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instances of separation

I didn't think that I was going to feel this way at the end of this day: a little sad and vaguely heavy emotionally.

It must have started sometime after ten this evening. Lotis and I had talked about changing rooms in the house and it's probably going to happen tomorrow. My roomie, Mafel, stood on the staircase and announced that our room was getting an air conditioner.

I said, but oh, Lotis and I are going to be switching rooms now. She asked when. I said this weekend. Then dapat mag-bonding tayo before then, she said. I asked her what we were going to do - dance some sort of ritualistic dance in our room? Heehee. And then realizing she was thinking the move was happening yet on next week's weekend, I said that we were planning to make the switch tomorrow already, Sunday.

Sometime later, I entered our darkened room to retrieve something, and Mafel, already lying on her bed, said that she was going to miss me.

We always try to lighten the mood during moments like that, do…


hot and dry season over. rainy season beginning...

June 11, 2013

Freaky Tuesday Phone Call

Today was the day I received a mysterious phone call from Lala. She was calling me and it was somewhat strange because she doesn't usually do that.

Things started to get a little freaky when I answered the call and lala seemed surprised to hear that I was at work. Er, aren't you at work, too? I asked. So, uh, yes, I am at work because today is a workday?

She asked me if I was free Sunday. Actually, Sunday is Maimai's birthday but I wasn't really sure if we would get to celebrate it since Maimai is not around so I said, Yes, definitely!!! But that, uh, today is a Tuesday so Sunday is still a good few days away as yet, so, uh, couldn't she just have texted me?

But then I noticed something. I said - wait, are you, are you whispering into your phone? She said, well, yes, because she's in the office, so..., what is up? And then she says she can't say anymore because the moment's already passed.

Lol. Ano kaya yun? What ha…