hey, do you want to talk?

hey. can i be excused from trying to come up with a decent post? because i think i'm too tired to try to come up with one and anyway, i haven't got the time. so will you excuse me if i don't even try to make this one post come up to par?

i just wanted to talk. yes, even though i got nothing to say. i just wanted to invite you in to bellecroft. hey, let's sit around here. i'm sitting on the long couch. it's...long. hehe. perfect for lying down; you can get all stretched up across its comfy length. but i'm not lying on it just now; i'm sitting on one end of it. opposite me are two single-seater couches, and one of them has a guitar, taken out from its case, sitting on it. it's a normal guitar. it's brown, of a moderate size (the usual one), and it's abbey's. if you like, you can take it and play a song with it. people here won't mind since it's eating time. it'll be like a celebration, albeit a small one. we'll join in, singing to your song. the night is perfect for it. the front door is open, air is drifting in, and you can smell the smell of the night, with a hint of rain. perfect, isn't it?

like the perfect background noise for your music, you'll hear the sounds of frogs in the near distance. it's our neighbors. i don't mean that our neighbors sound like frogs. i mean that they sound like they have frogs. the frogs appear, or rather, they sound like they are many. we're not sure if they're frogs. because they sound more like mutated cows. i swear. like "moo" but not quite. more like "nuuuuw" or weirder. clyde says they're frogs so i said that at the back of our house, there are frogs who are waiting for their queen, who goes by the name they plaintively keep repeating - "kluuuhyd..." i swear, if you listen to it long enough, with a dose of imagination (or delusion), it will begin to sound like they are calling for "claayhd".

"Heh! You're bad!!" Clyde said as Abbey and I teased her. "Clyde!" I said merrily, in between laughs, "they're just waiting for you to kiss them and one of them will become a prince!" More guffaws follow.

And now, you can't use the guitar 'cause Abbey now cradles it in her arms, strumming a song. Let me take off my earphones for a moment to tell you what it is. it's a john mayer. :) beat that.

clyde is upstairs now. she's probably in my room. 'cause for some reason, whenever clyde or cherry would like some quiet time, they invariably like to go into my room whenever i'm not there in order to read or think or both.

"But your room is cleaner!" i exclaimed to clyde once, as i gesticulated my incomprehension as to why they gravitate to my room.

so it's like that here. we invite you in, but we expect you to fend for yourself while we continue on with our normal daily routine in this house. play the other guitar if you like. we have wifi, open your laptop. there are books and magazines under the sala table, have a read at one. take your pick. choose your own activity. we'll leave you to your devices to do as you please. wink.

by the way, we have just modified our opinion with regard to the mutated animal sounds. they sound more like "kokak" now. now we're debating whether they are toads or frogs. care to join in? clyde, though, still has to kiss them nevertheless. if you do not agree, i'll throw you out of the house (hahahahaha).

and now they're eating dinner without me, because i'm busy blogging. they're so bad!

so, ta-ta, blog! gotta go!

a hundred princess kisses for you tonight!


  1. wow ang sarap naman diyan sa bellecroft. chillax na chillax lang. mukhang may libre pang dinner na niluto na for you. grabe. pwede bang maki-housemate diyan? tapos pagdating ng gabi, may hundred kisses ka pa from a princess (pero di ko sinasabing frog ako o mukhang frog ha). bellecroft, ikaw na! ikaw na ang bahay ng mga prinsesa.

  2. hi kuya niks. how are you getting along now? i hope you're better. i read that post of yours where you passed out. i almost passed out reading it as well. hihi. clyde would love to have you as a housemate cause you're more hardworking and diligent in cleaning than i am. she's about had it with me, hihi. you should be shown bellecroft sometime. in the meantime, ingat ka lagi. i'm always praying for you. :)


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