Clyde’s boys

Clyde is working on her thesis for UA&P right now but as she is doing so, she is also holding a part-time job teaching Filipino to little boys and girls who don’t know how to speak it.

One time, she had her little group composed mostly of boys play patintero inside the classroom. Suddenly, one of them broke away from the group and rushed to Teacher Clyde and announced, “Teacher! I need to fart!” He stood in front of her, his little body erect, like a soldier at attention. This came following a discussion Clyde had with her little kids regarding the etiquette of passing gas in public.

“Okay,” Clyde said. She motioned to the door. “Go outside and close the door.”

The little boy obediently did as told. He opened the door a moment later and breezily announced to everyone, “I’m done!”

And then, later on, when she had the class sit for a discussion, one of the little boys passed gas in class and the smell filled everyone else’s nostrils. One of the other boys turned to the errant boy. “You should have just gone out,” he advised him, “like what Kyle did.”

Clyde was relating this story to us in the house. She had said, “Alam mo, ganyan talaga sila, walang hiya-hiya.”


* * *

Clyde was talking to us about her little kids again. “Alam mo, each day, I’m beginning to see more and more the difference between girls and boys.”

“Basta boys, kelangan lahat sumasabog, nagbabarilan, wrestling, monster, bang! bang! bang!” she related. Her new job was a bit of a departure from her former one in that previously, all she had been handling were little girls, so sweet, so demure, so…girls.

That night, Clyde, Rizza, Abbey and I stood outside the house and we were playing spin the top. I, of course, for the life of me, cannot spin a top. But then again, Clyde couldn’t also. Abbey sort of can while Rizza is a pro, having been taught by her brothers.

In between playing that, we would also at times, rush inside the house to watch the UP Cheerdance video that Anj was downloading, and we huddled together viewing snippets of it then dash outside again to play spin the top when the video buffered. It was the night of short attention span.

We also played a bit of a game Abbey learned from school – Ultimate Ninja, where we perform ninja-ish actions on one another.

Now here’s our verdict when in comes to girliness. Clyde is a certified girl. That’s because she did the worst in spin the top and ultimate ninja. I fared a little better which is why I’m not the one being labeled as “you’re such a girl.” (That’s with a smirk, hehe.)

When she tried to spin the top, she held it up in the air and without so much as a swing, let it drop in a freefall to the ground, all the while screaming as the top met the ground and hit it doing nothing. I, on the other hand, get a few points for exerting the effort to at least release the top from the end of the rope with a swing from my arm, as though swinging a duckpin bowling ball. Though the top didn’t spin. Oh well.

Also, every time we try to play Ultimate Ninja, the scoring comes out this way:

1. Of course, Abbey
2. Cory
3. Cherry Anne or Clyde


Abbey said, “We played spin the top tonight and Ultimate Ninja. And I propose we catch spiders and make them fight each other…We’re learning to be like boys!”

Yes, and Clyde is the girliest girl. Smirk.



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