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i wanna write

i want to write but i can't write kc whenever i'm here at work. i have lots of stories to share but i can't tell them. the vibe in this place is just not right.


my brain cells died today. :(

what i'm thankful for

today, i'm thankful to the taxi driver who was able to get me from ermita to ayala avenue, makati, in less than 30 minutes. this was a fairly difficult feat to accomplish given the exacerbated traffic that comes with the christmas season and the proliferation of traffic lights in the city but the driver managed it nonetheless. i had been running errands in ermita in the morning and he must have taken pity on me as i withered in the backseat of the cab, dreading the disciplinary action that comes with tardiness to work.

of course, i was praying the entire time, too, because i always feel like my neck is on the line every time. so i guess we can also chalk it up to those things that i term "the Cory miracles". hehehe.

and i will perform an act of niceness today as a way of saying "thank you" and as a way to multiply "small" miracles.

peace to you all. bye!

at the nelson mandela memorial service

at the nelson mandela memorial service, barack obama, one of the foremost leaders in the world, fails to act appropriately.

and then he chats it up with the blonde prime minister of denmark, with michelle sitting just right there.

so this is what happens:

do you think someone got into trouble with his wife that night? lol.

where can i sign up for pilates classes here in makati? :)

dec. 2

hard day today. struggling. wasn't able to get much sleep last night due to too much coffee. i underestimated strong brewed coffee from coffee bean kc.