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raging headache. :( why do i always wake up these days with a headache?

first funny thing i'd read today


if banks treated us like family

we treat you like family! - bank

you know, if banks really want to treat you like family, shouldn't they just be giving us money all the time? 'cause isn't that what families do? 'cause you know, i really really want a new apple laptop and a kindle as well. and the house (unit 4) just bought this amazing new refrigerator and we all love it, and now we're hoping to acquire a new tv as well and maybe a wii console?

so it would really be lovely if banks could just REALLY treat you LIKE FAMILY. i think if they really meant it, they should just really follow through by giving everything you just really need in this world FOR FREE.

would feel like family.

so, here i am, bank-surfing, surfing banks...'cause i'm sort of thinking of getting a credit card and i'm wondering, hmmm, which bank? i have an account with hsbc so i was thinking of opening with them. but according to them, they're just, like, the world's local bank, you know, and i'm thin…

meralco tagline

i came across the meralco tagline today and it made me think of my blog. the meralco tagline was: "may liwanag ang buhay." flashback to my blog: starglass: may liwanag ang buhay. pwedeeh...hihihihi.

on the news today

1. "unqualified"

i read the editorial titled "unqualified" on nancy binay. i bit my lip as i found it a bit of a stinging takedown on her candidacy. Here's the end part:

"Nancy Binay is running on a “Gaganda ang buhay” theme, taking off from her father’s successful campaign slogan. That’s easy for her to say: Life becomes beautiful, is made easier, if you’re someone’s daughter." - PDI


2. D. Harwell's "love letter to filipinos"

this marks the first time i posted a comment on a news website. right now, i'm absorbed in the activity of checking and refreshing the page for replies and likes to my comment. hihihi. ang loser ko lang talaga. here's what i posted. if you see it on the news page and notice my username, all i can is: wala na akong ibang ma-isip eh! and,anyway, one-time lang naman. :p

starglass said:

"I found this article very touching. It made me feel like crying. It was very nice. however, I don't know why, …
argh, it's no use writing. i'll come alive only after work.

a little look back on january

okay, 2 things:

1. i don't feel like writing, however,

2. i feel like i have to write this down.

i think that when i look back to january of this year 2013, i might remember it as one of the best januaries i've ever had in my entire life. i think it was a seriously great january. i loved it! and moreover, i think that this january might just be the first of more great januaries to come.

you know, i love januaries. januaries are beginnings and they're also when i celebrate my birthday. so they're pretty special for me. and they come just right on the heels of decembers. doesn't that make januaries pretty special?

so anyway, i had a great january. there were lots of fun things that happened. let me enumerate some of them:

- when i'd get home, maimai would still be up and we'd talk almost 'til morning light. and you know how much i love that, right? i think some of the best conversations i've ever had in my entire life have occurred between 12 midnigh…
aaahh!!! i'm a chris tiu fan na! <3

diet coke

sige, next time Coke light nalang. taylor swift's endorsing it anyway. :)

white dress with pink floral sash

please ship this dress to me. i will wear it; i don't care if there is no groom.