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and hungry but don't really want to eat. @_@

happy birthdays

lala's birthday is every oct 13, and i was readying myself for that because it's the BIG EVENT for every october. so when oct 12 passed, and the first minutes of oct 13 began ticking in, and i was still awake that time, i decided to greet her right away!

cory: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!! ay labs u, lalie!! happy birtday! :)

lala replied: What???! hahaha, pls tell me you're joking. :p that's it, i need to return your stuff na nga by tom. :p

(i had left a notebook planner which contained my schedule in allison's car and it was currently in lala's custody and i needed to get it from her)

i was a little bewildered by her ungracious answer so i checked the calendar again for the day's date. it was actually still oct 6, not oct 13, so i was a week early for lala's birthday.

cory: oh yeah...advance! i meant for you not to read that today, but next saturday...lam mo naman kc my penchant fo…

one direction morning with mafel!

i woke up early today, and immediately started making my bed. mafel was already awake, and she was playing games on her iphone, and she asked, mata na ka cor? (gising ka na, cor?) murag, i replied after tilting my head to the side for a moment as if still deciding. (i said, parang.) you're making your bed na man gud, mafel said.

i went down to our sala and little kitchen, snatching my headphones with me along the way, and began washing the laundry i'd let soak the night before. i was handwashing them while one direction was singing in my ears -

i've tried playing it cool
but when i'm looking at you,
i can't ever be brave
'cause you make my heart race.

mafel came down and took a bath in the first-floor bathroom, where she could hear me singing one direction. with the result that she was singing it after as well: i need that one thing! and you got that one thing!

she wanted breakfast so we decided to cook us some, and she cooked most of it while still in her towel…

livin' on a prayer

because i feel so bad, let's write some lines that fly.

we gotta hold on to what we got,
it doesn't make a difference
if we make it or not.
we got each other and that's a lot
for love - WE'LL GIVE IT A SHOT.

oh, we're halfway there -
whoa, livin' on a prayer!
take my hand,
we'll make it, i swear.

Living on a prayer.
everything i do here only confirms the feeling that i should be elsewhere.

best thing i read yesterday:

Geography is best learned when it is lived. - Avenues World School
i just want my smile back.

a president's to-do list

(as i imagine it, looking through the prism of this week and the weeks prior)

1. Campaign to get re-elected,

2. Do your day job while campaigning, which is quite a juggling act and a logistics and political challenge, and that's not even considering the intense stress and pressure you have coming to you from these two monumentally difficult jobs,

3. Deal as president with a horrifyingly devastating super-hurricane (Sandy) hitting your shores and land by mounting a swift and successful relief effort and providing governmental care while politically acknowledging the reality of global warming and climate change and the need to do something about that or else it's apocalypse,

4. Receive, within 3 days of sitting in re-elected office, the letter of resignation from your CIA Director, who is stepping down due to a "spyfall" affair that has broken out,

4.1 And which has also blown open the lid on some "potentially inappropriate" behavior some of the generals in …

the middle east

ok, let me see if i have this a little straight:

hezbollah is in lebanon,
hamas - gaza,
the taliban - afghanistan,
qadaffi - libya (and did i just misspell qaddafi? in some places, it's gaddafi...),
what was in iraq? saddam hussein (and weapons of mass destruction, supposedly).
in pakistan? i don't know. bin laden was in pakistan. some more violence perhaps and elements of the taliban roaming around?
iran - there's ahmadinejad (and the ayatollahs)
could i possibly get into trouble with a list like this?

this is just an intellectual exercise, you know. not even intellectual. it's like the elementary primer of the ABC's of the middle east.

so there's israel and the jews and the zionists,
and...what else is there? oil and the u. a. e.?

oh, don't forget syria. wait, what's going on in syria?


just learning my 1, 2, 3's.

a confused commentary

me right now - slack-jawed at israel media know-how.

1. it is presenting its rationale for attacking gaza surprisingly effectively.

2. the videos on the preparations that israeli soldiers made for engaging in the offensive, the one on the cost and human toll and effect of hamas aggression on israel inhabitants, and the ones providing blow-by-blow updates on the progress of the war and the accomplishments, as well as the one that illustrated israeli willingness and policy to avoid hitting targets with civilian casualties are all well-done, well-executed and well-presented. it just brings to my mind one disturbing thought: cannily premeditated.

3. israel understands that wars are no longer just won in land and ground skirmishes now. they have to be won in the international mind as well.

- bah. don't know how to word it. basta. stay tuned nalang to the news.

war in gaza

seriously??? how is it that grown men in either military or guerilla uniform continue to taunt and jeer at each other in war like feuding adolescent boys?!

IDF (via twitter): We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

Alqassam (response via twitter): @IDF Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves)


what? we're officially tweeting wars and battle stratagems now? #unreal


but darling, i wish you well on your way to the wishing well.

dawn or skyfall?

I thought this was a very appropriate cartoon for describing this particular moment in cinema time.

all those for skyfall, say "aye!!!" (down with breaking dawn, hihihihi!)

a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do

x: how are you?
y: very well, thank you.
x: you always say that.
y: well, how am i to answer?
x: how are you really feeling?
y: you always have to feel fine.


there's this mug that i want to buy. i saw it in the department store yesterday and it has a quote on the side that says:

The most beautiful day: today.

i thought - that's just beautiful. it's beautiful to be reminded that today is a beautiful day, especially when you're just having another day that seems destined to be just like the one before.

and you're at work and you plug your earphones to your ear to try to dispel the monotonous hum of nothing in the background. even though you're tired of your over-played, worn-out playlist and longing for a sound that's new and rocky and edgy and alternative. something sort of indie and stirring and well-worded. something less trite and banal and superficial and easy and marshmallow-y. something perhaps less pop and taylor swift-y and more lady antebellum and...i don't know.

and then after a few of my usual, oft-played songs, i hear the sound of crashing waves in my ears and i wonder, what song do i have that has…

note to self

there are far more better things to do than google what really happened between justin and selena.


why does every moment have to be so hard?

...and the fun continues

gov. chris christie of the GOP explains why mitt romney lost the elections: "he didn't get enough votes."

from CNN. (i told you these things were funny...^_^)

working title: op-ed part 1

so the US elections have been called and now we know who won: obama. i am happy that he won and proud of him. i would have been speechless and dumbfounded if it had been romney. but people who think me a fan of obama would probably be surprised that i'm not as jubilant as one would think. maybe it's just my mood today.

anyway, as one would note, not everybody is happy with the reelection of obama. a good sector of the population and perhaps the world is in mourning. i don't know about the reasons of other sectors and groups, but i would like to identify a particular sector that is extremely disappointed with the results. because i am member of that sector. i am one of the people who think abortion should be banned, contraception and the contraceptive mentality held off, and same-sex marriage opposed. the people who think the same as me are the ones who are disappointed with obama's win. they vote for romney. they vote republican. obama is a democrat and liberal (or per…


it hits me just now that tomorrow my beloved US 2012 presidential elections will be coming to an end. it is "beloved" for me not because i am a die-hard sycophant of america, but because the entire ride was just so hilarious. it was a scream and i was wiping tears of laughter from my eyes continually the whole time. it was a laugh trip, so it was dear. :D

and incredibly, there won't be news about it anymore to make me laugh. :( so sad. but before we turn the page, let us slip in one more reason why the 2012 US elections had so much to give us to laugh about.

here's a final gem from mitt romney, a line from his speech: "Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be a better tomorrow." can he say the word "tomorrow" enough?! it's already giving some people grief, including a former white house counselor who wondered, who is mitt romney's speechwriter? was it stephen colbert, maker of the sign "Making A Better Tomorrow Tomorr…

clumsy thumbsies

mafel: (texting) Cor? Wanna go to starve or something?

cory: (knowing she meant starbucks) um, i like being busog man, maf...

hihihihi. ^_^

right now, this is all i have to say:

and for a moment, a band of thieves in ripped-up jeans got to rule the world...