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i wish i could

just walk on and on around the block, daydreaming. :)

during this time

i usually begin to feel demoralized during this time. it's relentless. =(

from my housemate:

dear cor, paki-dasal itong idol mo na si miley cyrus. ngayon ko lang nakita ang kanyang vid ng Wrecking Ball.


fyi, i've long been over her. she tweets annoying things kc. the scales in my eyes fell off. anyone seeking to watch her vid is forewarned. :D

close your eyes and make a wish: adult political version

a cynical take on closing your eyes and making a wish, courtesy of the new yorker cartoons:

resorts world manila

at 10:30 pm last saturday, i was freaking bored out of my mind. i was alone at home (except for pitchie, the people were gone, and anyway, even if they were present, i still would have been looking for something i-don't-know-what) and i had nothing to do (and the things i ought to have been doing, i hadn't felt like doing that time anyway).

ok. having written that, i now realize i'm a liar. first, i claimed i was alone at home on a saturday night, when i wasn't. second, i said i had nothing to do when in fact i did (chores, study for job exams, sleep, etc.).

but anyway, now that we've established i'm a liar, let's move on. so i was bored. however, at my invitation, pitchie didn't want to go out, so i texted mai:

mai, san ka? gala tayo. let's watch a movie. open pa kaya greenbelt? subsidize kita.

i sometimes subsidize or libre mai when we go out because she's a working student. she told me she was just about finished with work and we agreed to m…

9/05, 2

zzz. i can't help it. zzz.



news and current events - my version

A. Million People March

chai wasn't kidding pala when she said that we had both missed history as it was happening. hihi.

B. Miley

this New Yorker cartoon says it best:

C. Syria

syria is currently in the midst of a civil war, the progress of which is still being watched by the world. this is a satellite shot, somewhat sobering, of thousands of syrian refugees fleeing the war, crossing the tigris river and entering northern iraq.

on a different note, i find it a little unsettling how events like this are now captured via satellites. in previous times, these types of photographs would never have been possible to produce. i am reminded of the presentation secretary of state john kerry gave for the case of the US bombing syria following the chemical gas attack on civilians that occurred last august 21. he said:

We know where the rockets were launched from, and at what time. We know where they landed, and when. We know rockets came only from regime-controlled areas and went only to op…

flying away from here

i find these words comforting right now:

come on, baby, with me,
we're gonna fly away from here.
out of this curtained room
and this hospital grey will just disappear.

come on, baby, with me,
we're gonna fly away from here.
you were my best four years.

sometimes comforting words for a specific kind of pain are comforting words for any kind of pain. thank you for writing this song.