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Do I want to tell you about the Thursday and Friday this week that I had? You know, you're not really going to find anything interesting with what I did in the space of those two days. And I might regret just rambling again on this blog, and feel frustrated and unhappy with the texture and feel of my prose.

But I enjoyed Thursday and Friday, hahaha, and even my Wednesday night. Wednesday night, I arrived in this "home" that I currently have, and fell asleep on the sofa within the early hours of the evening. I was tired, and lacking of sleep because I'm still struggling with mastering my sleeping habits.

Wednesday night, I was all alone in the house. Like just by myself. I'm not going to tell you horror stories because I don't want to scare myself out of my wits, too. And anyway, I suspect that between me and you, I'm the one who has to and will be sleeping all alone in an empty house. I doubt that that Wednesday night would be the last time.

Where were the others? Well, Clyde is right now off to a week-long seminar; Anj and Cherry went home to their respective provinces; and that night, Sophie slept over at a friend's house. Was it scary? I'm not even going to think about it, or even joke in passing about Casper. Even the very thought of that makes me nervous enough, haha.

So, Wednesday night. Wednesday night, I slept in the sala, not upstairs. Don't ask me why. You know it's because it felt scary. I'm going to say no more.

But you know, it was kind of fun having the house all to myself. Yeah. When you get used to this place, you'll find it kind of comfortable, quaint, charming and cozy. It can feel really perfect and really lovable. I've been entertaining thoughts about prettifying my own personal space here, and also the patio, and the common spaces. I thought about really showing the place some love by taking it upon myself to ensure that the place is clean, and the cupboards too. And the - ... Hahaha. I don't want to give away too much information about how the place is kept or not kept, hihi. (But cleaning ladies come twice a week every week.)

For the patio, I thought of putting there some plants and flower pots, and looking after them. I began harboring this thought when one time, I was sitting on the couch and reading away on the internet, and I had glanced sideways at the patio and observed the dead plants that had withered away on their poor little pots. It reminded me of a desert. When I first got here back in 2007, these plants were green and alive. But now, they're practically reduced to twigs sticking out from their earthen pot. They don't even sport a single leaf. It's pathetic. :D

Anyway, back to my week. Sophie, thankfully, arrived here Thursday. We had ourselves a Thursday, and then Friday came. We spent our Friday late afternoon and evening watching Gilmore Girls. I had fun. Sophie said she had fun too.

She asked when the others were coming back and then she admitted that for some reason, she enjoyed me and her just having the house all to ourselves. It was boring but it was an okay kind of boring. We did a lot of nothing. :D

I was glad for the rest. But now rest is over, and tomorrow, my doing nothing will have to give way to doing something. Vacation's over, dearie. But that's okay because I think I've re-charged a bit now and I don't think work can wait any longer anyway. Gotta get to it. And anyway, work is what makes days like Thursday and Friday sweeter.

Sophie has an important interview tomorrow. I really really hope it'll go well because I really really want her plans to come to fruition for her. I'm really crossing my fingers on this important thing and I'll be really sad if it won't go as we hope. Now how many really's can I employ before the word becomes redundant in this blogpost? Hehe.

I have tons of work to do tomorrow. I hope to attack them first thing.

Now is there anything else I'd like to say? Hey, Gilmore Girls rocks. :D It's so me.

I suppose that's it. I hope I didn't bore you so much. I hope you had a good holiday as well. Godbless!


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