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the heirs behind the scenes

i finally understand why i keep playing vids of lee min ho: his good looks can render a girl speechless. he's a killer.

i couldn't have GUESSed

the dramafever website warned viewers that their need for re-watching the video might get so strong but i thought i was proof against this. said it wasn't even my favorite lee min ho vid. so why i am replaying the vid over and over again i don't actually half-understand, heehee.

i nearly fell in love with lee min ho, ano ba yan. :p

lee min ho for Guess

i miss lee min ho. there's nothing much written about him that can be understood in english. all i know is that he recently visited thailand performing his duties as asian ambassador for kyochon chicken (he looked wonderful there) and that he is launching another international tour wherein he will be meeting fans in several countries. he could probably be working on that right now.

i know it seems like i am obsessed with lee min ho's looks because that's all i ever seem to talk about. that's not actually the case but i've found that i'm not usually in the mood to write about what really gets me hooked to this actor whenever i find myself in front of a pc in an internet shop.

but anyway, here's an interesting video of lee min ho endorsing Guess Jeans in South Korea.

a "space" post

earlier, i tried to post new pictures of lee min ho but something went awry. so here instead, i will post the funniest thing i've read today so far. hihi!

cartoon courtesy of the new yorker, of course. : D

most gorgeous man alive

(for me, heehee!)

remembering The Heirs

i miss The Heirs. it felt like magic kc. i watched this vid and reminisced a bit and realized again that there was something genuinely beautiful and sweet and magical about the work that the actors, the screenwriter, the director and the production team did with this series. isn't it wonderful when things come together well and the result is something wonderful?

i didn't need the subtitles to appreciate this vid. i remember the scenes by heart. :)

can't wait! :D