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have you heard of that westlife song

It was song night in bellecroft tonight. Clyde and I were having dinner when Abbey started strumming the song Wonderwall by Oasis on her guitar. I was surprised she knew it since Abbey was several years younger than Clyde and me and that meant she was hardly part of the age demographic that comprised the generation when the song became a hit.

This set off a whole bevy and barrage of old school tunes as we reminisced and looked back from one boy band to another...Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, A1 and of course, Westlife...And yes, about Westlife...

Abbey said she didn't know a single song by Westlife. Actually, what she meant was that she didn't know a single song of Westlife's that she could play on her guitar but before anyone could give her an example, Clyde piped up to say, "You know! They have that song - Downtown Girl!"

Abbey and I laughed our hearts out. "Downtown Girl! What's that song Downtown Girl?! It's Uptown Girl!"

We teased her about …

hey, do you want to talk?

hey. can i be excused from trying to come up with a decent post? because i think i'm too tired to try to come up with one and anyway, i haven't got the time. so will you excuse me if i don't even try to make this one post come up to par?

i just wanted to talk. yes, even though i got nothing to say. i just wanted to invite you in to bellecroft. hey, let's sit around here. i'm sitting on the long couch. it's...long. hehe. perfect for lying down; you can get all stretched up across its comfy length. but i'm not lying on it just now; i'm sitting on one end of it. opposite me are two single-seater couches, and one of them has a guitar, taken out from its case, sitting on it. it's a normal guitar. it's brown, of a moderate size (the usual one), and it's abbey's. if you like, you can take it and play a song with it. people here won't mind since it's eating time. it'll be like a celebration, albeit a small one. we'll join in, sing…