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To see heaven in a wildflower...

To see the world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

- Cory, este, William Blake

Lala's quotable quote regarding the poem:

Everything becomes interesting to a person who knows how to see :)


Whoo!!!! And this while we were talking about something as dry as a job ha. Love it! Hehe! Labs u, Lalie! Will tell you interesting things about it soon! ^_^ Pati si Kuya Nikki. Kc nagpapakwento kayo...^_^


There were no wildflowers there kc in the workplace, so I looked and did not see heaven...Hehe. William Blake will shoot me for being irreverent. Geez. He did not live in the 21st century kc, so it's not known if he also sees infinity in a skyscraper. Haha! :p


I was talking to one of my students one time and he was telling me about the weather they were having there in Korea. I don't usually talk about the weather save for some comment or two (and then that's it), but I've often heard that it's quite a common conversational topic in social circles other than mine.

Anyway, so it was raining in Korea that day, so I asked my student if he had an umbrella with him. He answered in the affirmative.

Cory: (making conversation) So what color is it?
Korean student, male, early thirties probably: It's rainbow-colored. (His tone was wry.)
Cory: (:D) Oh. It's your wife's.
KS: Yeah... (I think he was blushing a little but I'm not sure. It was over the phone. He might have blushed a little. Hehe.)
Cory: You should have a jacket or a raincoat too.
KS: I don't have a jacket but I'm wearing rain boots...

I decided not to ask what color rain boots he was wearing.

I'm bringing this up because I have a new umbrella. Tada! Heh…

error in refraction

My eyes. Reader, my eyes. My eyes have something called error in refraction. The medical results said so, and I've been bummed out since then.

I brought it up out of the blue with Lala. One moment we were looking at a book, the next I was babbling about errors in refraction without so much as a segue.

Cory: My eyes are erroneous.
Lala: .....
Cory: My eyes are erroneous. They have something called error in refraction.
Lala: Error in fractions?
Cory: Yeah, hehe. Refraction. Medical came, told me my eyes are erroneous in the perception of light. I need to clear it with an ophthalmologist. (Sigh). I should just tell the ophthalmologist that my eyes are really so much better at trigo.

I guess that explains why I've been having troubles with my peepers. Without my glasses, I feel like they are zoning out, and sometimes, they feel wo-wo-wobbly in my sockets, like wo-wo-wobbly table legs. And they cry, reader. They cry. For no reason at all. Like a girl with a boyfriend, they cry. (I'm…

A dear angel post.

I wonder what I'm going to do with you today. Or tonight, actually. What shall I tell you? I've actually not much to say. Nothing much going on with my life. My life is only so everyday.

How about if I tell you the boring details of my day? You know, Anne Frank lived only in some obscure basement for most of her young and short life but she managed to write out a best-seller diary anyway. She was very personal with it, sort of like how I am with this blog. She even has a name for her diary. We say, or rather, we write, "Dear Diary," but she begins hers with "Dear Kitty". That's right. Her diary's name is Kitty. And taking after her, I've decided to name this blog "Angel". :) Just so you know.

Clyde introduced me to this new website today. I'm sorry, that's incorrect. It's not actually new, just newly found-out. It's It's actually a site that evaluates the moral quality of books and films (ahehe), and we h…
Joke for the day:

cory: lala, hello dear!
lala: cor, hello there!(you look at them when you say hello there)

Haha! I swear I heard Kris' voice! :D

km 0

Tonight saw me spinning around and dancing in the sala like only a lunatic does. Or like only a girl on earphone does.

If I just breathe
Let it fill the space between
I'll know everything is alright

Every little piece of me
You'll see everything is alright.

I just want to mark a change, that's all, with this post. A change like throwing past old habits out, and putting in good new ones. So this is like marking Kilometer Zero. But I don't want to over-describe.

There's nothing special or particularly commemorative with regard to the song. It just suits my mood is all. Or maybe there is a little something with the lyrics. No matter. Carpe diem!


Why does it look like km-oh and not like km-zero? I could have sworn I hit the zero key. But no matter. Hehe.

NBI clearance

I thought that I should begin documenting my "firsts," something I haven't done before but maybe something I ought to begin doing now.

Today was the first time I undertook to get myself an NBI clearance. This is a landmark event in my life because it means that I am no longer a student nor a child but someone who is about to become a young professional. Yep, it took me that long but I am finally getting around to grasping the concept of work and becoming a grown-up. Yay!

Now I usually hate research about practical matters and I have this habit of asking others what something is or how something works, instead of just fishing the information myself (awful habit, I know), but for the sake of those who are like me, and would have rather wished to avoid the effort of finding and knowing about things yourself, here's what I can say about the NBI clearance.

1. Apparently, contrary to what the NBI official website declares, you DON'T need two valid ID's. Having just on…

The Whipping Boy

History is alive with lunacies and injustices. – Sid Fleischman

I’ve always liked to think that I had some special sense with words. Within a sentence or two, or the first paragraph of a certain work, I would immediately get a sense of whether I was going to like the work or not.

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to like the book The Whipping Boy by the John Newbery Medal Awardee Sid Fleischman. I knew it when I flipped open the last page of the book and encountered the author’s note: Readers often write to ask if a story is true. This tale is a work of the imagination, but the most surprising part of it is true.

The most surprising part of the story was the concept of the whipping boy – someone who takes the punishments due to a misbehaving prince – and how this concept actually forms a fact in history. And it is this most surprising part that is also the most heart-tugging part of the book for me. I weep for the whipping boy – for the one in the story, and for those who have fil…

conceit and humility :)

The following is a vague but accurate account in my estimation. It is vague in the sense that I am not able to reproduce each utterance exactly to the letter and accurate in that it pretty much captures the gist of the conversation that took place. :)

Ivy - sitting on a single sofa
Abbey, Cory, and Clyde - sitting side-by-side on a three-person couch




Abbey was holding my cellphone in her hands and had undertook to play Bounce Tales. I sat to her right, a book in my hands. Clyde sits beside me, before my open laptop, reading an online article.

Abbey says she doesn't like Bounce. I suggest that she might like to play Sudoku instead, but she doesn't.

Cory: Don't you like Sudoku?
Abbey: I do. I'm good at it.
Cory: (commenting on the state of knowing you are good at something) I feel the same way, too. (nodding in agreement) I'm pretty good with words.
Abbey: Sudoku is not in words. It's not a crossword puzzle.
Cory: I know. What I meant was that I…

off time

Seriously, I'm having an off week. I have to do better next time. I haven't been particularly up to par these days. I mean I think I've been dumber and slower than usual.

I mean, consider this. Abbey, I, and Clyde were sitting in the sala one night and we were talking about Einstein and John Stuart Mill. And we were talking about geniuses and precocious children and how J. S. Mill's father had conducted experiments on his own son and how sad was that. I think we had gone on this vein after I voiced my opinions about how appalled I was regarding some reported revelations regarding the personal lives and living philosophies of such thinkers as Michel Foucault and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

And Abbey was talking about how J. S. Mill was so smart, his brain was like a sponge, that at the age of 20, he suffered a nervous breakdown. And I said, well, what about Einstein? His IQ was legendary too, how come he hadn't suffered the same? Well, Abbey said, Einstein was kind of s…


Cherry Anne was asking, as a way of de-stressing, to read some of the things on the net that I read, so I tried to look for something that would fit her tastes and I showed her this site where a group of 5 published a blog.

Seeing how this group of 5 had a blog together, Clyde said that bellecroft ought to have a blog too, and she told me to make one, to which I raised an eyebrow and said, "And who would write?", indicating my skepticism regarding the consistency and willingness of would-be contributors.

"You, of course!" Clyde replied, and I rolled my eyes in an "I-knew-it" kind of way.

But Clyde is right. If there is anyone who could and would write about it, it would be me, so...I'll do it. I'll share about one of my favorite places on earth, bellecroft. Bellecroft - this dirty, dirty house. :)

Evenings are usually fun here in bellecroft because the people come together to eat and chat a little and there is conversation and it's fun. People hav…

hum songs

I do not know why, it is not deliberate; but there are times when I suddenly find myself humming a song without so much as thinking about it, and for some reason, the song I hum is “Make It Easy On Me” by the once popular British group band Steps.

The song is not actually a personal favorite of mine and I do not even harbor a desire to avail myself of a copy but still – there I go. It’s my default hum-to song. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because the melody of the song is unexplainably hum-mable to me. : )

I announced that to the people in bellecroft one night, while I was washing my dishes and I found myself humming it, without so much as a thought prefacing the action. I smiled at catching myself and told the others about it.

“My default hum song is What Can I Do To Make You Love Me,” Clyde said in turn.

“No!” I contradicted her, rolling my eyes. “It’s ‘Wake up, wake up on a Saturday night…’ by Hilary Duff.”

“Meron pang iba,” Cherry Anne said.

“Ano? Five hundred twenty-five thousand…


These days, my heart still gets confronted by a familiar feeling - that of pain. I feel pain. I'm feeling pain right now. But though the feeling dampens my mood, taking away my exuberance for the moment, it is only for the moment. And though I can't muster more than a small smile, my heart still smiles anyway, and I guess that's what matters.

For if you think about it, the pain you feel can be a compliment you give to another person. That that person was light, and a joy to you. A source of smiles. And more often than not, it is what makes us smile that is often the cause of what makes us cry. But that's alright. It's part and package of the whole thing called love, light, and joy. And it's alright, because it's a compliment to the other that he was a human star to you.

You feel pain when some good act is withheld from you. And try as you might to see the good in the situation, nonetheless, the suffering it releases in your heart remains authentic and genui…


There I was again tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired lonely place...

Walls of insincerity
Shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face

All I can say is I was
Enchanted to meet you. :)

Your eyes whispered, "have we met?"
'Cross the room your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me...

The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks like
Passing notes in secrecy

And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you!

The lingering question kept me up
2am, who do you love?
I wondered till I'm wide awake

Now I'm pacing back and forth
Wishing you were at my door
I'd open up and you would say, "hey!"

It was enchanting to meet you...
All I know is I was enchanted to meet you!

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blus…


Abbey read to me this part in The Tale of Despereaux that she liked:

Reader, you may ask this question; in fact, you must ask this question: Is it ridiculous for a very small, sickly, big-eared mouse to fall in love with a beautiful human princess named Pea?

The answer is...yes. Of course, it's ridiculous.

Love is ridiculous.*

Hehe. So nice.

* Excerpt taken from The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

5 random songs

Call me backward but this year is actually the first time that I own a phone that can store songs. I love to listen to these songs a lot, and they are some of my favorite ones and as most things in life go, there are simple stories to them – whether it be on why I listen to them, how I got them, or how I listen to them. I put my music player on shuffle so let’s see what it comes up with and I’ll say something about the song. Let’s limit the number to 5.

1. I Wanna Be With You by Mandy Moore

I have always, always loved this song ever since I was 14 or 15 maybe. It’s my favorite Mandy Moore song. I’ve always loved every version of this song that I listen to in youtube and I can’t get enough of it. The story is that one night, I set out to re-discover this song on the internet, having had lost my own copy of the CD back in 2007, and I came upon this heavenly acoustic rendition of it by Mandy herself. I swear you would have thought it was an angel singing to you. I couldn’t bear it.…

hi blog 2

This is another lazy post. Sorry. I just can't seem to find the right words with which to write. Do you know those kind of days?

I'm going to write swiftly and without much attention to how well I am writing it out because it's past midnight and I'd like to sleep already. I've a full day tomorrow.

I just closed a book I've been reading. It's Clyde's. She's using it for her master's thesis. And on a certain note of import that got me thinking, I decided to end on that page for the day and continue my reading perusal of it on the morrow, and now I have things to bring up with Clyde and debate with her over - yes! Finally. Now I really have something to discuss with with Clyde. Wonder if Abi might want to listen in, join in, and take part. It'll make for a very lively and fun discussion and I wonder if they'll gang up on me...cause Clyde likes quarreling with me. Hahahaha. More on that some other time.

Anyway, just as a reminder for me, I wi…

dear blog

Hi blog. How are you? I've been away for a while because I got sick. Nothing dramatic, just a slight fever, a runny nose, and a little cough. I've missed you. I think I'm really getting into the blogging thing now. And I don't know if it sounds pathetic to miss something like a blog. But then again, if people can miss their personal, private diaries, their jewelry, clothes, books, and other inanimate possessions that cannot answer or love back, well, why not a blog?

I'm writing because I won't be able to write tomorrow, I think. I'm going out of town with Ate Ruth and Ruro. We're going to Cagayan de Oro; we'll be buying a Power Rangers RPM toy robot for Ruro. It's his dream toy. He talks about it in his sleep. Renz has two of it; he received his, courtesy of his parents of course, when he had gone to Manila last year, October. Anyway, the two tots fight about it because there are times when Renz wouldn't want to lend it to his younger cousi…