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Thank You

To all who made my 2011 a year of healing and renewal, Thank You. You make it possible for me to make 2012 my year.

On this note, I would like to single out some people for a more special thanksgiving:

Lala & Allison, bellecroft people, my siblings, Kuya Nikki, Father Duran, the author Marshall Gregory, Taylor Swift,

and of course, God Himself & Mother Mary. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

the christmas story

It's been a while since I've posted a video on my blog. And it's been a while since I've shared something from others. So I'd like to share this. Enjoy. :)

The Christmas That I Spent Sleeping


“Pumunta si Cor dito para matulog,” Allison was saying to Lala. I, of course, was no longer present at the time of this comment because I was peacefully sleeping at a room on the second floor of Lala’s house, after I had excused myself from the dinner table at maybe 9:00 PM.

I had explained to Lala that I hadn’t been able to get some sleep the night before, something about friends having been over to bellecroft, and erratic sleeping schedules, as comprising the cause.

So she promised me she’d wake me up in two hours with the purpose in mind of me celebrating Christmas properly with the rest of them awake ones; but as it happened, she had decided later on that it was probably best to let me sleep on uninterrupted and so I didn’t awaken until Allison had gone home and the entire household had decided to turn out the lights and tuck themselves into bed as well.

I think she just wanted me out of the way.

So it was 2:00 AM already when I stirred and found Lala sleeping beside me. …

the Andrew Wyeth quote

I loved this quote.

"It's a moment that I'm after, a fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment."

- Andrew Wyeth

december 15, 2011

YM Chat with Allison

Cory: Allison??? Are you there???

Allison: yes...y?

Cory: where's lala?

Allison: Nasa "planning" session daw sila ngayon sa island cove, cavite. bukas pa balik nila, haha. text mo lang siya.

Cory: how sad...

Allison: aww...pagagalitan ko si LA bakit hindi ka nya sinama.. haha..

(and because it was his birthday the next day)

Cory: may birthday ba na parating na? (laughing emoticon)

Allison: not sure.. matagal pa yung susunod eh.. kakabirthday lang ni LA nung oct, tapos ikaw sa.. uhm, feb? or jan? haha

Hehehehe. Short chat lang naman where I asked about Lala and joked about Allison's birthday. Which brings me...Lala, what were you "really" doing in island cove, cavite, hmm? Quote and quote planning daw ha....Hehehe!

the house is dirty

I was lying on the couch one day when I said to Clyde, "Why is the house so dirty today?"

Clyde was in front of a long desk adjacent to the couch, and she was facing her laptop. "It's not just today."

"It seems acute today," I said, frowning. "Or maybe it's because my life is dirty. I feel the need to clean up."


the day i decided to

Lala invited me to watch Tintin with her and Allison at Trinoma today, but I turned down her invite, telling her that I was working on, um, changing my life.

"I decided to change my life last December 1," I texted her.

"But that's our anniversary," she said when she had called me up to talk about the invite. She was referring to her anniversary with Allison.

"Yeah," I said. "I know. Next year, I'll be joining your celebration to celebrate the uh, anniversary of the day I decided to change my life."

Last December 1 was a Thursday, and I decided to "change my life" that night. It means I'm getting on to the next stage of changing.

I still remember the time I began to change, the initial point. The realization, and what that was. But I have had to change internally before I could begin to change externally.

I was out of sync with the person that I was inside. So it was my thoughts and my thinking that I had to bring in line first. …

She: an explanation

I think I feel the need to qualify my previous post. It feels slightly jarring to read something like that coming from me.

And I was the one who frowned upon Taylor Swift's Dear John song. I had opposed her putting it out on her CD, raising up an issue about the ethics of doing that.

Of Dear John, I had said, that she shouldn't have put it out because it caricatured Mr. John Mayer in quite an unfavorable manner. Although actually, she has never confirmed that the song was about John Mayer. Nevertheless, public speculation has practically confirmed it to be so; you can even wikipedia John Mayer and on the part with the header Personal Relationships, it is written there that Taylor wrote a song about him.

My point was that we should learn to speak well of others. And Taylor's song had given the general public the impression that John was a cradle-snatcher who played "dark, twisted games" on girls who love him so.

And here I am, basically doing the same.

So here's…


I don't think I will come near her.
I saw her lips curl in distaste of me.
I heard her words and identified
their emotions: contempt, disgust, bitterness,
and especially, the will to say the most hurtful things
as though driving a wooden stake
right through the heart.

I saw her become her own dragon.
And though I don't think I am traumatized by it,
I remember how she held my neck
in her hands
the time I lost an expensive comb.

Now I know why her hands aren't gentle.
She just isn't gentle inside her heart.
And everybody resists her
or those nearest to her anyway
and she wonders why.

She always expects to be forgiven though,
one row forgotten after another.
And she will be.
Of course. I would never want her to be
denied that.

But her ignorance is sad;
that she doesn't know how to be loving.
And kindness of heart and mind - and speech -
she can't show to those nearest her.

I hope she will have the love of others.
Because she treats them nicer.

Me, she'll destroy the heart of.
So even if…

clyde's birthday


All Clyde ever hoped for for her birthday was to look at the stars. So she borrowed a telescope with a tripod from a friend just for the occasion. And last Saturday, the 26th, she went with a group to Tagaytay for a night of observation. No meteor shower, just stars, and she excitedly took the telescope with her.

But I merrily wished her "Cloudy skies!" as we closed the door of the cab we got for her and unfortunately, my wish came true. That night, in Tagaytay, the sky rained. There were no stars to be observed. Boohoo.

But Clyde's birthday was the 29th anyway, so this night, she set up the telescope along the common driveway outside the townhouse, specifically to look at Jupiter, which was a bright, steady point in the dark night sky as seen from the naked eye. I accompanied her, playing cheerful songs from my Nokia C3.

Within a short while, Abbey came along from school. "Hey, I was thinking of you guys!" she said. She was glad we had set up the teles…

clyde and abbey

These are some funny snippets in conversation...Clyde is going to kill me...But Clyde, we love you so much!!! You're our mommy here!!

A. On daylight

We were talking about some shenanigans that college boys perform. (Re: frat wars)

Clyde: (reacting to a shenanigan being related by one of us) Talaga??!! They did that in bright daylight?

Abbey: ...Broad daylight naman, te...

Clyde: (laughing) Walang hiya ka, Abbey!!!


B. The Fairy Talers

I hope you know who the great tellers are of fairy tales or else you wouldn't be able to appreciate this one. (And yes, I know there is no such thing as a fairy taler. I reserve the prerogative to make up words as I see fit. :p)

We were having dinner and talking about fairy tales and Abbey was saying something about how she didn't like some of them.

And Clyde said: (thinking of Goose Girl) Yeah, like that fairy tale by Hans Grimm.

Abbey: Hans Grimm? Who's Hans Grimm? Did Hans Christian Anderson marry one of the Brothers Grimm?


what pop stars wear

A day in the life of Clyde and Cory...

Clyde came to me for fashion advice one time. "Cor, is it okay what I'm wearing?" She was coming down the stairs. She was wearing a dark pink blouse with a large star in front, pale blue jeans, and...(the reason for her question) black pump shoes.

"It's just that I'm not sure if these pump shoes go with what I'm wearing..." she said. "I don't want to be wearing sandals because it's wet outside."

I considered the matter at hand.




And then I said to her, "Oh, Clyde, you don't have to worry. Pop stars wear that all the time."

"They do?"

"Oh, yeah," I said reassuringly. "I see it on the net all the time. I've seen pop stars wear it like that. If anyone asks, you can definitely tell them that pop stars wear it like that all the time now."

"Okay," she said, accepting my judgment. She started walking back up the stairs. In the middle, she paus…


I am saddened that I haven't been writing much lately. This will have to be remedied. Blog, I'm coming back to enliven you once again. Unfortunately, I can't really write right now because it's late (11:33pm) and I still have items to check off my to-do list but something in me is compelling me to write. So bloggie, watch out for some of the things I'm going to be writing on you. :) I'm breaking silence. :)

a little ink

Because Taylor Swift taught me that it's okay to write on your arm -

I'm going to do the same.

So I'm taking a marker, aka pentel pen, and I'm writing on my left arm:

It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride.
- (The Middle, Jimmy Eat World)

And then I figure, if I run out of space, I'm just gonna start writing on my belly and along the length of my legs. Hey, if pop stars can do it, and call it body art, I can too! Hahahaha! (I'm just kidding, in case you can't tell. :p)

Want me to write on your arm? Hehe. Peace out!

Full House (part 1)

I’m going to write this before this will never get written.

I accompanied Anj on a marathon watching Full House at night. We’ve done this for two nights now in a row and Anj’s eyes have been like a leaky faucet. I’m hardened (smirk). I cried twice only.

Simply put, the series is about a girl and a boy who got married to each other as a business transaction to serve their own self-interests. In order of course, to explore and encourage multi-dimensional feelings of love, the series had to follow a formula wherein another girl falls for lead boy and another boy falls for lead girl.

The first part that I cried was the part wherein the girl was asking the guy if it was okay to like another guy. (Of course, lead guy is a little in love with lead girl and lead girl was only asking this partly to test whether lead guy has feelings for her and would get jealous.) And lead guy, looking at the girl with a hint of misery and jealousy, finally told her that it would be alright since “it’s not your…

watching Secretariat (part 1)

It was a wonderful midnight when out of the blue, I suggested to Clyde that we watch a movie. Anj and Cherry were sleeping, Ateneo was having its bonfire, and Joan had just come home from attending it.

We settled to watching Secretariat. I wasn’t all that thrilled about watching a movie about a horse but Clyde had long been wanting to watch it. It was actually a first in a sense because 1) Joan had watched with us and that hasn’t happened before and 2) Clyde agreed to watch something after midnight and that hasn’t happened before.

One of the themes of the movie was heart. It was about running so hard, your heart bursts. This is related to the horse (Secretariat)’s race jockey, Ronnie Turcotte, who was once purported to have run his horse so hard, its heart burst.

And Secretariat was great- hearted. And I mean this figuratively and literally (his heart may have been the largest in horse history). Secretariat loved to run. In fact, it is said that he ran “just for the joy of it”. Follo…


I was chatting with Kuya Nikki one time.

me: how art thou?
Kuya Nikki: im fine milady.

It made me smile. Kuya Nikki has a great sense of humor. He is funny even in not so laugh-out-loud ways. The other day, I came across a line in a book that, paraphrased, is exactly what I wish to say about Kuya Nikki:

He makes others smile and laugh so easily, you always wish you could return the favor.

I wish him smiles and laughter today. :)

Clyde’s boys

Clyde is working on her thesis for UA&P right now but as she is doing so, she is also holding a part-time job teaching Filipino to little boys and girls who don’t know how to speak it.

One time, she had her little group composed mostly of boys play patintero inside the classroom. Suddenly, one of them broke away from the group and rushed to Teacher Clyde and announced, “Teacher! I need to fart!” He stood in front of her, his little body erect, like a soldier at attention. This came following a discussion Clyde had with her little kids regarding the etiquette of passing gas in public.

“Okay,” Clyde said. She motioned to the door. “Go outside and close the door.”

The little boy obediently did as told. He opened the door a moment later and breezily announced to everyone, “I’m done!”

And then, later on, when she had the class sit for a discussion, one of the little boys passed gas in class and the smell filled everyone else’s nostrils. One of the other boys turned to the errant boy. “You…

because i feel existential tonight

This comic strip is from xkcd. :)

Tonight has had me muddling over my internet habits. I looked at them closely and tried to be honest with myself. Why do I repeatedly do these things when it seems questionable how they lead me to productivity in life? I often open mercatornet, seth godin’s blog, other people’s personal blogs, mimi and jing’s twitter accounts,; I google miley and taylor news, yahoo news…what do I do these things for?

Truth be told, I realize I keep looking for something. I keep looking for an answer. The answer to what? Exactly. As far as I can introspect, I realize that I seem to searching for an answer to the question of life. How do we live it? I’m searching for the answer to the question of my own life. And to my questions regarding my family. Why are we this way? I wish someone could help me make sense of it all.

I know it sounds trite, but I think I’ve been asking these questions since that time. I’m so disgusted with it already I don’t even want to …

we own the night

i think of you. :)

a faustian deal

Because Clyde is so nice...Hehehe.

One night, I felt like wanting to have something to munch on. I turned to Clyde.

Cory: Ei, Clyde, do you want to eat something?

Clyde: No...

Cory: I feel like eating something.

Clyde: I have crackers, tiptop, if you want. You can have some. It's on my shelf.

Cory: Thanks Clyde. (Going to Clyde's shelf and taking down her bag of goodies. Abbey also rises from where she is sitting and joins me.)

Cory: Hey Clyde, can I just have the cupcake? I feel more like having a cupcake than crackers.

Clyde: Ok.

Abbey: Can I also have tiptop?

Clyde: Ok.

Cory: Do you have any more food, Clyde? Can we also have it?

Abbey: Can we have your money?

Cory: Can we also have your clothes, your laptop, and your identity?

Abbey: Can we have your soul? (Abbey laughs) It's like a Faustian deal.

We are ribbing Clyde, hehehehe. :D
I just ran across this note. And I wanted to post it here.

There comes a time when you have to stop beating yourself up over the mistakes you've made.

I hope I'll take note. :)

have you heard of that westlife song

It was song night in bellecroft tonight. Clyde and I were having dinner when Abbey started strumming the song Wonderwall by Oasis on her guitar. I was surprised she knew it since Abbey was several years younger than Clyde and me and that meant she was hardly part of the age demographic that comprised the generation when the song became a hit.

This set off a whole bevy and barrage of old school tunes as we reminisced and looked back from one boy band to another...Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, A1 and of course, Westlife...And yes, about Westlife...

Abbey said she didn't know a single song by Westlife. Actually, what she meant was that she didn't know a single song of Westlife's that she could play on her guitar but before anyone could give her an example, Clyde piped up to say, "You know! They have that song - Downtown Girl!"

Abbey and I laughed our hearts out. "Downtown Girl! What's that song Downtown Girl?! It's Uptown Girl!"

We teased her about …

hey, do you want to talk?

hey. can i be excused from trying to come up with a decent post? because i think i'm too tired to try to come up with one and anyway, i haven't got the time. so will you excuse me if i don't even try to make this one post come up to par?

i just wanted to talk. yes, even though i got nothing to say. i just wanted to invite you in to bellecroft. hey, let's sit around here. i'm sitting on the long couch. it's...long. hehe. perfect for lying down; you can get all stretched up across its comfy length. but i'm not lying on it just now; i'm sitting on one end of it. opposite me are two single-seater couches, and one of them has a guitar, taken out from its case, sitting on it. it's a normal guitar. it's brown, of a moderate size (the usual one), and it's abbey's. if you like, you can take it and play a song with it. people here won't mind since it's eating time. it'll be like a celebration, albeit a small one. we'll join in, sing…

2 things

General Questions

1. Why is it that I can never have enough of a rest day?

2. Why is it that after eating a lot, I still want to eat more?

3. Why is it that after sleeping a lot, I still want to sleep more?

Heehee. I'm kind of enjoying myself. ^_^

Note to self

Never underestimate how tired I might actually be when I get off from work. I don't know why. When I get home, I often intend to just lie down for a few minutes and close my eyes a bit before getting on with TTD after work, but what happens is I end up falling asleep straight away and before I know it, I've slept the night away. Haay. Careful, Cor. Schedule adherence.

t-a-l-k-i-n-g :D

Funny how every day can appear the same, yet different.

Abbey came in while me, Clyde, and Cherry Anne were having lunch. She sent a paper airplane flying in our direction, announcing her arrival. We were immediately fussing over the paper airplane, each wanting a turn at flying it in the air.

And then of course we fell into chatter about things and we sat around in the couches and I lay in the single-seat couch, with my back to one armrest and the backs of my legs draped over the opposing armrest.

We were laughing and teasing Abbey over this guy-friend she had.

Cory: (singsong) Abbey and Jo-osh sitting under a tree...

Clyde: t-a-l-k-i-n-g...


Abbey: That is the lamest pun in the whole world!


We tried again...

Cory and Clyde: Abbey and Josh sitting under a tree, s-i-t-t-i-n-g...


Abbey: That's even lamer than the lamest pun...



consists of small realities that make all the difference.


One day, inside the house...

Clyde: (making an observation to me) You're not talking about TL anymore.

Cory: (beginning to talk) Well...he passed by me today...

Clyde: (wryly) I'm sorry I asked.

Cory: (half-laughing) Well! I tried to spare you but you were asking for it! Anyway, so there was TL today, and he passed me by...(blah, blah, blah...)

And with that, Clyde had just automatically wasted a minute of her life listening to my nonsense. Hehe. So don't let me give you the same grief. I'll spare you the useless details.

To make sense of what I mentioned at the beginning of this blogpost, it's just that I had been having a bad week at work, and the simple friendly conversation restored my sense of balance and equanimity.

Talked with Lala also this week. Yay.

Sat around the house and kidded around with Abbey and Clyde et al... Yay.

Spoke with Kuya Nikki also after a long time. Yay.


And in a mere snap of the…

kamiseta and skechers

My most urgent problem tonight is what to wear to work. It's a Tuesday and that means business casual but the thing is, I haven't done any of my laundry or had it done. I wondered what I had among my clothes that I could possibly wear tonight now that I'd run out of available clothing items.

All that was left were a few loose and ill-fitting blouses and slacks and oh yeah, there's always that pink strapless dress I got from kamiseta that I had fallen in love with when I had seen it for the first time. I remember that day, having been so happy when the saleslady folded the dress and put it in a paper bag and gave it to me. And I also remember having felt so morose and bashful when I promptly lost the paper bag and had to retrace my steps to Mercury Drug where I had accidentally left it.

Fine. I got nothing else to wear. I decided to retrieve and try the dress.

"Mukha kang maliligo," Anj said, when she saw me in it. "Mapagsasabihan ka ni Clyde jan."



Clyde and the Cobwebs

The lower ground level of bellecroft has a living room and an adjacent dining area. Running alongside it is a narrow patio with a screen ceiling. It is separated from the rest of the room by wooden folding doors. Clyde and I were in the living room area one day and she gestured towards the rear end of the patio.

Clyde: There are so many cobwebs there. (Clyde should know. She exercises in that corner.)

I tipped sideways to see.

Cory: (seeing the silver cobwebs adorning the walls and ceiling) Oh yeah...

Clyde: I don't wanna clean them up because the spiders took so long to put them up. (nasasayangan siya sa effort)

Cory: Oh, Clyde, kamon! (protesting her logic, or her sentiment rather) Then if our living room were filled with cobwebs, you wouldn't have it cleaned! (Actually, I just had the sinister motive of encouraging her to be the one to clean up the cobwebs.)

Clyde: Hahahahaha!

Hihihihihi. Lol. :D

Clyde and her cobwebs. She was like that with plants as well. An…


Abbey was interviewing bellecroft girls for her Psych 101 class. Her topic was, "what is the process of falling in love?" She interviewed Clyde.

Abbey: Would you like to sit down? Take a seat.

Clyde sits down.

Abbey: This is gonna be recorded for future references.

Clyde: Ok.

Abbey: How old are you?

Clyde: (violent reaction) Che!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(laughter from everyone in the room)

Abbey: Oh no, I'm so scared...It was just the first question...


Abbey: Describe the process of falling in love.

Clyde: First, there is physical attraction. (then says dreamily) And then you fall in love....


And I want to go to sleep now. I just wanted to record the "Che" part. Lol.

the voice that launched a thousand ships

Better title: The Voice That Launched Me To Outer Space

We were on the production floor for Transition Phase 2 and our transition coach was discussing a customer issue point by point.

At this time, I had judged that I was already out of my fleeting crush on TL.

We might have been seated near his station at this time. A transition coach by the name of Tong was standing behind my swivel chair while I sat on it, diligently jotting down notes on the topic.

And like a rainbow-colored hot air balloon on a day you weren't expecting to see one, I heard his voice float to my ears unexpectedly much like smoke unfurling its tentacles to reach you.

He was calling to the transition coach behind me. He said, "Tong, since you're just standing there..."

I got lost at the sound of his voice. Smooth and intelligent and something else. My brain malfunctioned. I forgot to think. I was hurtled to outer space in a heartbeat. When I crashed back to earth, I became aware that it was another tim…

hey TL

I seen it all
So I thought
But I never seen
nobody shine the way you do.


- line from a song


saw you in my dreams last night. right after the murder and chase scene! Hehe!

glad it happened. thought it was never gonna happen. hihi! $^_^$


Stalked him today. word: Gotcha!

*dancing around in my room*

sad face

JM said to me today, "Anjan ba si TL?"

I shook my head. "Wala eh."

"Baka off niya. Sad ka?" he asked.

I replied, "Oo..." (sad face)

JM - "Sipain kita jan eh.."

Hihihi. $^_^$

the last tallies

Mamimiss ko rin to.

We won't be having classroom training anymore.


Makulit si JM.

We would be in classroom and...

JM: Cory Bells! *whack! on the arm*

and then...

JM: Cory Bells! *whack! on the arm*


JM: (silencio...) *whack!*


JM: (silence...) *pinch on the arm*
Cory: Ow!


I think I'm closest to JM and Zeph actually. Mamimiss ko rin ang kakulitan sa classroom.


Maybe this is the last few tallies for going out of the classroom. ^_^


I arrived at work a few minutes earlier than usual. I headed directly to the training room and began logging into the pc. JM arrived and took his seat beside mine.

JM: (noticing I arrived earlier than him) I think this is the first time...

Cory: (moving away from the pc) Haha. (I whacked him on his back.)

JM: Are you going out again, Cory? (He was calling out as I began heading for the door. Salbahes to si JM...hehe.)

Cory: (responding) Heh!


In another time, I had just got back to the training room from going out. It had already b…

Transition Talk: the MDAS obstacle course

I don't know if I have told you but the transition phase of training is ending and we're being handed off to our respective TLs now. I already have on my schedule for tomorrow my very first team meeting. :)

But while I had been on the transition phase of training, my wave and I included, of course, had transition talks. They're being conducted by transition coaches and occasionally, by Transition TLs. (This is the part where you know you're being led to the moment of mention of TL Jorge. Hehe. And by the way, the transition coaches form a team under a Transition TL. Therefore, TL Jorge handles a team of transition coaches, not agents.)

Now the transition phase consists of 3 parts: Transition Phase 1, Transition Phase 2, and last, but not the least, Transition Phase 3.

And the page in the story that I am writing about now is Transition Phase 2. We had a transition talk during this phase. Guess who was the TL who handled it. Ta-dah! It was the TL I encountered during first …

the perpendicular incident

Because I have a crush, I'm going to be pretty much wrapped up in him for a while and since this is my blog, I'm gonna fill it with talk about him for as long as I'm infatuated.

Wow. TL Jorge was very gwapo today. It's true.

I mentioned this crush to Abbey one afternoon and she asked me, "Is he cute?" "Well, to me, he is," I answered uncertainly. But now, if someone were to ask me, "Is he cute?" I would answer, "My God, he's gwapo!!!" Hehehe.

It's just that I have usually crushed on guys whose attractiveness are less readily evident so I wasn't sure if others would also see what I see. But then I found out that a lot of girls really find TL Jorge handsome; that a lot of girls also crush on him. That's when I realized, "Whew. What a relief. My taste really isn't all that bad after all. He IS attractive." Hooray for that revelation!!! Hehe! :D

He was wearing a blue-gray T-shirt today and a black, tuxedo-li…

kulang lang ng iterax

Because I spoke of TL Rome, I'm going to expend several words and letters to swoon over TL Jorge. (cue ear-piercing scream here because his name was mentioned).

Everytime we mention his name, it HAS to be followed by an ear-splitting scream. The kind that could break glasses, including the kind we put over our eyes. (Hysterically kilig laughter insert here).

I saw him today. Homaygad, I saw him today. For lack of anything more interesting or eventful to say, let me just fill in the spaces by telling you what he wore. Blue shirt. Short-sleeved. Black slacks. Closed shoes. Glasses. Himself. He wore himself. He stood a few feet away. He spoke with his incredible voice that makes me feel like there's something good passing in sound waves between my ears.

I looked. I stared. I sat higher in my chair. Literally. 'Cause I made the swivel chair rise higher. (But not actually to get a better view of him, sorry. Hehe. Wouldn't want to mislead.)

I don't actually have anything to…

TL Rome (incorrect spelling)

Whoever said that nice guys finish last forgot to mention that they also finish a winner. Earlier today, a seemingly simple event happened and I bet none of the two other participants of the event imagined that such a simple occurrence could give way to a blogpost. They had not had a clue about me. (Secret chuckle as in “hihihi”).

TL Rome, who might actually be the more approachable of the Transition TLs (there are only two of them; the other is TL Jorge), was lending a helping hand to a friend of mine regarding a concern she had with a customer.

TL Rome strode over to her station and when he had taken matters into his own hands, it turned out to be simpler than it looked. A fact that later made my friend extremely bashful. (More secret chuckles as in “hihihihihihi”). While he was bending over the computer to work on the problem, my friend said, “Sorry, TL. Didn’t mean to be disturbing.” “No problem,” he replied. “That’s what we are here for.”

It was so nice to see. I was gratified ju…


Transition Phase 1 was also notable for one other incident. This was the first time I encountered TL (cue kilig scream here).

I was working on a call and was being helped out by one TL on the concern being presented. It was a rather tricky one and in the process, the TL who was helping me called this other TL to solicit his advice on what to do on the matter. The other TL was sitting nearby, near the back of my station. Guess who that other TL was? Aaaaayy!!!! (Hehehe. That was what a kilig scream sounds like. ^_^) By the way, how do you express kilig while preserving your pride and dignity?? Hehe. It was TL Jorge, though I hadn't known who he was at this time.

I explained the situation to him. In reply, he thought for a moment and then he said, that famous line that I will never forget (okay, ladies and gentlemen, drumroll), "Nosebleed..." Hehehe.

In an aside, he was advising me then to just enjoy taking calls. "Enjoy ka lang," he said while going on and on abou…

Transition Phase 1

Because training is ending, and we're being handed off to our respective Team Leaders, I'd like to take this opportunity to remember the training period.

Transition Phase 1

This was the first time we were to take calls. Would you believe, I did not even have a single mock call before this was to take place.

For the first day, we were buddied up so that we could help each other ease into the phone-taking experience, and who would my buddy be but JM. This was obligatory. I had no choice and no say in the matter. Hehe. Chos!

First Day of Transition Phase 1

I was, strictly speaking, not late for the shift that day though I was for the pre-briefing that happens before the shift. This being the first day and our first time to take calls, the experience was very harrowing and loaded with nerves. At the proper time, I was at JM's station and call-taking was to begin in a few minutes when I felt my infamous need to go out of the training area and off to the restroom, the butt of jokes …

nonsense today

TL. Tee-El. T-eL. Teh-Ehl. TL.

Will I be seeing you tonight, TL?

When I get there, I don't intend to be making goo-goo eyes at you tonight. Because I already feel ridiculous doing so and anyway, I think I'm already C. I. T. A. Hehe.

And nobody wants to hear about my sighs and ramblings with regard to Tee-El.

I'm gonna sleep already. TL. Tee-El. T-eL. Haay.


I hope I see you in my dreams tonight.


Forever 21

There's a first time for every one girl. Sure it's tough but we'll get through it somehow. Don't worry. This is your moment. Set your spirit free.

When I was in college, I hadn't been living in bellecroft then but this boardmate I had back then (who, by the way, went on to continue post-grad studies in Cornell University) would hear this song that was current that time (2002). And she said that it reminded her of me.

It was because she saw how enraptured I sometimes was with college life and the college experience.

I got enraptured today. There are times when you go to the mall and it beckons to you in all its glory...all those glorious shops shining in white light. You'd think it was heaven.

I squeezed into my sked making it to one shop. It was Forever 21. I was sort of in a hurry and it was funny because as I was choosing some tops, the salesgirl was assisting me, and we both got excited over the blouses. Heehee.

I like my bought stuff. Clyde can borrow it any…

The rainstorm that night

I was standing on a street curb one evening and it was dark, with only orange light from lampposts for illumination. The sky was a big, dark empty basin and hanging there was God’s fingernail – the thin, white arc of the crescent moon that night. I observed as lightning happened against the dark of the mysterious and deep nightsky, making illuminations in short, thrilling bursts, and I smiled to myself, remembering Kuya Nikki and how I had likened him once to a rainstorm. And I stood there, watching the lightning strikes, and it occurred to me that that’s like Kuya Nikki. He’s better than fireworks.

I hope he knows he’s better than fireworks. :)
Let me catch up with some posts I had been meaning to write. :)
Dear blog,

I remember a time I had thought of naming you Angel. That's not working for me. Seems as though the impersonal moniker "blog" does just fine. So "blog" it is.

I talked with Kuya Nikki today. And he asked me about my feelings with regard to Someone-I-Used-To-Know, and he told me gently to move on when it's past time to move on (paraphrasing here).

Things with regard to Someone-I-Used-To-Know were a bit painful and recalling them left me with a little heaviness in my heart so I'm trying to dispel here the sad emotions that came back to me. (Just in case Kuya might feel a little guilty, let me preempt a comment of that sort by saying that it's nothing to do with what you brought up. It's not your fault. It's...wala lang..^_^).

This not being a good morning, I decided to try writing things out.

There are lots of things I need to write but I haven't been writing them out. Sheesh. I ought to make time for this as well. It's therapeu…
was gonna post something...but right now, all I feel is tired. need to sleep.

because i miss my bestfriend


I had wondered if I could be seeing Lala and Allison over the weekend, and I was asking where she and him were, and I finally decided that I couldn't join because I still had stuff to do.

Lala and Allison were going to catch this movie at the Shang. It was showing to the public for free. Lala was inviting me to join them and I had just told her that I couldn't.

And she said:

Ako naman just generally sluggish all the time for a while na; I'd cancel on the movie and just sleep kung hindi lang kami papuntang shang na. Movie is at 6:30 but we plan to wait in line as early as 4:30. These free films attract a particularly large crowd of artsies slash kuripots.

Lol. She never fails. Hihi.

i rest, therefore, i am

June 18-19, 2011

I wanted to record this because I loved it.

I had a great time this weekend. I'm saying "this weekend" because though today is already Monday, to the night-shifter that is me, this is still my Sunday night. Monday officially begins tonight.

My definition of a great time isn't yours and I don't expect it to be. But times like this make me happy and prepare me for more activity and greater happiness. I am loving it! Already, I'm feeling more positive and more ready to take on the world and all the things I need to do.

I had a VERY relaxing weekend. However, even Clyde disagrees with my definition of a "relaxing" weekend. I told her that I go by Chaida's definition, not hers. "Ngye!" she said. "But Chaida's definition of relaxation is watching movies all day!" Exactly. See, watching movies provides something like an out-of-body experience sometimes - you are lifted out from the cares of your reality for a while.…


* Because I feel tired, and I feel terrible, and I don't exactly have an outlet for it right now, I will ramble. :)

Apple-Cranberry Juice Incident

Earlier this week, Clyde and I were on the verge of contracting colds. Clyde stayed off hers by going to Rustan's immediately and buying a king-size bottle of Berri Apple Juice. She began chugging it down immediately. I woke up a little later than her and thus, discovered my little ailment just a few hours later than she did. As per Clyde's claim and practice of drowning colds in apple juice, I decided to do the same and off I went to Rustan's. When I got there, I examined the juices on display on the shelf and on the lowermost level, I took one large bottle of Berri Juice. However, it said there Apple Cranberry. I couldn't seem to find one that said just Apple juice, so I took that one instead, and figured it was probably the same. By the way, in my search, I had asked also for the assistance of the personnel present ther…


Madali lang akong matuwa. Hehe. And I don't know why but I am speaking in Tagalog. A little weird, a little funny but sige lang..hehe..

Anyway, a little laugh here and there, a little fun here and there, no matter how simple, adds up little by little to making my heart fuller and well-er (if there is such a thing) every day. I'm glad I laugh. Hehe.

My life is so ordinary.

Clyde and I were chatting regarding lunch. She's at a house nearby. Cherry and I were at bellecroft.

clyde: cor, will i order is the phone working already?

cory: i 'll see... no clyde eh..will you be eating here?

clyde: yes, il eat there

cory: ken afford ta? (wow, product placement on my blog.)(translation: ken afford tayo?)

clyde: ok unsa inyo gusto man? (ano gusto niyo?)

cory: fish fillet sweet and sour

clyde: kang cherry? (kay cherry?)

(At this point, Cherry makes a pronouncement that she would like to have the bestseller at Ken Afford...)

cory: cherry wants the bestseller clyde

clyde: nge, and what is that?


something to think about:

Never forget the essence of your spark.

i always forget

I always forget...

People here have been singing "Superman" again because I've been singing it over and over for the past few days. Anyway, this morning, Clyde was singing it too (it's her favorite song also). She sang the lyrics, "I always forget to tell you I love you...I love you...forever!"

And then she said - I like this lyric...Kc as if naman she really forgets...Nice noh?

I was shrugging my shoulders. A moment later I got her point. Sometimes Clyde also really has a way of seeing things. Why didn't I see that?

'Cause she's actually right. Of course a girl doesn't really forget. Girls pa. Of course girls don't really forget to say, "I love you." It just means she just didn't say anything. For one reason or the other. Dam!!! Why didn't I see that??!!

I always forget to tell you I love you...
I loved you from the very first day!!!

Wala lang...Now I don't want to say anything more. ^_^


Oh by the way...

It's eerie. It's funny. Strange coincidence.

I actually wonder if someone WAS praying for me. Hey, did you pray for me when I was merely venting and ranting?

'Cause I was just, I mean, it was only yesterday that I was feeling miserable about my dreams and feeling sorry and bad about my life and just right now, I read something on a page I was reading and it said...

"Right now, you may feel as though nothing is happening in your life. That none of your dreams are coming true.

Don’t give up, because God doesn’t give up on you.

May your dreams come true..."

Awww...nakakaiyak naman...I was just feeling despondent, that was's just that when I try to figure out my life, it's like trying to figure out where to begin cleaning the mess of a room I don't know what to do or where to start and that's only the beginning of it.

I actually deal with things different than I did before. Back then, despondency would get…

nice when it rains

I'm gonna be speaking in bullets because I'm not really coherent right now. :)

- Wow, it's been a long time since the last time I made an effort to write well. I'm usually tired most of the time, that's why. And I've lacked time. I lack time now. My shift at work can change within just a day's notice. People tell me to sleep but I'm a little stubborn. Just a little.

- Re: sleep. I would like to record here that last weekend was great because I spent it sleeping. ^_^ I was actually very tired so the first opportunity I got, I sat on the couch in the sala, somehow found myself lying horizontally on it within the space of a moment, and promptly found myself fast asleep. Well, I "found myself fast asleep" post facto would be more correct because when you are asleep, you're not really all that aware of what you're doing. The whole weekend, it was like that. I'd try to lie down merely to rest but would wake up to find myself having had gon…