:

New Beginnings by Gertrude B. McClain

It’s only the beginning now
…a pathway yet unknown
At times the sound of other steps
…sometimes we walk alone
The best beginnings of our lives
May sometimes end in sorrow
But even on our darkest days
The sun will shine tomorrow.

So we must do our very best
Whatever life may bring
And look beyond the winter chill
To smell the breath of spring.

Into each life will always come
A time to start anew
A new beginning for each heart
As fresh as morning dew.

Although the cares of life are great
And hands are bowed so low
The storms of life will leave behind
The wonder of a rainbow.

The years will never take away
Our chance to start anew
It’s only the beginning now
So dreams can still come true.

i like this:

his name in a series that i was watching, the heirs, is kim tan. in reality, he is lee minho. i am currently stalking him on the internet and i found this. it is from an interview he did before.

Q: if you were to describe your life in one word, what would that be?

A: This is very hard (laughs). Very hard... "Dream." Because I feel that everyday, something unexpected happens. Everyday, I get to experience something new, so it's like a dream.

i like his answer. yes, kim tan, YOU are definitely a DREAM. YOU are MY DREAM. (aieeee!!!!!!!) :D

food memories: valer club, 2013

i woke up today and there was the smell of pasta in the air. obviously, my roommate, mafel, was cooking pasta. as i was going out the door to leave for work, i contemplated bringing some pasta with me. i was already holding a container in my hand when i thought better of it - i was running late.

because of the container i was holding, i remembered the time last year when pitchie cooked food and put some in a container for me to bring to the office. here is the container:

the container reads: Dear Cur, take this as a sign of my love.. : p

there were rice and fish in the container, which i happily ate at the office. you know, one of my favorite moments in life is when other people give me food. it makes me so happy.

pitchie is very sweet, isn't she? later that evening, we were walking home and she asked me how i found the fish. i started to make a face. "'di ko kasi masabi kung masarap ba yung fish or hindi eh. para kasing...kulang. kelangan ko pa ata ng more "signs o…

rooms and hidden rooms. also, nephews

i had a dream that i was with my nephews. i was in this house with them and we were in a room that had interesting hidden rooms. it was very interesting. one day, if i am going to get a house, i'm gonna have interesting hidden rooms in it as well.

eyes glazing over

i can't help it if my eyes glaze over and my spirits plummet, you know?

i told myself i shouldn't write things like this anymore. it seems depressing. i apologize. ranting makes me feel a little better.

kim tan

thinking of this guy right now:

geminids, 2010

"one falling star wish is for you, the rest is mine!" :)

december 9/10, 2010

i want to remember that time: 4 glorious hours. phone burning into my ears but i didn't care. first texts. me obviously jumping up and down.


Holy Ground (Taylor Swift)

i was reminiscing just the other day
while having coffee all alone
and Lord, it took me away
back to a first-glance feeling on a New York time
back when you fit my poems like a perfect rhyme

took off faster than a green light, go
yeah, you skipped the conversation when you already know. :)

dear john

you paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain.


Yesterday, I liked this:

Cory (texting Lotis): Lot, halu. May time ka? If you have, pwede favor, paki-call sa Crystal Clear (water company)? 1 slim/water jug lang. Money outside the door. Di kasi ako makalabas sa office namin.

Lotis: Ok, kuriring. I'll call.

Kainis, she called me "kuriring". In the house, they call me "kuriring".

I hesitated about taking this down because, you know, why would someone take down a simple text exchange? But then again, I'd take down almost anything that makes me smile, laugh, cry, etc., if I could. But I had second thoughts about this because it seems kind of embarrassingly sentimental to be recording ordinary things, as if they were special.

But I like ordinary things, and I'm the kind of person, anyway, who would often remind herself to appreciate simple but wonderful, ordinary little things in life. It's just that I keep thinking that these things don't necessarily have to happen, you know? Life is not necessar…


I am watching the Korean drama "The Heirs" at this time and in Episode 1, Cha Eun Sang, a girl in the series, looks at her life and asks, Was I destined to have a bad life?

And I was thinking, Sometimes I wonder the same thing about mine.

i'm wondering what the writer was thinking and where these words were coming from:

but darling, i wish you well
on your way to the wishing well.

the mundane things that i do today

last night, i told myself to do these things: mail this document my brother has been asking for, buy this cream at the mall, see if there's baygon because i found a cockroach in the bathroom and i'm having a troublesome time trying to kill it with a slipper, look for a new job, look at black socks, order water for the house, and get apples.

and do everything else.