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oh, just fik-shun... :D

i just think you're sick, man!!!! love you!!! :D

sytycd season 10

this dance made me cry. this is how i want to fall in love. thank you travis wall for the choreography. thank you to these dancers - jasmine and alan - for the dance.

now this here is the gold standard of dance. no words.

sand dance

CHRISTOPHER SCOTT, YOU are THE BOMB!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! :D

cuter than lee min ho?

i will concede that these ones are possibly cuter than lee min ho. :)


curious about this song. just heard some lines:

"stars fade away - they just crash into space,
disappear like you and i.

tell me where love goes when it's gone".

lee min ho's innisfree morning in jeju video - enjoy!

i'd like to post one of my favorite videos of lee min ho. surprisingly, (since lee min ho is one very handsome guy) there are only a few videos of him that i really like. this is one of them. it seriously puts him in the running for the title of most adorable guy on the planet. here it is:

here's another video. it's not one of my favorites but i laughed when i saw it. this was back in 2009, maybe?, just sometime after lee min ho had gained fame and recognition from boys over flowers. he was attending an awards show here. :)


i watch pure love sometimes on abs since there's nothing much for me to do anyway since i got sick. today, the show said something nice. the girl was suggesting to the guy na baka siya na ay minu-multo, to which the guy scoffed. i laughed at the reaction of the guy.

then the girl asks, naniniwala ka ba sa multo? and the guy answers, oo naman. but not daw the "white lady" kind. it's the things that he did not do before, he says, that haunts him. ayaw siyang tantanan.

and i just like what he said. kasi, oo nga, ako din, minu-multo nga din ng ganyan ako.

nice noh? nice thought.

my life's a dream

new song that i want to dance to, though i can't right now. :)

just quotes

hmmm...quotes by specter on twitter surprisingly has some thoughtful things to say. here are a few that i like:

1. You can't lose what you've never had, you can't keep what's not yours and you can't hold on to someone who refuses to stay.

2. Each day try a little harder to be a little better.

3. Remember, if you are not playing your heart out, someone else is. And when you meet him, he will win.

and i think i need this right now. quotes by spencer retweeting will smith:

Stay strong. Even when it feels like everything is falling apart.