a gentleman's dignity - episode 1

(disclaimer: don't expect well thought-out pieces from me as i write while i watch 'a gentleman's dignity'. this is merely flash writing.) ^_^

i'm currently watching south korea's 'a gentleman's dignity'. i was looking for entertainment - the gripping, nuanced kind with a bittersweet payoff, the kind that is offered by koreanovelas - so i surfed the korean menu a bit. i first tried 'master's sun' by the hong sisters but i didn't get hooked. i was longing for a kim eun sook story but i had already seen 'the heirs' and 'secret garden' and i hadn't liked 'lovers in paris' when i remembered - i hadn't watched 'a gentleman's dignity' as yet!

minutes into the episode, the series already had me laughing, and the actors had won me over. i like kim eun sook's taste. the first episode has what i look for - it is funny, insightful, sweet and meaningful. and it's witty too.

consider these lines:

'she's super epic pretty when she's glaring.'

guy: where are you?
friend (in reply): i don't know if this is heaven or hell.

teacher to students: for the week-long break, don't study. instead, use your brain to consider - where am i going? where do i want to spend my youth? is my youth going to be exciting or boring?

'a gentleman's dignity' probably suits my phase in life right now because it features 30/40-something urban professionals, in particular, four men and their career and love lives. it's described as korea's sex and the city but it's guys instead of girls. i think it could probably be SATC but with a better heart. i don't know. we'll see.

i like this part:
we first met when we were 18 and spent the following 22 years together. even though we look very much 40 to anyone's eyes, whenever the 4 of us are together, we always return to being 18. again we said, 'happy new year' and we became 41 years old. but because we're together, we're still adolescents. even though we're like adolescents when we're together, when we're alone, we can be very mature.

that quote is true, noh? can you see now why i like kim eun sook, the writer of 'the heirs', 'secret garden' and 'a gentleman's dignity'? :)


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