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"fiscal responsibility"

two weeks ago, 17 and 18 to be exact, i came home just a bit bummed out. i had attended an international conference on fiscal openness and, on the afternoon of the 18th, had to race out of the conference and back to the office to take notes on a meeting that high-level bosses were having. and, in the whole of those two days, i had found myself in the dismaying situation of barely being able to grasp the matters being discussed at hand. i was really bothered about it.

the coming monday, 21 of this month, september, i wasn't going to proceed to work directly because i had a dental appointment so i was sitting on a chair in our living room thinking about what i felt was a shocking situation of me not being able to follow work discussions. i was wondering what i could do about it. my mind immediately referred me to don.

i wasn't sure if i could enlist don for help but i decided to test the waters. i sent him a text:

Don, hello. good am. are you busy?

he replied:

Hi cory. Just i…


my crush just came in into the office and asked me if our boss was there. did not realize how bashful i was around him until i saw how i absolutely did not know how to talk to him.

a gentleman's dignity - episode 1

(disclaimer: don't expect well thought-out pieces from me as i write while i watch 'a gentleman's dignity'. this is merely flash writing.) ^_^

i'm currently watching south korea's 'a gentleman's dignity'. i was looking for entertainment - the gripping, nuanced kind with a bittersweet payoff, the kind that is offered by koreanovelas - so i surfed the korean menu a bit. i first tried 'master's sun' by the hong sisters but i didn't get hooked. i was longing for a kim eun sook story but i had already seen 'the heirs' and 'secret garden' and i hadn't liked 'lovers in paris' when i remembered - i hadn't watched 'a gentleman's dignity' as yet!

minutes into the episode, the series already had me laughing, and the actors had won me over. i like kim eun sook's taste. the first episode has what i look for - it is funny, insightful, sweet and meaningful. and it's witty too.

consider these lines…


i have a secret. i think i have a crush on this guy named glenn. he works here; he's from a different unit but has the same oversight boss as me.

we never really work together but during the past few days, i attended some events that he was working on and it was in those days that i saw glenn smile at me TWICE. it was a grin, actually. and a terrific one at that. i saw glenn grin at me like he was christmas and it has been driving me to distraction ever since.

the first time happened while the crew was hanging out together at a booth in a governance fair at the convention center here in the city. jojo and ludell were talking and when i approached, they told me they were talking about me. they said i was like one of those characters in the movie Inside Out and that i looked pretty that day. glenn looked up from where he was sitting and he grinned at me. i wondered if i was imagining things.

the second time was at work. i was in their office taking up something with his colleague …