a little look back on january

okay, 2 things:

1. i don't feel like writing, however,

2. i feel like i have to write this down.

i think that when i look back to january of this year 2013, i might remember it as one of the best januaries i've ever had in my entire life. i think it was a seriously great january. i loved it! and moreover, i think that this january might just be the first of more great januaries to come.

you know, i love januaries. januaries are beginnings and they're also when i celebrate my birthday. so they're pretty special for me. and they come just right on the heels of decembers. doesn't that make januaries pretty special?

so anyway, i had a great january. there were lots of fun things that happened. let me enumerate some of them:

- when i'd get home, maimai would still be up and we'd talk almost 'til morning light. and you know how much i love that, right? i think some of the best conversations i've ever had in my entire life have occurred between 12 midnight to 4 in the morning...

- it was a lot of fun. we'd talk about anything - her school, work - hers and mine, boys, likes and dislikes, family, stuff...

- january was the month maimai and i started watching "be careful with my heart". we'd marathon the show on the internet for 5 to 6 hours at a time...in the night. pero mas adik si mai - when i go off to sleep, she's still at it pa! grabe, before mai, i thought i was the most adik person that i knew. tinalo na ako ni mai, hihi!

- i just had this amazing realization. well, it's amazing for me. i'm a little stunned to realize that last january saw my most well put together month thus far. it's like the first things, you know? the first things that made up the first times you saw your life finally beginning to come together. i think that was the most amazing thing about this january.

- i had a pretty amazing birthday as well. i was going to write about it. but i was sick pretty much the whole week of my birthday, and, i don't have a laptop anymore, so i just type at work, but work isn't a conducive place to write, so...that's why...but i had a fantastic time. it was great - every minute of it.

- which brings me to one last thing...i should tell you what i've been up to these days, noh?...i think that should be the subject for another post.


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