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A day in the life of Clyde and Cory...

Clyde came to me for fashion advice one time. "Cor, is it okay what I'm wearing?" She was coming down the stairs. She was wearing a dark pink blouse with a large star in front, pale blue jeans, and...(the reason for her question) black pump shoes.

"It's just that I'm not sure if these pump shoes go with what I'm wearing..." she said. "I don't want to be wearing sandals because it's wet outside."

I considered the matter at hand.


smaller jeans

smaller pumps

And then I said to her, "Oh, Clyde, you don't have to worry. Pop stars wear that all the time."

"They do?"

"Oh, yeah," I said reassuringly. "I see it on the net all the time. I've seen pop stars wear it like that. If anyone asks, you can definitely tell them that pop stars wear it like that all the time now."

"Okay," she said, accepting my judgment. She started walking back up the stairs. In the middle, she paused and turned back to me. "Our standard for fashion is so...funny..." Pop stars. It had occurred to her. Hahahaha!

These days, though, it doesn't occur to her to come to me for advice on what to wear. And Lala is to be thanked for that. Because of her, Clyde was inadvertently introduced to fashion advice coming from ordinary stylish beings and not...pop stars, which is the only thing she could get from me.

So thankies to Lala for sharing her finds. Labshu dearie! :)


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