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the most cheerful sight in the world

are oranges...sliced, placed on a plate or a pale white bowl in front of my appreciating eyes...

cheers me every time.


hot plate

i spent the afternoon and the rest of the evening today with Lala and Allison. first off, i met up with lala at 3pm in fullybooked after which we proceeded to while away time at coffee bean.

being incredibly decisive people (hehe), we vacillated endlessly from option to option on what to eat, what to drink, how to spend the rest of the early evening till after a few forevers, we finally decided somehow on a course of unplanned action. =)

so to map out our light trek throughout the familiar spaces of malls and quezon city, lala and i met at fullybooked (initial starting point, although the initial initial starting point is really our respective houses), then we went to coffee bean, then we headed to watson's for our womanly toiletries, afterwhich we decided to check out __________, then we made a stop at ________. allison joined us at blank no. 1 and after passing through blank no. 2, we went to the department store to look at shoes. (just look, not buy...sigh). lala wanted to ta…