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a re-post from a half-forgotten blog...for kuya nikki :)

more than 31 days later
(posted January 31, 2009)

It's exactly 30 minutes past the hour of 12. it's already february 1. in another blog, i will write about how january went for me. in here, i will write about how it went with regard to mark.

it was without a doubt the longest january i ever had. the days were difficult and long. i have never yearned for someone's presence and have missed someone that much ever.

more than 31 days after i sent him that email about walking away, i find that i have not walked away at all. i'm still in the same place as before, maybe even a few inches deeper into him. i've prayed for him almost every day. those days that i haven't were days when i was sunk in depression, i could barely move. this is how i realize that hope has become a necessity for me. not an option that i can exercise or not exercise depending on whether i want to or not. i am impressed with the need to, as sarah mclachlan (my new guidance counselor) put it, do what y…

a favorite day at work

One of my favorite days at work was the day of my last class with Jay.

Our topic for the day had been about Tribute Bands. In case you haven't heard, Tribute Bands are bands formed with the express purpose of imitating the sound and style of certain notable musical groups as a sign of worship of those groups. (Imitation is the best kind of flattery.^_^) Anyway, so while we were in the middle of our topic discussion, I asked Jay if he sings and I tried to get him to sing a song. Being a very clever man, he turned the tables on me and suggested that I be the one to sing tunes sang by such imitated groups as ABBA and the Beatles. Knowing I couldn't hit the note in Dancing Queen, I laughingly resisted while insisting to Jay that he sing. Finally, I laid down the ultimatum on the table and said, "Well, if you're not singing, NO ONE is singing in this class."

To my surprise, Jay started singing a simple ditty. It was a Korean song, and he explained to me its meaning as …