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this is the reason why i love new yorker cartoons.

so darn apt. :P

1st time to buy a foam mattress

today, i snuck off some time to go to SM and buy a foam mattress. the mattress that i was using got infested with bed bugs and they bit me in my arms, feet, and fingers. i became unwilling to sleep on my bed.

for a few days, i slept in the sala, where i got two sofa chairs and connected them together to form a makeshift bed. i was a little like a refugee. kawawa ako. :(

but today, i have a bed again, and it's an even better situation. i'm very happy with the bed foam i bought. it's uratex, only 4 inches, and within budget. i am stoked about sleeping on it tonight. this marks the first time EVER that i have bought myself a foam mattress.

it's also the first time that i'm going to buy bedsheets. the ones that i have are from home. they're not my own taste so i'm excited to be the one picking out a bedsheet style and design for myself. :D

i've already gone through the selections and i've decided what to buy. there's this monochromatic yellow bedsh…

queens on ice

not yet over it. hope to write about it soon. :)


so tired. so tired. so tired.

my sugar mommy

mai: Te kur, may beef nilaga sa bahay. kainin mo ha.

okie. :)

media coverage of the winter sochi olympics


just small pieces of amusement

last night, i was watching TV5 and there was this advert for aga muhlach's show. in it, aga was reading a video message from a fan. the fan was holding up a placard that read: "aga, punta ka sa condo ko!" it immediately prompted a laugh from aga. i laughed too, while watching.

today, this tickled me. andy borowitz can be so funny as a satirist. here he is satirizing russia, its politics, and most especially, its president:

p. s.

in case i read this again in the future, and the first paragraph does not immediately make sense, i'd just like to remind myself that the context for the joke there is the vhong-deniece thing. hihi.

a bill clinton tweet

when i'm at work i cannot write so i'll post some nonsense nalang. so, this amused me today - bill clinton was calling out george w. bush about not being on twitter. here is a screenshot of the tweet on bill's twitter page:

epic question - how are you not on twitter? lol.

bear fight!

this is one excellent bear fight:

now that's what i call action. yes, bear! go bear! go fight bear! :D

another dreary day

what i'm thinking of right now:

1. i'm thinking of how my everyday life feels sad and empty. the work i'm doing feels lobotomizing. i'm trying to get out of it but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful.

i try not to let it get to me but this is one of those days when my trying isn't enough. i feel a lump in my throat. but i will not cry because the next day will come and i need to continue.

2. so i think of all the other mundane things i have to do: tonight i'm going to go home and have an apple and banana shake because it's a drink that makes me feel better. then i will try to sleep as soon as possible because the next day, i still need to try.

3. and oh my god, i need to write a letter to smartbro nga pala. i haven't done it yet and i was hoping to get it finished this week.

4. i'm meeting my brother this weekend and i'm hoping he's not going to spring on me a surprise - like bringing one of our parents with him. i don't want to see…


i now understand what they're paying me for in this job. they're basically really paying me to have the patience of Job.

the part

this is the part where i feel like i wanna kill someone. or maybe i just wanna kill myself.


tired. thinking of watching robocop. i think i want to watch george clooney's new film too - the monuments men.