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at 10:30 pm last saturday, i was freaking bored out of my mind. i was alone at home (except for pitchie, the people were gone, and anyway, even if they were present, i still would have been looking for something i-don't-know-what) and i had nothing to do (and the things i ought to have been doing, i hadn't felt like doing that time anyway).

ok. having written that, i now realize i'm a liar. first, i claimed i was alone at home on a saturday night, when i wasn't. second, i said i had nothing to do when in fact i did (chores, study for job exams, sleep, etc.).

but anyway, now that we've established i'm a liar, let's move on. so i was bored. however, at my invitation, pitchie didn't want to go out, so i texted mai:

mai, san ka? gala tayo. let's watch a movie. open pa kaya greenbelt? subsidize kita.

i sometimes subsidize or libre mai when we go out because she's a working student. she told me she was just about finished with work and we agreed to meet at greenbelt. when i got there, it was already past eleven, and to my disappointment, the movie ticketing counters were already closed. (how dare they?)

so mai and i talked about what we were to do, and i suddenly said, "let's go to Resorts World!" and thus, because we were on a mini-mission to dispel my fit of boredom, we hopped into a taxi and off we were!

"this is my first time to go to resorts world in a taxi," i told mai. "the times before were with my relatives and friends."

in a flashback, i remembered the time lala, allison and i had made the trip to there. we were riding in allison's car. that day, the three of us were supposed to attend a literary conference but, at the last minute, we decided to go to resorts world instead. lala had turned to me sitting in the back seat and said, "is this your first time to go to resorts world, cor?"

"no," i replied simply.

"was that an air of superiority?" she asked.

"you're imagining things," i laughed.

mai and i arrived at resorts world and we headed for the mall's movie ticketing counter. upon getting there, i noticed the entrance to Gamezoo, the arcade game shop, which i remember only as being a whole lot of FUN. i suddenly felt a burning desire to play there.

i remembered that there was a game there where we had to throw balls at flapping penguins, if my memory serves me correctly. and omg, it was so much fun killing the penguins, or at least trying to. it was so fun that even after the game was over, allison still wouldn't stop manically throwing balls at the screen until lala put her arms around him to infuse calmness and to comfort him. hahaha!

but at the moment, maimai was hungry and wanted to eat. "kumain ka na, te?"

"yep," i responded. but i accompanied her to McDo where she voraciously consumed a large amount of food: spaghetti, chicken, large fries, pineapple juice. on second thought, that might not really be "large"; it's just a moderate "large". :p

"eh, syempre te, kung maggi-Gamezoo tayo, kelangan ko ng strength," maimai said to me. but by the time we got to Gamezoo after eating, we found it was already closed. i was crushed. i had hoped so much to be banging on screens, hopping on metal floors, and just generally bouncing off the walls inside the game shop. i was going to run amok. why in the world was the universe intent on depriving me of fun?! just because i wanted my fun to start at 1 am does not mean i should be deprived of it! does it?!

and so we had to settle for watching a movie. thankfully, that was one form of fun that the universe at that hour had not yet withdrawn from me. OTJ was playing and maimai wanted to watch it and me, too, except that...i kind of had a feeling that it was going to moralize a bit, in a serious kind of way, and for me it would be kind of like "educational" to watch it because it's about issues in society...and unfortunately, i just wasn't feeling "educational" that we opted for Elysium, the flick that stars Matt Damon of the Jason Bourne franchise (aaaaieeee!!! hahahaha!)...

we bought the tickets to Matt Damon's movie (aieeee!!!!) and then we did a little sightseeing around the mall. i saw the restaurant where we, lallico, had dinner - the one that had those artsy faces plastered on the chairs and that had served Chinese food (it was Chinese, i think).

by 1:20 am, mai and i were at the theater at the ready for the movie and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that there would be free popcorn. almost immediately after we had taken our seats, maimai started looking for it and i answered, "i-se-serve lang daw nila".

the trailers came on. one of them was about an upcoming horror film that featured disappearing ghosts and ghosts coming at you. it was scary and it made maimai and me hold on to each other for dear life while it played on the big screen. when it was over, we relaxed our grip and clutches on each other. ano ba yan, where is a boyfriend when you need one? (or siguro, if there was a boyfriend, he would be the one to hold on tight. ganun lang din pala, hahaha. baka siya pa yung sisigaw ng sisigaw, hahaha!)

the opening scenes of elysium began playing on the screen and this time, it was my turn to wonder what was becoming of our promised popcorn. "i-se-serve nalang daw nila, te," mai responded, "after the movie..." praning.

and so we watched elysium. i liked it. i totally enjoyed it and it completely satisfied my frenzied need for something i-don't-know-what that night. i think maimai enjoyed it, too. she told me she was entertained by the movie and we agreed about how we liked its fast-paced action. and maimai cried in some parts. she held on to me in other parts as well, haha!

the movie ended at around 3:30 am and by 4, mai and i were at the house, unlocking the door and stepping inside. i ate an apple, took a bath, and then went to sleep.

late that night, my verdict was: FUN achieved. nakapag-bonding kami ni mai, we had a little adventure of our own, and i was able to watch a movie - that had Matt Damon in it. ye-hey!


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