a faustian deal

Because Clyde is so nice...Hehehe.

One night, I felt like wanting to have something to munch on. I turned to Clyde.

Cory: Ei, Clyde, do you want to eat something?

Clyde: No...

Cory: I feel like eating something.

Clyde: I have crackers, tiptop, if you want. You can have some. It's on my shelf.

Cory: Thanks Clyde. (Going to Clyde's shelf and taking down her bag of goodies. Abbey also rises from where she is sitting and joins me.)

Cory: Hey Clyde, can I just have the cupcake? I feel more like having a cupcake than crackers.

Clyde: Ok.

Abbey: Can I also have tiptop?

Clyde: Ok.

Cory: Do you have any more food, Clyde? Can we also have it?

Abbey: Can we have your money?

Cory: Can we also have your clothes, your laptop, and your identity?

Abbey: Can we have your soul? (Abbey laughs) It's like a Faustian deal.

We are ribbing Clyde, hehehehe. :D


  1. That's biting the hand that feeds you. Hahahaah!!

  2. hi mimi!!!!uy!!!i miss you!!!cha doing these days??? :D

    how art thou???hope we can talk soon!!! :)


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