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Full House (part 1)

I’m going to write this before this will never get written.

I accompanied Anj on a marathon watching Full House at night. We’ve done this for two nights now in a row and Anj’s eyes have been like a leaky faucet. I’m hardened (smirk). I cried twice only.

Simply put, the series is about a girl and a boy who got married to each other as a business transaction to serve their own self-interests. In order of course, to explore and encourage multi-dimensional feelings of love, the series had to follow a formula wherein another girl falls for lead boy and another boy falls for lead girl.

The first part that I cried was the part wherein the girl was asking the guy if it was okay to like another guy. (Of course, lead guy is a little in love with lead girl and lead girl was only asking this partly to test whether lead guy has feelings for her and would get jealous.) And lead guy, looking at the girl with a hint of misery and jealousy, finally told her that it would be alright since “it’s not your…

watching Secretariat (part 1)

It was a wonderful midnight when out of the blue, I suggested to Clyde that we watch a movie. Anj and Cherry were sleeping, Ateneo was having its bonfire, and Joan had just come home from attending it.

We settled to watching Secretariat. I wasn’t all that thrilled about watching a movie about a horse but Clyde had long been wanting to watch it. It was actually a first in a sense because 1) Joan had watched with us and that hasn’t happened before and 2) Clyde agreed to watch something after midnight and that hasn’t happened before.

One of the themes of the movie was heart. It was about running so hard, your heart bursts. This is related to the horse (Secretariat)’s race jockey, Ronnie Turcotte, who was once purported to have run his horse so hard, its heart burst.

And Secretariat was great- hearted. And I mean this figuratively and literally (his heart may have been the largest in horse history). Secretariat loved to run. In fact, it is said that he ran “just for the joy of it”. Follo…


I was chatting with Kuya Nikki one time.

me: how art thou?
Kuya Nikki: im fine milady.

It made me smile. Kuya Nikki has a great sense of humor. He is funny even in not so laugh-out-loud ways. The other day, I came across a line in a book that, paraphrased, is exactly what I wish to say about Kuya Nikki:

He makes others smile and laugh so easily, you always wish you could return the favor.

I wish him smiles and laughter today. :)