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another weekend in bellecroft

I'm in bellecroft again - the home of friends. I just love this place. And I love conversation. Just now, I was having a fun talk with Joan. She was sharing about this law school forum that she attended in Ateneo. And earlier, I was having a thoughtful exchange with Cherry Anne. We were talking about UP and I was telling her how much I appreciate these days the training I received from the university and how the inspiring people I met left imprints in my heart and mind that help me with my work and how I do it. And then there was Cres and Clyde also...The world turns into such a bright, cheerful and wonderful place to live in when its peopled by happy, cheerful, good-humored individuals. These are some of the times when I appreciate the magic of life.

I miss this quaint old living room where I'm doing my typing right now. It's just small - it's furnished with a striped blue and white sofa set and simple low rectangular wooden tables. There's a ceiling fan overhead w…

10-minute stories

These days, the moments of my life are happening chunk by chunk, specifically, 10 minutes by 10 minutes. That's because that's what's comprising my days right now: 22 10-minute classes with 22 Korean students. This is my current job.

What's interesting about this is that my stories with them happen within the ten minutes I have with them. It isn't much, and maybe, most of the time, there isn't anything much, but sometimes, a moment arises within those ten minutes.

A moment when your student laughs at your rendition of the Popeye jingle, like when your student feels your vaguely hurt silence after he commented about how men can't help but look at other women, and like when your student indicates that he would like to keep you as his teacher (at least that could be a sign that he is enjoying his English classes). It can make you smile sometimes...especially when you think about your role as a teacher. I think I can be sure there is real commun…

i think it's true

i think it's true what they say: The harder you work, the luckier you get. :)