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for our trainer

I just wanted to have some sort of remembrance for the whole thing.

For our trainer Fjel - thank you so much for making CCT a nice and wonderful experience.

I enjoyed it very much; you were a great trainer and I loved your clothes and accessories.

And I can't help it but I feel grateful to be given the passing grades needed to get to the next part of my training. Happy to serve! Lol. :D

I hope that life will be very good to you; more power and Godspeed!

Your trainee,


The Hundred Dresses

Did I ever tell you that Clyde specializes in children's stories? She does. She hopes to become a children's book author someday. Her master's thesis is in connection with the promotion of reading amongst children. She has taught children how to read. She plans to open a bookstore someday somewhere along Katipunan and she has decided that it's going to be filled only with books she has read and approved.

I told her that I think it's going to turn out to be a very tiny bookstore. I mean, c'mon, how many books in the world can you possibly read even, say, in a lifetime? But she was undeterred nevertheless. She told me that she'll have me man her bookstore. I replied to her that it's all that I've ever wanted to do all my life. But I was laughing when I told her this. Though anyway, I'd be very happy and helpful towards her bookstore when it materializes.

The above is just my way of segueing to what I want to say. I have here on my hands a book that…

playing hooky

I just wanted to say a few lines because it's the end of the weekend and the end of a week that will not pass the same way again...

Bellecroft was love...

There was only me here Wednesday night, me and Sophie Thursday - Friday, me, Sophie, and Clyde Saturday - Sunday.

It was lovely.

But I got to get back to reality now....

Thank you for a short reprieve...

- I got Sophie hooked on Gilmore Girls, haha.
- Clyde bought ice cream because it was Easter. Wheeee!!!!!!!

I can't describe any more how I feel and it's getting late and I don't want to have some people er - ....barking at me to get going uh....ciao!

Peace out!

I should never play hooky ever again. :p

let's chat? :)

Do I want to tell you about the Thursday and Friday this week that I had? You know, you're not really going to find anything interesting with what I did in the space of those two days. And I might regret just rambling again on this blog, and feel frustrated and unhappy with the texture and feel of my prose.

But I enjoyed Thursday and Friday, hahaha, and even my Wednesday night. Wednesday night, I arrived in this "home" that I currently have, and fell asleep on the sofa within the early hours of the evening. I was tired, and lacking of sleep because I'm still struggling with mastering my sleeping habits.

Wednesday night, I was all alone in the house. Like just by myself. I'm not going to tell you horror stories because I don't want to scare myself out of my wits, too. And anyway, I suspect that between me and you, I'm the one who has to and will be sleeping all alone in an empty house. I doubt that that Wednesday night would be the last time.

Where were the o…

Christina's World

I do not know why but I would like to expend some several hundred words or so on this picture of a painting by Andrew Wyeth. I have never heard of this painting until today. However, it is supposedly famous and it is housed inside the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Hearing that reminds me of Mimi. Mimi is an art and culture buff and I wonder if she knows about Andrew Wyeth and this painting. If so, we could have talked about it, discussed it, and analyzed it a great deal because going at it alone feels so dissatisfying to me, and I don’t feel like I have the words and the tools necessary for such an exercise. I’ve never really learned how to appreciate art properly.

I feel as though this implies that me being a person who has had “no formal training” on appreciating art, that I am somehow appreciating it in an “improper” manner. Hehe. No matter. I’ll do the best I can anyway.

For some reason, this painting is striking for me. It suggests something so plain and ordinary, I’m wonde…

the fashion designer's speech

We had a fun activity during training today. I'd heard of it before but I hadn't had the opportunity to take part in something like it until now.

Our trainer, Fjel, asked us to imagine what World War III would be like. Person after person pitched in ideas, bringing to the fore the attendant elements of war such as violence, abuse, chaos, fear, death, bloodbaths, etc. Then she led the discussion into talk regarding how massively damaging a potential eruption of World War III could be to humans and to Earth itself at this time and age. We all agreed on the possibility of total nuclear annihilation of all life forms on earth and the resultant impossibility of human survival.

It would be the end of life as we know it. In fact, it would simply be the end. Or so we thought.

Fjel asked us to imagine that we were in that war. Bombs are falling from the skies, debris and shrapnel are scattered I closed my eyes, willed myself to be there, and imagined Sucker Punch.

But th…

re: how david beats goliath

I read this interesting article over the weekend and for more than 24 hours now, I've been mulling it over.

It's by Malcolm Gladwell, who, back in 2005, was described by Time Magazine as "the U.S.' leading pop sociologist". He is the author of the bestselling books Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. It is because of these books that he became a household name in bellecroft...though I suspect it's only true for me and Clyde. However, Clyde is a self-declared fan. I, on the other hand, am undecided. :p

Nonetheless, issues of fanship notwithstanding, I hold within my heart a certain respect and fascination for the writings of Mr. Gladwell after having read some of his works and having found them to have been highly interesting, highly informative, and very compelling for me.

So when I began reading The New Yorker online and found him writing for the magazine, I was pleasantly surprised and happy. I was interested in reading his articles, knowing that there will …


Today is a marked date.

My things are officially in bellecroft now. What a relief.


I missed you, old clothes!

I missed you, bought and borrowed books!!!

for sophie

This is another disjointed post.

Sophie says this a lot. Yeah, she keeps saying that she hates her life. I don't really know what she means when she says that, and I feel nonplussed with regard to what to say or do, especially since we don't really know each other all that well, but...

...if anything, I would have just wanted to offer a hug...

I hope she doesn't really mean that, or if she does, then I hope tomorrow things will get better for her...:) roomie...with whom I share a dark room with right now, because our light bulb is busted, and we're in no hurry to get it fixed because we both like the darkness...Hahahahaha. :)

um, booyah? (a nonsense post)

Warning: This is not worth reading.

I was able to make up a poem in the spirit of William Blake's beautiful poem Auguries of Innocence, which went -

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wildflower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

And since I felt goaded by Lala to try to see with interested eyes my new surroundings, I tried and I came up with this:

I feel infinity on the job
And see hell in my BIR Tax Identification Number.

I feel so clever. :D

Hehehehe. This is a poor imitation. William Blake's name does not deserve to be associated with this stupid blogpost. I'm just kidding, folks. Please don't shoot me. :)