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she passed away...

i was skimming my eyes down the PDI front page when i saw the picture of Sen. Noynoy Aquino standing in front of a coffin. since it has been a fairly recent time that he has stood and payed his last respects before one, i checked to see whose it was. turns out, it was of former Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin.

i knew her name, having been, once upon a time, a student of Public Administration. and i remember, in vague memory, having held a forum in UP when i was still in freshie, on the state of the university's budget allotment from the government (government was planning another cutback and student activists were all riled up. it was a "hot" issue then.) my organization organized a forum and invited the Budget Secretary herself to be one of the speakers in order to air the government's why's and wherefores on the matter.

i have to admit, when it comes to national and public issues, i've usually been kind of a little spaced out, and that particular time wa…

10 Things I Liked About Meet the Robinsons

I have always been a bit of a list person, I just can't seem to think without them!

So here's my latest and it's about the movie I saw just last weekend even though it's been out since 2007 (I like to lag behind and not be so up-to-date with movies and TV series so that I get screened reviews from friends.) It was Lala who I remember mentioning to me this film but I got it from Gwenn's laptop collection. (By the way, I'm crossing my fingers for luck that Gwenn will get her internship.)

Anyway, the 10 things I liked about Meet the Robinsons:

1. Lewis

I like that he works. He invents. He dreams. Excellent role-model for a 12-year-old kid. Very inspiring. He dreams of flying cars and improving life and in his words, "All it takes is a little science and a bit of imagination." So Einstein. (As a matter of fact, Einstein was featured thrice in the film - notice the alarm clock? And Lewis was referred to twice as Einstein - once by Wilbur and then…


I met with LA today at Starbs Trinoma. It was fast, short, but delightful. Thanks, LA! Loved hanging with ya!

oh by the way, LA! I read your Miss You Like Crazy review. You're undisputably creative. glad you're blogging again!