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a note for my boss' bday:

i am so THANKFUL EVERY DAY to have an EXTRAORDINARY BOSS. happy birthday!


"this is the moment that we must meet".

- pres. barack obama, opening remarks on open government partnership. short, but a great speech. :)

business as usual

surprisingly, i received a text from him today. it registered on my phone - 11:02 AM, 8/20/2015. he said:

Hi. How's it going?

me: hi! things are great. i'm having fun. how are you?

he: good din. glad to hear you're enjoying your work. sana matuloy kayo in the future.

at first, i didn't understand what he meant. then i surmised that he was probably referring to that time when i had asked him regarding the possible use of their family resort for our event. the plan had been aborted; we had the event, a strategic planning session, held within office premises instead.

me: u mean the strat planning session? medyo we got burned na kc sa mga ganun eh. i wanted to have some of our events sa [name of resort] but the procurement process is so tedious. but i'll be recommending the resort naman every opportunity i'll get. :)

then i decided to take the opportunity to give him more explanation regarding the internal happenings that had affected the planning process. i thought …

a gathering at our gates


my first brush handling rallyists/protesters. dealt with them while wearing a flower-print skirt, pastel pink top, and white cardigan to boot! (sabi ko pa while going out to meet them under the heat of the sun - can i bring an umbrella? omg, heaven help me. ^_^)

our chief information officer agreed to have a meeting with three of their representatives, which took place, and i contacted staff to help provide technical support to our CIO.

watching our CIO work, i wondered whether i would ever acquire that type of political finesse/skill that one has to have to deal with these kinds of things. i think it must be a mark of a good public leader. a requisite, perhaps.

at the moment, i rather doubt if i'll ever have something like it or even attempt to cultivate it in my personality. at the back of my mind, i think i had always flagged it as one reason why i shouldn't be persuaded to be in electoral politics. if i didn't have that factor, i knew it couldn't work.


found myself with some unexpected free time on my hands yesterday and immediately decided that the best way to spend it was to meet up with lala.

so i texted her:

lala, hello. are you free? would you like to meet up for a spontaneous early dinner or something?

she replied:

hey cor, can't do spontaneous today since i'm working from home and can't leave late afternoon na. what about spontaneous tom? hehehe.

sadly, a planned spontaneous activity the next day wasn't a go for me:

nyek, i can't do a spontaneous tomorrow, hehe. i had an upset stomach last night and couldn't sleep so i wasn't able to report for work today. i'm okay now but it's too late for me to go to work. let's plan more spontaneous things soon!!!

she agreed:

let's let's! get well (more? hehehe) dearling.

i don't know why, but that text exchange was riddled with oxymorons. :)

speaking of spontaneity, i arrived at work today only to usher myself straight off to sit in a tech…

about love

i think i write a lot about love in this blog but is this the first time i'm explicitly writing about romantic love? :)

on and off, i'm following the voice kids season 2, sometimes even while i'm in the office during weekend nights when i need to work, and i find some of the song performances simply magical. i am sometimes left marveling at these kids and the magic they can bring to the stage. how do they do that? i am mind-blown.

this rendition of your love by alamid is my favorite from what i've seen so far. the other one that is just as memorable for me is gian's take on ed sheeran's thinking out loud.

this performance of your love is on replay for me right now. these kids, under the terrific guidance of coach bamboo, were able to bring out in a different kind of glory the magic and the meaning of the song. it was like the love being talked about was a truly wondrous thing.

your love is like the sun
that lights up my whole world;
i feel the warmth inside.


a seminar on procurement (warning: this is boring)

so today marks the end of a two-day seminar we are co-hosting with the government's procurement policy board. and surprisingly, i am EXHAUSTED. i'm a little taken aback to find myself tired because though my workload is heavy, there are many days when i don't find myself that tired.

the seminar was great. admittedly, on the planning side (that's me and the office team i belong to), we didn't deliver as optimally as we could but there's nothing to be done about that now. our boss pointed out our shortcoming on that score - in the part that was the most important - the invitation of participants.

i understood the correction immediately from the onset but felt the disappointment keenly at the close of the event. the subject matter was super weighty, important and so necessary for government and the country that i felt it wasn't something to be taken carefree-ly. the seminar was something that people who cared deserved to have. and not just people who cared, bu…


5:50 PM. 8.12.2015

Witnessed for the first time the ARRIVAL of the BOSS. Ooh...#BOSS #CLASSIFIED