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letters from secret admirers :)


(ed. note: bakya ako mag-translate from Visayan to English. and mali-mali pa. my apologies in advance. ^_^)

early today, i went to the Supreme Court of the Philippines to process some documents for a lawyer family friend. it was pretty uneventful, nothing basically happened, but i did remember a conversation i had with my housemates related to my going:

having just arrived at the apartment, i entered to find my housemates in the sala. tatay* and lotis were seated at a table while mafel was moving around in the kitchen, apparently taking care of some dishes. lotis told me there was mail for me. i guessed it was the Power of Attorney document my brother was sending me for an errand he wanted me to run. i started to open the envelope of the letter.

"sus, ito talaga ang hinihintay ko, cor! hindi pa talaga ako umuwi para marinig ko ang letter," tatay cracked, as if the letter were a love note from a secret admirer.

i rolled my eyes at the good-natured ribbing and said, &…

david archuleta

oh, i remember what i used to be like before. when i used to start my day by listening to his album and end it by doing the same. :)

cavewomen talk

(ed. note: parts of the conversation were in Visayan but i don't know how to translate it to Tagalog so English nalang. and warning: it gets savage in the end. ^_^)


i was walking home with pitchie along street sidewalks that lead to our apartment when she suggested that we cook spaghetti when we arrive home.

"te cor, let's cook spaghetti when we get home," pitchie said.

i reminded pitchie that lotis, her older sister, would have brought home or prepared food for her. "why? lotis will have food for you," i said.

"but she didn't let me know in advance. she usually does. so she probably does not have food for me tonight," she explained.

"sure she does," i said.

"no, she doesn't," pitchie replied.

"she does."

"she doesn't, so let's cook spaghetti."

"let's cook spaghetti this weekend nalang," i suggested.

"no," she remonstrated, "no food tonight so tonight …


remember this guy?

he needed a selfie. ^_^

i like this one:

what sir chief said in response to his daughter Nikki, who said she couldn't accept someone who had once been a nanny as her daddy's wife and her mother:

" wasn't Maya's fault that she wasn't born as privileged as you..."

i heard it as i passed by the tv. :)


so while looking for a job, i accidentally found myself in another one. i have recently taken up...modelling! hahaha!

my housemate, pitchie, has decided to start a business selling clothes online. originally, they told mai to model the clothes but at the time of asking mai wanted to sleep so they drafted me to do it instead.

before i could make any real protest, they slipped a dress over my head and hustled me over to the blank, white wall of our living room where they immediately got an iPad and started taking shots. see, it was all very professional, hahaha!

so i put my hand on my waist, and they arranged my hair to fall on my back so as not to obscure the dresses in any way, slipped bracelets on my wrist and directed me to pose front, back and sideways.

they gave directions: relax your shoulders! move to the right! now, left! turn around! another pose!

hahaha! langhiya tong mga to.

and then: ok, that's a wrap! model, pack everything up! langya. well, there went my 15 minutes o…

where there's smoke, there's fire.


here's to the romanticized

i love new yorker cartoons. now this one's for those who read books - and get sucked into forgetting the line between the life in books and real life. :D

taylor's cat

the game

so, i'm here to share some bad news: you know that job i was talking about back in august? i didn't get it. i was hit kind of hard by that. i mean, i knew i shouldn't have expected it, but, at some point, because they had opened their doors a little to me, i kind of got my hopes raised.

with regard to my professional life, i had two plans: Plan A and Plan B. Plan A was get a foot in in the international community and then scramble to obtain a master's degree. i was thinking that i wanted to be in the international community first before i begin scouting for master's degree opportunities because i figured that when there, in the international community, i could meet people who could write me recommendation letters to more prestigious and hard-to-enter universities and programs or scholarships. moreover, they might have insider knowledge and information regarding such things. i was thinking of the different kinds of access that would be available for me were i to be …

that's what you get

a little shaky today - probably due to what i just learned. sigh.

messages in a bottle

i'm wondering if i'm once again ready to put out messages in a bottle. i kind of think i am. it's just difficult because we don't have internet at home and i hate the office which is the only place i can have internet so...

but i think i probably should start again. :)


='C hard to take lang.

john mayer quote

You can't make yourself stop dreaming of who you're dreaming of. - john mayer :)

sen. miriam santiago:

"i have to say i have never met a biodata with such unparalleled mediocrity."

hahaha! da best.

not over it

still kicking myself for underestimating ayala traffic once again. :C


why was it so traffic in ayala kanina??? grrr...:c