verb. an act of dish preparation accomplished by the application of heat. it is a word that can also act as a noun or an adjective depending on the position and usage in the sentence.

i have never had cause to be so acquainted with such a word until today! i sauteed today! 07.03.2012. yes! first, i cut the garlic crudely into bits, because i don't know any pretty way of cutting; then i did the same thing with the onion and the squash and the string beans. i cut the tomato last because they lose form faster.

i made a mistake - i was not able to anticipate that meat stored in the fridge needed time to thaw. (i've never waited for meat before!) so i almost ran out of time but thankfully, i was saved by angels/housemates who help my cooking.

in my head, i heard the guiding voice of my housemate instructing me on the how-to. a little oil in the pan, then the garlic goes first, followed by the onion, and the tomato, which goes last. then put in the meat, then the squash, then the string beans. in that order. don't forget to season the dish with a little condiment.

"anong gusto mo, te, dry lang o may sabaw?" Mai, another housemate who happened to be around while i was cooking, asked me.

"pano siya magkakaroon ng sabaw?" i asked blankly.

"lagyan lang ng tubig." omygad, let's have that!

and my rice was so good! when i finally tasted my sauteed dish with the rice i also cooked, i nearly cried. it was delicious! and healthy! i loved it. more, more, more! i can't wait to eat whatever it is i cook! heeheehee! =D


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