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I think I received this letter about two days ago. I was SO happy.

Dear _________,

Thank you for your recent application for the above vacancy.

I am pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted and you are invited for an examination on ________ (Wednesday), ______________________. Look for ______.

Please reply to this e-mail or via sms on or before 30 August 2013 to confirm.

Yours sincerely,

HR Officer

I've been a jittery, floaty, butterflies-in-my-stomach happy about the invite so I thought that maybe writing it out would cure this premature happiness. I haven't even gotten the job yet and already, I'm like so cartwheel-happy...

The company has the word "International" in its name. Just getting the invite makes me feel so happy because it's so surreal...

I feel like one of those supporters of singers who audition for reality TV singing shows who cry and scream madly when their son/daughter/sib/friend/relative pass the auditions. Happy much? &…

breaking news: i am a closet introvert

Some points here contain the story of my life. Good to know.


i am bored. i am so bored.

The Definition of Typhoon and Storm

Pitchie was wondering what the difference was between the terms "typhoon" and "storm". However, the house is currently deprived of a good, working Internet connection so we had no way of looking it up. Lotis said that the two words would be defined differently in technical terms. I offered my own take.

“Yung typhoon, yung ganun,” I said, moving the fingers of my hand in a circular, cyclic motion. “Yung storm – storm lang.”

It was Lotis who noticed that there was something funny with my verbal explanation and laughed. I laughed, too. Let’s codify my explanation.

typhoon – with your index finger pointing upward, move your hand in a circular, cyclic motion. Yes, that’s a typhoon!

storm – storm lang. O di ba? Very nice explanation!

Being the kind of person who is finicky with the exact meanings of words, I want to see whether my understanding of the words is accurate. What I meant to explain was that the term “typhoon” carried with it the idea of winds and their circu…

Valer Club

Before we go any further, first, a roll call:

Members of Valer Club ’12 – ’13 :


house cleaning

I’m trying to get back to my habit of reporting about the mundane goings-on of my life. I kind of lost the habit of writing about it because I no longer felt the need to (I think most of my writing here was driven by my bout with depression). Anyway, so here goes. Let’s begin with some of the latest ones.

House cleaning, August 18, 2012
Venue: Valer Club

Lotis, the ultimate house cleaner, was cleaning an obscure spot in the house when she found the remains of a dead lizard. In Tagalog, a lizard is called “butiki”. In Bisaya, “tiki”.

Lotis: May patay na butiki!

Cory: Ipis?

Lotis: Butiki!

Pitchie: Daga?

Ganda ng communication namin noh? Hihihi. ^_^ (I’m afraid Lala is going to find my sudden, sporadic spurts of Tagalog weird and awkward. Here in the house kc, the lingua franca is Bisaya, not English. Tagalog is spoken only with Mai. But she understands a little bit of Bisaya.)
ouch. :(
i'm tired. :(