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You know, sometimes I feel like though only simple events happen in my life, I somehow still have the time of my life! Maybe it's because I am easy to please, as Lala says of me:"easy to please but hard to impress."

Ghia asked me when I arrived at her sister's place where she currently stays, "Did you have a restful trip, Cor? I thought you would find the route easier."

By golly, I enjoyed my conveyance! I found my almost three-hour travel a generally positive experience and I rather liked it. The first good thing that happened was that when I got to Commonwealth Highway to take the bus to Taft, I was pleasantly greeted by newly painted green - a cool green - overpass, the one that allows people to cross from Tandang Sora to the Balara area. (Warning: This might not be a very technically correct factual blogpost.) I found it pleasing. I was smiling inside, thankful that they finally got rid of that awful (!) pink and blue combo. I had always found that p…

saved items

For one human being to love another, this is the most difficult of all tasks.

- Rainer Maria Rilke

Love between man and woman cannot be built without sacrifices and self-denial.

- Pope John Paul II

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.

- Albert Camus

The heart cares so easily and I don't care meaninglessly.

- Cory (once upon a time, to a textmate, hahaha!) (And no, it's not in my saved items, kapal naman ng mukha ko to go recording and quoting myself. I just remembered 'cause it's a funny line for its melodrama.)

mornings at bellecroft

Bellecroft mornings form some of my most favorite mornings in life.

I spent the night there, and when I woke up in the morning, some of my dormmates were already up and about and ready to get on with their day. Clyde had her laptop open and when she wasn't using it anymore I stole some time using listen to Taylor Swift songs.

We love her in BC! And singing Hey Stephen on an ordinary morning in a pretty and cozy sala beside a sun-soaked patio makes for a pretty charming morning to me!

I think it's nice to wake up to friends, music and conversation in the morning. I think it's nice to wake up to a Beautiful House (Bellecroft).

hard cash, take 2

now i know why i just had to write it down.

it was because that night was the first time that i intuited personally and emotionally the travails and more soberly, the private inner humiliations a woman as a wife and a lover and as a beloved, experiences and endures because of a spouse's money policies and practices.

i guess by policies and practices i'm referring more towards how the male spouse withholds his income from his beloved, how he keeps it to himself, or how he acts about it.

it's not that it's about the money. that's part of the point but not quite. it's about the love or the lack of it connoted by how selfless or un-selfless he is with his own money. it is about the money and yet it's also not about the money. it's about how much he loves himself or how much he loves her.

it's about love. it's about love.

hard cash

i don't know how to start this post, i believe i won't be coherent in what i am trying to say here but i'd like to record it for future's sake.

it's just that one night, i realized that issues about money that i had long skirted from before because of my youth could now no longer be skirted from and thus, more and more, i will find myself confronted with these sometimes or oftentimes cold and harsh realities and that they are now going to be an important part of my existence. not important because they are important, they are important because they are a necessary part of life here on earth. my life. my urban life on present-day earth.

it crashed on me like a bucket of ice-cold water. well, not crashed. just jolted. reminded. made me realize something serious and practical as opposed to whimsical and romantic.

money is a part of our existence. it's a part of life. i know that sounds so elementary and i sound i am sounding like i just graduated from kin…

TS Residence loves Charice!

My first love broke my heart for the first time
And I was like
Baby baby baby oh
Like baby baby no
Like baby baby baby oh
Thought you'd always be mine. :)

Love it!


I’ve devised my own ways of going round about it. Two nights ago, I mentioned this to Chaida. I said to her, “I feel so conscious there because of the late hours I keep.” See, the people in this residence are “anti-late hours” and see, I’m an insomnia sufferer and it was worse even just a year ago and already, the hours I keep now are an improvement to hours I’ve kept before. I know that I am improving at a snail’s pace but improving I am. I know they can’t appreciate it but I am not going to let anyone take away my appreciation, relief and grateful sense of achievement over the small, incremental and gradual steps of progress I make.

It’s just that my late hours is made conspicuous because of tell-tale quirks of this blue-walled room I occupy that just quite simply by design shouts out my lights-on and lights-off schedule. It is adjacent to the master’s bedroom with only a might-as-well-be-paper-thin wall serving as a means for separation. Now, my room might have been an arc…

What's your status today?

Hi blog! Just dropping by. I'm feeling perky today because I'm at Bellecroft pulling an impromptu overnight. I thought that I might do better here in thinking and in terms of escaping the early-to-bed-early-to-rise syndrome in the Tandang Sora residence and the curious fact that I can't seem to accomplish much thinking there...yet.

Anyway, already, this overnight is doing me some good...and we even watched Hana Kimi! which Clyde had banned yours truly from watching because she thought that it would be better if I shaped up first. I don't even want to elaborate on that. Let's leave it at that.

I'm feeling a bit more uplifted with just a few simple hours of relaxing down time. I'm going to really miss Bellecroft when it as I know it won't be there anymore. I'll miss the way I am when I am here: bounding up the stairs to greet boardmates or creep up on them for a simple and trite scare...Exchanging girl talk from shoes to love to current events...I…


Now lately I have become rather confused and addled about love - how to love and what it is all about but I guess one important thing to remember and to serve as a compass about love is that we should remember to love others for themselves.

I was reminded of this when not too long ago I came across a conversation that supposedly took pace between the Lord and St. Thomas Aquinas.

It was said that Our Lord supposedly said to him one day: You have written well of me, Thomas. What reward do you desire?

Lord - he replied - none other than yourself.

Even God is to be loved for Himself.

Note to self: Always remember to love others for who they are. (User kasi ako eh. Joke lang!)

going through brains

You know, sometimes my bestfriend scares me. Sometimes, I cannot CANNOT believe that she knows me.

Check this out:

Lala: because i know you so well, bawal mag-backout at the last minute!

Cory: I dare you to not show up!!!!!!!
of course, dearie, rain or shine, i'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!
mag-roll call ka pa!!!!!
by the way, did you read my shoutout?????!!!!!!
oh and by the way, question:
by your definition, am I someone who "reads a lot"?

Lala: shoutout where?

Cory: in my blog

Lala: by my definition, you are someone who reads, and snubs, lot
aaah. no.
not yet, wait

Cory: come I someone who reads a lot???? minus the snubbing part????

Lala: fine, ya, you're someone who reads - deeply- a lot
(ack almost got my fingers burned from typing that! )

Cory: i am someone who reads a lot????
let's dissect that....
i read a lot????

Lala: well, you read not LOT lot
but you read a lot


I got few things to do this weekend but not a lot. I'm thinking this is going to be kind of long and we, blog, are going to be buddies for the duration of the time.

This is in reaction to Lala's blogpost techno-bobo...never got around to talking to her about it and I can't comment on her post because I've lost my multiply account...and I'm not really interested in finding it either, hehe.

Lala, just wanted to say that I do NOT trash-talk books or writings!!! Even awful ones! Cite an example, hmmm??!! Hehehehe!

Oh, and by the way...spiter!!!! (rolling on the floor laughing...walang emoticon option available sa blogger eh) That's for your dig on Moby Dick (which I have yet to finish anyway)!!! Haha!!

So there.

"Oh! Look at the moon!"

my nephew, Renz, recited to me over the phone an hour ago. I silently laughed to myself as Renz apparently held the phone in his hands and seriously declaimed his haiku to me over the line. You should have heard it. It was so cute.

My mother was calling me about going home for a family reunion, Cajeta side. I heard my nephew coughing while I was talking to ma as he waited for his chance to recite his memorized poem.

It was supposedly the same haiku that my mother had me memorize when I was young, a little more than a year old. She mentioned this to me because I had commented that I found my nephew Renz quite smarter than me. I already know my plans for this nephew: Harvard. Yale. Or Princeton. Law. Haha!

By the way, Renz was conferred first honors in his school. My other nephew, Roru, was proclaimed fourth in his own school. The former was also Best in Reading. My family was delighted to hear the news.

I remember last Christmas I was going to text Lala about the highlight of that time…


I have a follower. She or he is Si Kuya Nikki. I'm guessing he is 3 years older than me. I've known of Kuya Nikki for a long time now..if some 24 months or so can be considered a "long" time. And my "knowing" of him is limited to knowing of his blog.

Repetition is love so he says. Actually, he says that that's what the Jesuits say. In my case, repeatedly visiting his blog is a clear case of like. Man, his friend was so right! There really should be a like button in blogger! We should start Operation Put-Like-Button-In-Blogger right now!

Anyway, Kuya Nikki writes all these great and cool and interesting stuff in plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, garden-variety just simply great writing. He's really good. Words and life come to life in his words.

I just wanted to compliment him about that and by this post, give him a caveat about me. (I think he needs this ever since he allowed readers to put in comments in his blog.) Kuy…


I heard this at a fair I went to last February 14 at Clark Air Base. I think it was called the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The first time that Clyde asked me to go with the group I replied, "Sure. I'm 80% agreed to go."

They asked me, "What of the 20%?"

"Oh that's just for contingency. My 'no' might enlargen and encroach on the 'yes' or the 'yes' will swallow up the 'no.' You never know," I said, smirking to myself.

Anyway, Clyde pressed me to go for about two weeks even until the last minute when she finally managed to get me to come with. It was the doleout and the promised pilgrimage after the festival that did it. The chance to cast three wishes upon entering a church I've never entered before got me.

I slept over at Bellecroft and we left in the wee hours of the morning. It was then that I finally met Sunshine, the coffee painter. Clyde and Cherry had been inviting me to go to her gallery exhibition but…

Hi blog.

I remember a time I used to write to you more often. I think it was because I didn't want to wear down the ears of all the people around me. 'Cause I would talk about only one thing instead of things.

I'd like to revive that a little. I once read in yahoo that writing helps release stress. I suppose if I wanted to write something personal and preempt a possible future furor about it because it's on the internet, I ought to take to Microsoft Word (as others do) or pen entries into a paper journal fingers are lighter on a keyboard and blogger has a better journal format than Word.

I went to bellecroft early this evening. Clyde wasn't there. She's at Bohol and will be back around Tuesday. Saturday I might overnight there because Joan asked me to since she'll be alone.

These days, whenever I visit Bellecroft since I've been gone, I've actually had lots of fun. I find it fun to sit with them while they eat their dinner and we swap stories and…


Age 21. That was a pivotal year for me. In hindsight, I realize it was the year that I started growing up. It was also a very painful year.

2007 was the year that my snowglobe of heartfelt hopes and secret aspirations fell from my hands and shattered on the floor. I took it hard. I sank into depression and it would only be two years later when I would finally lift out of it and say, "That's enough. It won't happen again."

2007 was the year I called up UP from my home province and was told that I made it to my alma mater's College of Law. Depressed and all, not really all that keen to become a lawyer and all, I nevertheless couldn't help but smile as I heard the pronouncement of my admission to that law school.

2007 was the year I met Mae, Marian, Thea, Anna, Russ, Di, Sopfie, and Don. And all the other great peeps of Block B 2011. It was awesome to meet them. Through the culture shock, the crushing weight of our readings, and the terrifying professors…

Past Midnight

I don't know why but I am having a difficult time staying up to write a blogpost. I used to do it before...I remember late at night was my best time of day. Hehe. I didn't have trusty, lovable Gimlie (my laptop) then so I would pull up a chair, borrow a dormmate's PC and type into it. I actually don't know how I got by then...only that I managed to get by. Oh! I remember! I had another laptop...pre-Gimlie! But it suffered technical difficulties and so I was granted by really really nice and sainted dormmates the use of theirs. (Haha! You know who you are!!!)

I remember Chaida even tried to innocently mock me about it. I was talking out loud, airing my thoughts and plans to no one in particular and I said something that went "when I get my laptop fixed..." and Chaida overheard me from her corner. She looked up from her own PC (which she named Gloomie) and asked, all wide-eyed, "What laptop, Cor? Do you have a laptop?"

Haha. Hardiharhar. It was…

Ay, sus! Wag nga silang pakialamera!

Rolling on the floor laughing. This was just the bomb!

I wanted to put this in because I like the line and the spirit behind it. Sometimes, when I feel pressure or something or when I or others are in a similar situation, I would remember what she said and some weight lifts off of my shoulders and I relax and become amused. And I get less worried. Especially about what others will say.

Friends get me through. Thanks, Mae! Love the spirit, mehn!