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Clyde’s boys

Clyde is working on her thesis for UA&P right now but as she is doing so, she is also holding a part-time job teaching Filipino to little boys and girls who don’t know how to speak it.

One time, she had her little group composed mostly of boys play patintero inside the classroom. Suddenly, one of them broke away from the group and rushed to Teacher Clyde and announced, “Teacher! I need to fart!” He stood in front of her, his little body erect, like a soldier at attention. This came following a discussion Clyde had with her little kids regarding the etiquette of passing gas in public.

“Okay,” Clyde said. She motioned to the door. “Go outside and close the door.”

The little boy obediently did as told. He opened the door a moment later and breezily announced to everyone, “I’m done!”

And then, later on, when she had the class sit for a discussion, one of the little boys passed gas in class and the smell filled everyone else’s nostrils. One of the other boys turned to the errant boy. “You…

because i feel existential tonight

This comic strip is from xkcd. :)

Tonight has had me muddling over my internet habits. I looked at them closely and tried to be honest with myself. Why do I repeatedly do these things when it seems questionable how they lead me to productivity in life? I often open mercatornet, seth godin’s blog, other people’s personal blogs, mimi and jing’s twitter accounts,; I google miley and taylor news, yahoo news…what do I do these things for?

Truth be told, I realize I keep looking for something. I keep looking for an answer. The answer to what? Exactly. As far as I can introspect, I realize that I seem to searching for an answer to the question of life. How do we live it? I’m searching for the answer to the question of my own life. And to my questions regarding my family. Why are we this way? I wish someone could help me make sense of it all.

I know it sounds trite, but I think I’ve been asking these questions since that time. I’m so disgusted with it already I don’t even want to …

we own the night

i think of you. :)

a faustian deal

Because Clyde is so nice...Hehehe.

One night, I felt like wanting to have something to munch on. I turned to Clyde.

Cory: Ei, Clyde, do you want to eat something?

Clyde: No...

Cory: I feel like eating something.

Clyde: I have crackers, tiptop, if you want. You can have some. It's on my shelf.

Cory: Thanks Clyde. (Going to Clyde's shelf and taking down her bag of goodies. Abbey also rises from where she is sitting and joins me.)

Cory: Hey Clyde, can I just have the cupcake? I feel more like having a cupcake than crackers.

Clyde: Ok.

Abbey: Can I also have tiptop?

Clyde: Ok.

Cory: Do you have any more food, Clyde? Can we also have it?

Abbey: Can we have your money?

Cory: Can we also have your clothes, your laptop, and your identity?

Abbey: Can we have your soul? (Abbey laughs) It's like a Faustian deal.

We are ribbing Clyde, hehehehe. :D
I just ran across this note. And I wanted to post it here.

There comes a time when you have to stop beating yourself up over the mistakes you've made.

I hope I'll take note. :)