Full House (part 1)

I’m going to write this before this will never get written.

I accompanied Anj on a marathon watching Full House at night. We’ve done this for two nights now in a row and Anj’s eyes have been like a leaky faucet. I’m hardened (smirk). I cried twice only.

Simply put, the series is about a girl and a boy who got married to each other as a business transaction to serve their own self-interests. In order of course, to explore and encourage multi-dimensional feelings of love, the series had to follow a formula wherein another girl falls for lead boy and another boy falls for lead girl.

The first part that I cried was the part wherein the girl was asking the guy if it was okay to like another guy. (Of course, lead guy is a little in love with lead girl and lead girl was only asking this partly to test whether lead guy has feelings for her and would get jealous.) And lead guy, looking at the girl with a hint of misery and jealousy, finally told her that it would be alright since “it’s not your heart I have under contract.” “Our marriage might be business,” he continued, “but your feelings aren’t.”

If you had watched it, you’d have felt a pang in your heart as you would know the whole context but the words alone are evocative.

One of the wonderful habits that we have in this house is that whenever we watch or read anything, we talk about it afterwards, re-hashing it, exchanging opinions and thoughts and parts we liked and struck us the most. Clyde has this what I’ll call the “about complex” wherein she thinks in terms of something like: “this film was about (insert theme/topic)” or “this book was about (insert theme/topic)”.

Going on that vein, I’ve always insisted to Clyde that Full House was about waiting and after having re-watched it, I would still say the same.

Full House has always spoken to me of that sub-genre of love that is waiting. The waiting part. Love involves a lot of waiting, no?

The time that it took for you to fall in love is the time that love waited for you. And then you wait for the other person to fall in love with you. You wait for the other person to choose you. You wait for a person that is tied up with something. Or you wait for a person to be free.

No wonder I feel so loved whenever someone waits for me. It’s really something when a person doesn’t leave. It’s priceless how they wait for you.


  1. So... who are you waiting for? Hihihi

  2. che! I'm waiting for batman who is probably with batgirl living in their batcave. hehehehe. it's also a series. we call it Bat House. Please watch it. :p

  3. Cor, I'm not like that noh! I don't have the "about complex!" Hhaha!
    And it wasn't the waiting that struck me most in this series, it was more of the heart actually, and how koreanovela writers can access it with expertise!


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