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of swirls, mocha frap andcelebratedly heated discussions between me and lala

i ought to be sleeping already but i just had to take this down before my muses take leave of me. today, sunday, january 10 of the newest year 2010, i hung out for a few hours with lala at starbs trinoma.

it was fun. i had fun...especially when we got to the part where we were clashing ideas. i was trying to explain to her why i had not taken to the blog swirlsfromthebowlofchina anymore and i said that i had disagreed with some of the views or some of the underlying philosophies of life that the blogger espoused. what we were both so caught up about was that i had highlighted a certain thought in one of ms. swirlsfromthebowlofchina had expressed - she was talking about having coffee with this person and then she had gotten riled up over something where she had reacted in her mind - "don't people understand that one's thoughts over someone is more beautiful than that person itself?" i don't know if she qualified that comment with an adverb - sometimes one'…