another weekend in bellecroft

I'm in bellecroft again - the home of friends. I just love this place. And I love conversation. Just now, I was having a fun talk with Joan. She was sharing about this law school forum that she attended in Ateneo. And earlier, I was having a thoughtful exchange with Cherry Anne. We were talking about UP and I was telling her how much I appreciate these days the training I received from the university and how the inspiring people I met left imprints in my heart and mind that help me with my work and how I do it. And then there was Cres and Clyde also...The world turns into such a bright, cheerful and wonderful place to live in when its peopled by happy, cheerful, good-humored individuals. These are some of the times when I appreciate the magic of life.

I miss this quaint old living room where I'm doing my typing right now. It's just small - it's furnished with a striped blue and white sofa set and simple low rectangular wooden tables. There's a ceiling fan overhead with light fixtures. One of its four bulbs is apparently in need of replacement. There are sliding doors that you can push back to reveal a narrow patio where in one corner, a dark pink umbrella is propped open and left to dry. The umbrella is mine. Its name is Arwen.

I do find bellecroft pretty and quaint. And I also appreciate the landowner's thoughtful efforts to make it a nice place to live in. It is in that spirit that I also say that I find bellecroft a place that is loved.

I'm having a very cheerful Saturday. This evening, I also walked the streets of Esteban Abada again and I recalled moments with friends that took place in it. I hope to relate some of them here next time.

Also, I am currently helping out on a paper that Cherry Anne is working on. It's about poverty reduction by investing in health and education through conditional cash transfers. Damn but I'm rusty in mental exercise. This will not do. I felt a rush run through my veins when I started working and brainstorming on my bit. And that's when I felt it. I think tonight, I've realized where I'm meant to be and what I'm meant to do. For some reason, it just came to me. I think BA Public Administration was the right random choice after all. So it seems. (There's more I'm not saying but then again not everything needs to be said. Haha. I know someone who will back me up on that!)

I had a nice time at mass today too. And I was reminded to be thankful again for the Catholic Church's existence. Today, the gospel was about the man who stored up his wealth in his barn only to die the next day. And the priest reminded his parishioners: Life does not consist in possessions. It consists in loving relationships. Thank you for the reminder. I realize we all need to be reminded of these simple things time and again even though we already know them.

I remember the other bits and pieces he related in his homily. I apologize for the jumbled way that this is coming out. I think this is very reflective of the state of my thoughts right now.

* Jesus gives who he is, not what he has. (The priest said that...if I remember correctly.)

For me, I think that's the only way to truly give. There's always something reverently special when there's something of you in what you give.

Anyway, I think it's time for me to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow, blog. I have a few more pending stories. Sorry I've been away for quite a while. I did miss you. :)



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