if banks treated us like family

we treat you like family! - bank

you know, if banks really want to treat you like family, shouldn't they just be giving us money all the time? 'cause isn't that what families do? 'cause you know, i really really want a new apple laptop and a kindle as well. and the house (unit 4) just bought this amazing new refrigerator and we all love it, and now we're hoping to acquire a new tv as well and maybe a wii console?

so it would really be lovely if banks could just REALLY treat you LIKE FAMILY. i think if they really meant it, they should just really follow through by giving everything you just really need in this world FOR FREE.

would feel like family.

so, here i am, bank-surfing, surfing banks...'cause i'm sort of thinking of getting a credit card and i'm wondering, hmmm, which bank? i have an account with hsbc so i was thinking of opening with them. but according to them, they're just, like, the world's local bank, you know, and i'm thinking, that's so unfeeling. we're not family???

if you go with metrobank, you'll be in good hands, and in bdo, they'll find ways...ways to what, i don't know. rcbc, don't you have anything to say for yourself? i can't find your slogan, though signing up with you is always an available option because you have a very accessible booth right there in nearby Landmark.

i know! let's check bpi. maybe bpi is a good option, because, according to them, they'll "make it easy..." i love these bank slogans. they're so clever. they're so cleverly ambiguous, don't you think? i mean, BPI: let's make it easy. which kind of raises the question: easy to what? easy to go bankrupt? easy to get into debt? easy talaga.

haay. it's break time. gotta go!


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