clyde and abbey

These are some funny snippets in conversation...Clyde is going to kill me...But Clyde, we love you so much!!! You're our mommy here!!

A. On daylight

We were talking about some shenanigans that college boys perform. (Re: frat wars)

Clyde: (reacting to a shenanigan being related by one of us) Talaga??!! They did that in bright daylight?

Abbey: ...Broad daylight naman, te...

Clyde: (laughing) Walang hiya ka, Abbey!!!


B. The Fairy Talers

I hope you know who the great tellers are of fairy tales or else you wouldn't be able to appreciate this one. (And yes, I know there is no such thing as a fairy taler. I reserve the prerogative to make up words as I see fit. :p)

We were having dinner and talking about fairy tales and Abbey was saying something about how she didn't like some of them.

And Clyde said: (thinking of Goose Girl) Yeah, like that fairy tale by Hans Grimm.

Abbey: Hans Grimm? Who's Hans Grimm? Did Hans Christian Anderson marry one of the Brothers Grimm?


C. The Umbrella That Got Stuck Open

Clyde arrived home early in the evening one day. It had been raining out and she had just used her umbrella. She was outside the door, in the garage, and Abbey heard her struggling with her umbrella so she went outside to help her.

Clyde: I can't get it to close. (she was explaining this to Abbey)

Abbey took it, tinkered with it a bit, and within no time at all, managed to get it to close.

Clyde: Oh, ayan! Ang galing naman...Thank you, Lord. (She was saying this as she gratefully arranged the folds of her umbrella.)

Abbey: Why are you thanking the Lord? Thank me! (Hahahahahaha. For the win, Abbey!)

D. Others...

A quote from Reg.

She arrived home one night raging about how the guy she liked had found himself a girlfriend, one she didn't like.

Reg: Kung mahilig pala siya sa 'di masyadong kagandahan, bakit hindi ako nalang???!!!

Hehehehe. But I think Reg actually looks pretty good. ^_^


Reg: Ang bango niya pero parang 'di na siya mukhang masarap.

Abbey: Sino? (she wondered who her sister Reg was referring to)

Reg: Ang popcorn.

Abbey: (laughing) Sino...(sino nga ba naman ang mabango pero 'di na mukhang masarap...)


Peace out, mehn!!! $^_^$


  1. hahaha! you do have a gift for retelling tales, cor! you're a retell-taler! (as your friend, i reserve the same prerogative :p)

  2. Nakakainis kayo! I spent my first few minutes here at work laughing at this. Hahahaha! :D

  3. Hehehehe! I'm glad you guys also shared in the laughter, hihihi! I miss you both, Mimi and Lalie! :)


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