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feeling bilbo

Sometimes, I feel this way.

Bilbo was supposed to have said to Gandalf, when he had felt tired from hobbitting and fancied a well-earned rest, "I feel thin. Like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday."


I believe lots of people can relate.

Asian scientists to watch

Lala and I were fans of certain CS professors of UP. We even stalked some of them while we were still in undergrad in UP (aminin!!). She sent me a link that I was able to check just now regarding Prof. Saloma, who is currently on Asian Scientist's list of the ultimate 15 Asian scientists to watch. He's the only Filipino there.

I was awed by my professors. They truly made a lasting impression on me. And reading about him making that list made me remember the sort of company I had been surrounded with while I was taking my undergraduate degree.

My college years were so inspiring, I remember. And I was so filled with ideals when I graduated. But I don't know what's happening to me right now.

Reading the article about Prof. Saloma made me remember the place I had come from in terms of education, and WHO my educators were, and the ideals they held up, as well as the values they kept.

It was like coming across a memento from a crush or something, and that thing takes you back …

blood on the floor

We're on the first week of our transition. It's a four-week phase. Today was our first day. Here are some of the things that occurred.

The customer had just stated his or her concern and Enrico was trying to verify it and confirm his understanding of the customer's concern as per proper call flow procedure.

Enrico: (to the customer) Based on my understanding.......what was that again?

Our transition coaches said that we were different from other waves in that we really try to build rapport with the customer and pamper them. She was referring to Joe's call.

Joe had placed his customer on hold while he researched on the issue at hand. When the call hold time was up, he went back to the customer as per call hold policy.

Joe: (releasing the customer from hold status) are you, ma'am?

See? We try, right?

I was in the middle of a call which took me a freaking hour to resolve. ^_^ I was talking with my wavemates some while putting the customer on hold as we tried to un…

Tally (2)




I logged in on my computer and then went out. I came back to the training room. JM was holding the attendance sheet and he was putting in his log-in time.

JM: Cory, what time did you log in? (His ballpen was poised on top of the paper.)
Cory: 10:09.
JM: (Laughing.)
Cory: I logged in at 10:09...What?
Yelle: He's counting.


I came back after having gone out. From his seat, he held up two fingers forming a V.


Finally, JM went out for the first time since the start of the shift. He looked at me working on the computer as he pushed open the door to our right, trying to see if I would note. Of course! I turned the notebook in front of me and marked it. :p


He came back after his second time to go out. The class was in the middle of a discussion. He took his seat but as he passed me by, he held up three fingers to indicate that I had gone out thrice and he had counted. Hehe. He was wrong. I had gone out four times.


As we were working …


May 26, 2011

(Events/conversations that happened in a day in training.^_^)

One day, at the training room, I was using my computer when it began to hang...

JM: I think the problem with your computer is that it's not being used enough because you're always out (of the training room).

Cory: You're so mean!!! You keep going out more than I do!

JM: You're always out. Ask Yelle.

Hence, this tally.


Tally (For Going Out of the Training Room)


*1st break*-----------------------------*1st break*
*2nd break*-----------------------------*2nd break*


Why I went out before the first break:
I - to buy ensaymada (hungry)
I - to get coffee and go to the CR


While in the training room...
Cory: (thought bubble) Sniff; sniff. I wanna go out. CR break again. Good thing the break is just …
And everything is right with the world again. All I needed to do was switch to Google Chrome. :) Yay! Hope this doesn't suddenly change willfully on me. Hi blog! I missed ya! :)