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the power of example

I remember that Crystalina Padilla, chastity advocate, once said, "Never underestimate the power of a person's testimony." (or rather, the testimony of a person's character, example, or life, to paraphrase.) That's not the most articulate of statements, I must admit, but then again, I don't think she was that articulate when she made that comment anyway (hehe)...but context-wise, I understood what she meant.

Crystalina was 15 when she lost her virginity and started sleeping with other people. She then spoke of how there was this one person in school who did not sleep around even when everyone around her were. Everybody ridiculed her for being a virgin but she would just shrug it off and ignore what they said. The girl's attitude was like, "You know what, I know I am a treasure and I don't care what you say." And though Crystalina and everyone else in school mocked her, deep inside, they admired her for her strength.

Francis Kong says he uses…

june 19

you know, blog, i don't blog like a true blogger. what i usually do with blogs is that they serve for me as the "ocean dumping ground" of my feelings, fleeting or otherwise and all other achuchus of life.

here i am at it again...and it's because i haven't got anyone to talk to. for some reason, i am the kind of person who seems to be continually craving for conversation, companionship and home or something that feels like it. and when i am in manila, i feel the need to be constantly out. i have to be anywhere but where i am.

i think that i will write later on my own in my own laptop. because right now, i have a pending important activity that i need to get to and i am just simply procrastinating, wondering what the rest of the world is doing.

world, the rest of you, what are you doing? kwentuhan tayo...tell me about your life, tell me about how you are. tell me about things i don't know, tell me new things bout the things i already know.

kwentuhan tayo…

bellecroft entry

I noticed this in Bellecroft more than in any other place. It's an all-girl place so it can get really fun and one of the things that are funny when girls get together is that we talk about different things while we are talking to each other. It's like how each one is immersed and keeps going on one's own conversational thread and not really reacting to the other. It's like we're just saying our own thoughts aloud so it's like we're having different conversational threads going on at the same time. I know, I know. It's a girl thing. Wala lang. Would miss that.

Tonight, I was just lounging about, eating my Kenny's sandwich. Clyde was at her laptop and she was talking out loud also about her bid for Cambridge. Chaida was talking about the new skirt she bought from Espada.

But "nothing" times like this are so much fun!!! I'll always miss this.

Last Night

Because this is my last night in bellecroft probably...

New dormers are coming in soon, among them will be a freshman for UP, a graduating student transfering here from Daniw, and maybe a law student.

So I might not be able to make tambay here anymore like I used to. Sad but that's okay. Maybe Bellecroft part 2 might happen.

So tonight Clyde and Maricel watched Meet the Robinsons. Clyde cried (of course, duh-uh). I think Maricel enjoyed it. We all crowded by, taking up the three-person sofa and its arms. Me, Chaida, and Cherry were repeaters. We three have watched it more than once.

I enjoyed my night, as usual. Will have to move out the rest of my stuff by Monday. The events that constituted 2007 seems to be closing and moving on now. Well not all. You know, I think 2007 constituted a third "start" in my life.

My first start would be Book 1 - "Life in Ozamiz."

The second would be 2002 - "Undergrad UP."

Third - "The 2007 Chapter." - c…