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clyde's birthday


All Clyde ever hoped for for her birthday was to look at the stars. So she borrowed a telescope with a tripod from a friend just for the occasion. And last Saturday, the 26th, she went with a group to Tagaytay for a night of observation. No meteor shower, just stars, and she excitedly took the telescope with her.

But I merrily wished her "Cloudy skies!" as we closed the door of the cab we got for her and unfortunately, my wish came true. That night, in Tagaytay, the sky rained. There were no stars to be observed. Boohoo.

But Clyde's birthday was the 29th anyway, so this night, she set up the telescope along the common driveway outside the townhouse, specifically to look at Jupiter, which was a bright, steady point in the dark night sky as seen from the naked eye. I accompanied her, playing cheerful songs from my Nokia C3.

Within a short while, Abbey came along from school. "Hey, I was thinking of you guys!" she said. She was glad we had set up the teles…

clyde and abbey

These are some funny snippets in conversation...Clyde is going to kill me...But Clyde, we love you so much!!! You're our mommy here!!

A. On daylight

We were talking about some shenanigans that college boys perform. (Re: frat wars)

Clyde: (reacting to a shenanigan being related by one of us) Talaga??!! They did that in bright daylight?

Abbey: ...Broad daylight naman, te...

Clyde: (laughing) Walang hiya ka, Abbey!!!


B. The Fairy Talers

I hope you know who the great tellers are of fairy tales or else you wouldn't be able to appreciate this one. (And yes, I know there is no such thing as a fairy taler. I reserve the prerogative to make up words as I see fit. :p)

We were having dinner and talking about fairy tales and Abbey was saying something about how she didn't like some of them.

And Clyde said: (thinking of Goose Girl) Yeah, like that fairy tale by Hans Grimm.

Abbey: Hans Grimm? Who's Hans Grimm? Did Hans Christian Anderson marry one of the Brothers Grimm?


what pop stars wear

A day in the life of Clyde and Cory...

Clyde came to me for fashion advice one time. "Cor, is it okay what I'm wearing?" She was coming down the stairs. She was wearing a dark pink blouse with a large star in front, pale blue jeans, and...(the reason for her question) black pump shoes.

"It's just that I'm not sure if these pump shoes go with what I'm wearing..." she said. "I don't want to be wearing sandals because it's wet outside."

I considered the matter at hand.




And then I said to her, "Oh, Clyde, you don't have to worry. Pop stars wear that all the time."

"They do?"

"Oh, yeah," I said reassuringly. "I see it on the net all the time. I've seen pop stars wear it like that. If anyone asks, you can definitely tell them that pop stars wear it like that all the time now."

"Okay," she said, accepting my judgment. She started walking back up the stairs. In the middle, she paus…


I am saddened that I haven't been writing much lately. This will have to be remedied. Blog, I'm coming back to enliven you once again. Unfortunately, I can't really write right now because it's late (11:33pm) and I still have items to check off my to-do list but something in me is compelling me to write. So bloggie, watch out for some of the things I'm going to be writing on you. :) I'm breaking silence. :)

a little ink

Because Taylor Swift taught me that it's okay to write on your arm -

I'm going to do the same.

So I'm taking a marker, aka pentel pen, and I'm writing on my left arm:

It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride.
- (The Middle, Jimmy Eat World)

And then I figure, if I run out of space, I'm just gonna start writing on my belly and along the length of my legs. Hey, if pop stars can do it, and call it body art, I can too! Hahahaha! (I'm just kidding, in case you can't tell. :p)

Want me to write on your arm? Hehe. Peace out!