the fashion designer's speech

We had a fun activity during training today. I'd heard of it before but I hadn't had the opportunity to take part in something like it until now.

Our trainer, Fjel, asked us to imagine what World War III would be like. Person after person pitched in ideas, bringing to the fore the attendant elements of war such as violence, abuse, chaos, fear, death, bloodbaths, etc. Then she led the discussion into talk regarding how massively damaging a potential eruption of World War III could be to humans and to Earth itself at this time and age. We all agreed on the possibility of total nuclear annihilation of all life forms on earth and the resultant impossibility of human survival.

It would be the end of life as we know it. In fact, it would simply be the end. Or so we thought.

Fjel asked us to imagine that we were in that war. Bombs are falling from the skies, debris and shrapnel are scattered I closed my eyes, willed myself to be there, and imagined Sucker Punch.

But the end was not completely the end. There was a lifeline. There was a spaceship that would take some people to another planet called Goldilocks. However, there was only one slot remaining. Our individual task, therefore, was to sell ourselves (individually) to the others in the spaceship so that they'd pick us for that remaining slot.

We drew lots for us to play assigned personas and the one I got was that of a Fashion Designer, 34 years of age.

So I imagined myself making an appeal to a group of departing refugees and in my soft voice I said to them:

I am a fashion designer and I know you think I'm superfluous.
Not needed.

Dolce and Gabbana,
Jimmy Choo,
Calvin Klein...
What does it all matter now?
Breathing is all that is important.

But I am a fashion designer and I represent culture.
Not the barbaric times,
Not the Flintstone Age,
Not the "Land Before Time".

I am a fashion designer
and I represent the future of civilization.

If you save me,
you save what it means to be human.
Save me, and together,
we will be the future.

Bow. Hehehe.

I got the most votes by the way. So I got my fashion designer saved! Yay!


  1. hahahaha! and i can imagine you reciting that in the same sluggish way that that sucker punch character swayed just when she was about to "dance" and knock the socks off those who watched her :))
    sucker punch = exceptionally long fanboy fantasy

  2. Dearie, I thought of you. You said, to look at things with interested eyes...see - now I wrote about something and gave you something to read about. Haven't watched Sucker Punch so I don't get what you're talking about. :p

    Anyway, you have a lovely day, Lala! :)

  3. That's not a fashion designer's speech. That's a politician's!

  4. Oh Kuya didn't hear me when I delivered it. You'd have cried. Haha! I'm exaggerating though. Told you I'd be alright, Kuya Niks. And I pray and hope you're alright too, wherever you are. :) You rock!


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