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arggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gisapot ko. :(

by simon rich

i read an amusing article today. it reminded me just a little bit of myself and my unbearable job. it's written by simon rich and the characters are simon rich, who works as a screenwriter, and his great-great-grandfather, herschel, who fell into a vat of brine while working in a pickle factory catching rats, got preserved, and then woke up to the 21st century. the article is written from herschel's point of view and broken english.

here is an excerpt, where simon is complaining about his job:

Herschel: When I first move in with Simon, I do not really understand what it means to be “script doctor.” But as the days go by I learn about the job. The way it works is this: each day, for twenty minutes, he sits down and types up words. The rest he spends complaining.

“I’m so pissed off,” he tells me one day. “They hired me to polish the new ‘Spy Donkey’ sequel. But just looking at it, it’s going to need a page-one rewrite. It’s, like, I didn’t sign up for this. You know what I mean, …

adik sa:

please be careful with my heart


Luv U,

kaya tuloy nagkakasakit. dah, gabaan, hahahaha! ^_^ i hope to spend this weekend resting. :)

waking up on the wrong side of the bed

didn't like how i woke up this morning. re-focus, cor. you're off-kilter...

rule #1


thank you, seth godin

Yes, it's okay to ship your work.

Yes, you're capable of making a difference.

Yes, it's important.

Yes, you can ignore that critic.

Yes, your bravery is worth it.

Yes, we believe in you.

Yes, you can do even better.


- from his blog

f. scott fitzgerald

i'm reading the first few pages of the great gatsby. is it a little too soon to be impressed with the book? it opens well. :)

regret #1

i totally regret eating junk food. (i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry :( )

friday, january 18, 2013

i had a surprisingly nice weekend. friday was bad, of course. that's nothing surprising. i usually feel very bad mondays to fridays, because i hate my work. so let me see, what happened? well, friday, after leaving work, i got myself a jolly hotdog and then stopped by a starbucks store for a mocha frapp on the way home.

afterwards,...ohmygad. i don't recall what happened next. all i remember is the mocha frapp, that i let cool on the table and had come back to to finish drinking it an hour later or so.

i know! maimai must have been awake as well that time and in front of her laptop. and yes, i remember now. maimai has been a fixture on the living room table this week. i always arrive home to find her in the sala sitting in front of her laptop, doing something, schoolwork or work ('cause she works part-time).

friday must have been one of those nights when we stayed up while the wee hours of the night ticked by. and i must have sat in one of our chairs and sighed about my …

brideshead revisited

i first heard of evelyn waugh through mimi, who used to rave about him the time that the both of us were still in bellecroft and chatting in the night or whenever.

there was a book of his that mimi was reading that time - Brideshead Revisited. and now i am itching to read that book. it's the book of interest to me at the moment because of this bit of praise from a writer in the new yorker:

Waugh's something better than immaculate: powerful and stately, sensitive and touching.

i want to read something described like that! so excited! i'll be hunting the book down in bookstores from right now!

i'm also gonna read "A Handful of Dust" by Waugh as well. because i'm curious to connect with the comments made by the article on the book. i'm piqued. :)

and i shared with mimi my piece of amusement with evelyn waugh:

mims! dahil dito lang kita you remember evelyn waugh? i just learned he was quite a snob and a bit mean. hihi. h…

p. s.

by the way, i'm extremely shy with you as well. i wonder if that ever occurred to you.

para kay kuya, a rhetorical letter

this isn't going to be a very good piece of writing, but i felt like i just had to try to communicate myself. over the weekend, i was trying to come up with a coherent plan for tackling my list of problems and crises. and one of the items on my list was your name.

i tried to think about my dilemma with you over and over, and ended up having a thoroughly unproductive weekend. the place where you are in my heart is an area of vulnerability for me, because whenever i try to visit that place to get a grip and a sense of things - what was wrong, why it was wrong, what can be done - i always find myself either in tears or on the verge of it, miserable and tearing myself apart, and awash with guilt and pain.

letting you down has got to be one of the most painful things i've ever done in my entire life. i didn't like doing that to you, and in fact, i don't really like doing that to anyone.

why did i let you down? the time that you knew me, i was suffering from depression and i…


so close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trust in who we are
and nothing else matters...

because it's rare that i'm singing metallica. :) it's the song in the background of the trailer to zero dark thirty. if you listen closely, you'll hear it - eerie and ethereal.:)

let's watch, part II

hey, are you doing anything later? kc kung wala, maybe you might want to watch the movie zero dark thirty with me? it's action, bang bang. last year ko pa kc hinihintay ang araw na 'to... :) :) :)

sooo excited! ^_^

zero dark thirty

because maya kicks ass! whoo!!!!
syet, ang bigat ng feeling in my heart today. yan kasi.
the work either makes me want to cry or throw up.

come on, baby, with me, we're gonna fly away from here

come on, baby, with me, we're gonna fly away from here.
out of this curtained room
and this hospital gray,
we'll just disappear.

come on, baby, with me, we're gonna fly away from here...

the gods at mt. olympus

it doesn't really happen like this, right? :D hahahahaha!

"i miss you"

jotted this down on my planner yesterday. i had just bought a loose house shirt that i liked and this was what i wrote about it:

it is my opinion that a person should never turn down the chance to own an "I Miss You" statement shirt, especially if they're missing someone.

ruefully missing you every day. :)

let's watch

let's watch zero dark thirty, the impossible, les mis, and lincoln!!!! :D


wow, i've never heard anything about uzbekistan before. now i know a few things about it: it's a dictatorship. the dictator's daughter is a beautiful woman who graduated from harvard but does not possess harvard-level english, who is also simultaneously a pop star, jewelry designer, ambassadress, etc.

put a face on uzbekistan. i'm following the story. :)

reminder to self

stop leaving things in allison's car...

allison: Happy new year din cor! Have a great 2013 din! Naiwan mo pala yung shawl mo sa kotse heheh...

...especially when you can never be too sure of what nefarious purposes others might have in mind for your stuff...

cory: by the way, do you have my shawl?

lala: can i use it as a rag?

nooooo!!! (growling) heeheehee.

an auspicious beginning

it's a shame that people text you and their messages just stay on your phone or they get relegated to the trash bin in time. i've always felt that text messages are a story, a conversation, and details of history or something like that. that's why i'm posting this:

clyde: hi cor, nakahinumdum ko nimu, aren't you flattered? hehe. happy new year cor!

my response: hoy clyde, i'm not flattered noh! hihihihihi. but thank you and update me on your life.

and here's to the auspicious beginnings of 2013 - i tried to cook mongo last night but i burned it. as in wala na siyang tubig/sabaw! and the softened beans at the bottom of the pan were turned brown and a little scorched. di pa naman talaga black but getting there! hahahahaha!

and then i woke up late and ended up hurrying my way to work. but i clocked in just two minutes before the time so yay! an auspicious 2013! hihihi! :D