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because i miss my bestfriend


I had wondered if I could be seeing Lala and Allison over the weekend, and I was asking where she and him were, and I finally decided that I couldn't join because I still had stuff to do.

Lala and Allison were going to catch this movie at the Shang. It was showing to the public for free. Lala was inviting me to join them and I had just told her that I couldn't.

And she said:

Ako naman just generally sluggish all the time for a while na; I'd cancel on the movie and just sleep kung hindi lang kami papuntang shang na. Movie is at 6:30 but we plan to wait in line as early as 4:30. These free films attract a particularly large crowd of artsies slash kuripots.

Lol. She never fails. Hihi.

i rest, therefore, i am

June 18-19, 2011

I wanted to record this because I loved it.

I had a great time this weekend. I'm saying "this weekend" because though today is already Monday, to the night-shifter that is me, this is still my Sunday night. Monday officially begins tonight.

My definition of a great time isn't yours and I don't expect it to be. But times like this make me happy and prepare me for more activity and greater happiness. I am loving it! Already, I'm feeling more positive and more ready to take on the world and all the things I need to do.

I had a VERY relaxing weekend. However, even Clyde disagrees with my definition of a "relaxing" weekend. I told her that I go by Chaida's definition, not hers. "Ngye!" she said. "But Chaida's definition of relaxation is watching movies all day!" Exactly. See, watching movies provides something like an out-of-body experience sometimes - you are lifted out from the cares of your reality for a while.…


* Because I feel tired, and I feel terrible, and I don't exactly have an outlet for it right now, I will ramble. :)

Apple-Cranberry Juice Incident

Earlier this week, Clyde and I were on the verge of contracting colds. Clyde stayed off hers by going to Rustan's immediately and buying a king-size bottle of Berri Apple Juice. She began chugging it down immediately. I woke up a little later than her and thus, discovered my little ailment just a few hours later than she did. As per Clyde's claim and practice of drowning colds in apple juice, I decided to do the same and off I went to Rustan's. When I got there, I examined the juices on display on the shelf and on the lowermost level, I took one large bottle of Berri Juice. However, it said there Apple Cranberry. I couldn't seem to find one that said just Apple juice, so I took that one instead, and figured it was probably the same. By the way, in my search, I had asked also for the assistance of the personnel present ther…


Madali lang akong matuwa. Hehe. And I don't know why but I am speaking in Tagalog. A little weird, a little funny but sige lang..hehe..

Anyway, a little laugh here and there, a little fun here and there, no matter how simple, adds up little by little to making my heart fuller and well-er (if there is such a thing) every day. I'm glad I laugh. Hehe.

My life is so ordinary.

Clyde and I were chatting regarding lunch. She's at a house nearby. Cherry and I were at bellecroft.

clyde: cor, will i order is the phone working already?

cory: i 'll see... no clyde eh..will you be eating here?

clyde: yes, il eat there

cory: ken afford ta? (wow, product placement on my blog.)(translation: ken afford tayo?)

clyde: ok unsa inyo gusto man? (ano gusto niyo?)

cory: fish fillet sweet and sour

clyde: kang cherry? (kay cherry?)

(At this point, Cherry makes a pronouncement that she would like to have the bestseller at Ken Afford...)

cory: cherry wants the bestseller clyde

clyde: nge, and what is that?


something to think about:

Never forget the essence of your spark.

i always forget

I always forget...

People here have been singing "Superman" again because I've been singing it over and over for the past few days. Anyway, this morning, Clyde was singing it too (it's her favorite song also). She sang the lyrics, "I always forget to tell you I love you...I love you...forever!"

And then she said - I like this lyric...Kc as if naman she really forgets...Nice noh?

I was shrugging my shoulders. A moment later I got her point. Sometimes Clyde also really has a way of seeing things. Why didn't I see that?

'Cause she's actually right. Of course a girl doesn't really forget. Girls pa. Of course girls don't really forget to say, "I love you." It just means she just didn't say anything. For one reason or the other. Dam!!! Why didn't I see that??!!

I always forget to tell you I love you...
I loved you from the very first day!!!

Wala lang...Now I don't want to say anything more. ^_^


Oh by the way...

It's eerie. It's funny. Strange coincidence.

I actually wonder if someone WAS praying for me. Hey, did you pray for me when I was merely venting and ranting?

'Cause I was just, I mean, it was only yesterday that I was feeling miserable about my dreams and feeling sorry and bad about my life and just right now, I read something on a page I was reading and it said...

"Right now, you may feel as though nothing is happening in your life. That none of your dreams are coming true.

Don’t give up, because God doesn’t give up on you.

May your dreams come true..."

Awww...nakakaiyak naman...I was just feeling despondent, that was's just that when I try to figure out my life, it's like trying to figure out where to begin cleaning the mess of a room I don't know what to do or where to start and that's only the beginning of it.

I actually deal with things different than I did before. Back then, despondency would get…

nice when it rains

I'm gonna be speaking in bullets because I'm not really coherent right now. :)

- Wow, it's been a long time since the last time I made an effort to write well. I'm usually tired most of the time, that's why. And I've lacked time. I lack time now. My shift at work can change within just a day's notice. People tell me to sleep but I'm a little stubborn. Just a little.

- Re: sleep. I would like to record here that last weekend was great because I spent it sleeping. ^_^ I was actually very tired so the first opportunity I got, I sat on the couch in the sala, somehow found myself lying horizontally on it within the space of a moment, and promptly found myself fast asleep. Well, I "found myself fast asleep" post facto would be more correct because when you are asleep, you're not really all that aware of what you're doing. The whole weekend, it was like that. I'd try to lie down merely to rest but would wake up to find myself having had gon…


One of the things I do when I’m sad is plug a song to my ears. I usually like to play a song that captures a positive feeling or a light mood. Just not something suicidal or sinister. Hehe.

I feel terrible right now, a feeling that will pass but a secret I will say to you. I feel as though my dreams will never come true. How depressing, right? And I feel morose about what kind of future I might have.

Now, nothing whatsoever to do with why I’m feeling bad right now, but since yesterday, I’ve been playing this song over and over. Its title is Superman. So while I lie on my bed with sad tears on my cheeks, I play the song again and again, listening to its lyrics, thinking about what it is calling to mind.

Tall, dark, and super manly,
Puts papers in his briefcase and drives away…
To save the world or go to work –
It’s the same thing to me…

I like this song, because it describes a man who goes to work and how it likens this to saving the world, because work is really something we do for oth…


I'm in one of my feeling sorry moments...:( wishing i could be superman's girl...:) or a super-girl for that matter...


Tall, dark, and super manly
Puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work
It's the same thing to me

He's got his mother's eyes, his father's ambition
I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
I hang on every word you say

You smile and say, "How are you?"
And I say, "Just fine."
I always forget to tell you I love you.
I love you...forever!

I watched Superman fly away
You got a busy day today
Go save the world, I'll be around...
I watched Superman fly away
Come back I'll be with you someday
I'll be right here on the ground
When you come back down...


Just 'cause I feel morose today. I didn't write the above btw. It's a song.