June 11, 2013

Freaky Tuesday Phone Call

Today was the day I received a mysterious phone call from Lala. She was calling me and it was somewhat strange because she doesn't usually do that.

Things started to get a little freaky when I answered the call and lala seemed surprised to hear that I was at work. Er, aren't you at work, too? I asked. So, uh, yes, I am at work because today is a workday?

She asked me if I was free Sunday. Actually, Sunday is Maimai's birthday but I wasn't really sure if we would get to celebrate it since Maimai is not around so I said, Yes, definitely!!! But that, uh, today is a Tuesday so Sunday is still a good few days away as yet, so, uh, couldn't she just have texted me?

But then I noticed something. I said - wait, are you, are you whispering into your phone? She said, well, yes, because she's in the office, so...

Ehihihi..so, what is up? And then she says she can't say anymore because the moment's already passed.

Lol. Ano kaya yun? What happened there? Hope you're fine, dearie! Labs you!

The night before Independence Day 2013

It was a pretty normal day. It was a pretty normal night. I liked the night tonight better than today's day. It was raining, so I walked home in the rain, slushing my way through small puddles of Makati rainwater. Hopefully, they were not dangerous-to-the-health waters.

I walked through wet streets reflecting white and orange lights from streetlights. There were cars on the road and a passerby or two. Thinking on it, I realize it must have been a pretty nice normal night, the kind that I like, the kind that I would have verbally noticed before, but I don't think I'm in the mood of life to be appreciating 'nice, normal nights' right now. I wish though that I might have soaked in the night just a little bit, but I was only in a hurry to get home.

I got home and walked in the door to find people there, alive and doing things. lotis and tatay (darwin) were making avocado shake. i tasted the adobo tatay cooked before going up to my room. I rested for a while then went down and drank some avocado shake, and that's all I want to share for now.

Happy Independence Day! :)

Oh, and by the way, I'm thankful for the little things. I thank God for every day and night that no harm comes my way.


  1. i will prolly never explain now since the thought makes me cringe and there is the eternal appeal of the mysterious, never-explained phone call. it spices up friendships! hehehe.


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